Left 4 Dead gets patched, new stage to arrive September 23?

When I switched on my Xbox 360 to play Left 4 Dead earlier today, I was invitedtold to download a new update for the zombie shooter. This patch, I later learned from my L4D-playing friends, seemed to fix several of the game’s minor glitches, and provided the odd visual tweak to the game’s heads-up display.

More interestingly, it also added ten as-yet-unnamed new Achievements. Why is this interesting? Because any day now, Left 4 Dead is supposed to be getting a brand new stage, and it looks like these new Achievements could be linked.

That’s right: after almost 12 months of playing through the same four (admittedly giant) campaigns, we’re finally getting a downloadable fifth level, entitled “Crash Course.” This was announced as a September release a couple of months back, and now this latest update seems to pave the way for its imminent arrival.

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that a “Game With Fame” session (like this one) will take place on September 23, with players getting the chance to play through Crash Course with Tennessee rock band Paramore.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but to play through Crash Course with Tennessee rock band Paramore, you need Crash Course, which inevitably leads to only one conclusion: Crash Course is coming. On September 23. I know, I’m the goddamn Master of Logic.

[Via Steam forums]