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Shaq Buys $235K House In Florida

shaq mount dora

Shaquille O’Neal must have dug out all of the money lying between his couch cushions because the former NBA star just bought a $235,000 house.

Yes, a $235K house is nothing to sneeze at but for the 40-year-old sports broadcaster, who has an approximate net worth of $250 million, it’s pretty much junk change.

It’s unclear why Shaq decided to buy a “normal person” home in Mount Dora, Florida since he already owns an 11-bedroom palace 30-miles away in Orlando. My guess is that Shaq’s favorite bar is in Mount Dora and he doesn’t want his name added to the ever-growing list of athletes with DUIs. TMZ speculates that Shaq bought the $235K house as a gift, an investment, or maybe just kicks and giggles.

The former NBA star’s new home is 3,900 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, granite counter tops and a wet bar. Which would be really nice if Shaq’s other house wasn’t an 11-bedroom mansion (dubbed Shaqapulco) with 20,000 square feet dedicated solely to basketball and an enormous garage filled with dozens of exotic cars.

Why do you think Shaq bought a $235K house in Mount Dora?

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154 Responses to “Shaq Buys $235K House In Florida”

  1. Anonymous

    I didn't realize the house mentioned ( 5 bedroom and 4 baths) was the kind of home your average Joe buys!

  2. Anonymous

    He's going to give it to me and my family. We sure could use a free house.

  3. Barbara Osborne Peters

    I think he bought it because he can! Don't judge people!

  4. Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is a joke… We've got this 65+ yr old Vietnam draft dodger phony, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He now comes before us with carefully dyed hair, asking for our vote! What military family or veteran, would vote for this coward? // Vietnam Vet – '68 Tet Offensive.

  5. Anonymous

    you mus give a rats ass, YOU COMMENTED lol, which means you saw the the clip and opened the article…what a moron!!!

  6. Anonymous

    you must give a rats ass, YOU COMMENTED lol, which means you saw the the clip and opened the article…what a moron!!!

  7. Anonymous

    shaq…..will you drop 200,000$ to pay off my son's medical school loans? Please……he is a psychiatrist with the VA working with troops with PTSS……and that is stressful enough…………where is Obama when you truly need him….giving $$ to his "cronnies" and my son is struggling to make it in his field of expertise. God Bless our military!

  8. Anonymous

    you are a gutless. sob……you socialist commie pig… your alfred e. neuman president……..fuckhead doesn't even know how to salute….has his hand at his crotch…..that's what you like …right!!

  9. Anonymous

    speaking of coward……benghazi is all i need to hear …. so who is the real coward…'s dumbo!!

  10. Anonymous

    I will tell you exactly why he bought this house, so listen carefully because I am not saying this again.

    He bought this house because I told him to. I am controlling his mind, with the power of my own subconscious and the invisible energy being experimented with at the Hadron underground accelerator. I tapped into this energy after the government sent me messages about it.

    I also cause Lady Gaga to dress in a strange manner, and Brad Pitt agree to make bizarre TV commercials. Tom Cruise and Scientology? That was his own idea.

  11. Patrick Lynn

    It is a well known that Shaq. is looking to buy a Sports Franchise for the past 5 years. Anyone else think he might buy a NBA or NFL or MLB franchise. Think about it makes sense.

  12. Anonymous

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  13. Anonymous

    tommydee46 it is true…he never served…nor will any of his sons ever have to serve…wtf?

  14. Anonymous

    he got it to house a mistress, I guess. otherwise big deal! thaT $ COULD HELP hURRICANE sANDY VICTIMS OR OTHER POOR FOLK.

  15. Jay Evans

    Who can get mad at Shaq, the guy is completly grounded. I'll even bet there might be a Super Bowl party at that house for everyone on the block.

  16. Richard Jorgensen

    What the hell does this story have to do with Romney or Obama. Maybe you can get help, mental health is open right now. Go check in.

  17. Brian Elkins

    He bought it to Hire Vanilla ICE to do his HGTV show on the house. The house was bought for 235K after ICE is done it will be worth 50K LMAO.

  18. Hugo Searcher

    because he can? and also, multi-million dollar dwellings don't sell fo too much these days. Easier to make a profit on 235,000 house. Could be he has a coke addiction and needs to supply his "larger" habit-tat.

  19. Anonymous

    He bought it because the taxes on the house are less than 3,000 I bet…AND – when the oceans rise, Mount Dora will not see an inch of ocean water…

  20. Karl Hass

    I'd say it's a friend of his in trouble or upside down on the payments. Athlete's that give handouts find their is a lot of hands, but I'm sure he sees future potential value and can hang on the loss till the market rights itself.

  21. Michael Spitzer

    Shows how bad the economy and housing market is today.
    That is a lot of house for only $235,000.

  22. Luu K Duong

    That would cost a few million here in the silicon valley. $235K can't even buy us a run down house.

  23. Timothy Zendejas Anderson

    nyc_nahmean Nah you're more of a moron for calling him out on it. Get it right.

  24. Rosita Roher

    I love Shaquille's new $235k house. It is just the kind of house that I would want for myself, if I could afford it. On the other hand, I was under the impression that the size of this home would run around $400k. It really doesn't matter why he bought a smaller home in another area of Florida.

  25. Aline Bellot

    He possibly bought it for his girlfriend… since she's seen everywhere with him, who knows.. maybe it's for a relative..

  26. Holly Stoll

    really, he could of put some of that money to help people that are in need! like the ones that supported him over the years!

  27. Jessica Dansbury

    I think he bought it for me and just forgot how yo contact me to let me know

  28. Steven Morrison

    why is this news why don't you report on why obama isn't or wasnt fit to be president, how he has lied about benghazi, done nothing for the northeast other than a photo op, or how he wasted 100billion dollars on failed energy investments etc., etc., etc., etc.,

  29. Lisa Marie

    He bought it to give to someone who would truly appreciate it–next he will buy a ranch style in lake city to give to someone who will truly appreciate it me

  30. Anonymous

    Maybe he and Michael Vick just need a place to chill with their animal friends out of the spotlight.

  31. David Hoes

    He has previously expressed an interest in running for Sheriff in Lake County.

  32. Louie Kneitz

    He bought it for his mistress, or misters? Just like Arnold Shwarzenager bought his winch a house. It will all come out in the future. Mark this post.

  33. Anonymous

    I knew it wouldn't be long before someone form the entitlement crowd showed up. How about getting a job instead of making babies full time?

  34. Bill Fassnacht

    I bought my house for 230k in Chi. burbs. 3 bedrooms..1 1/2 bath 1300 sq ft. I'm movin to Orlando.

  35. Marx Aur

    Exactly, some are missing the point. Its not about Shaq, I'm more interested in the Florida housing market. What a great deal. 3900 sq ft for 235K. I need to put in for a job transfer to FL.

  36. Anonymous

    he is not allow to buy a single home? the media such a buggies…

  37. Stu Kerr

    Better plan on retiring where you are first. Look at average pay rates in Fl. compared to that $235K house….

  38. Roger Woodhead

    If he wants to buy this house he can. This shouldn't even be news maybe he like the neighborhood. Remember folks it is still a free country.

  39. Anthony Nagore

    it's his business and nobody should care if your not a friend of his…….@victorialutsky……in cali your lucky to get a 3br 2ba for no less than 500,000. shaq is smart obviously……..

  40. Jen Jones

    I am sure he bought it because it was a good deal… if I had 235K and lived closer to FL I would buy it.

  41. Anonymous

    I have tried in the last 30 days looking for the right house in Florida for a reasonable price. I believe the real estate people there are biased. For what Shaq is paying for is a steal. Good luck for the house. But you know why he bought it for… so he can save more money instead of driving 30 more miles down the road. Great decision Shaq!

  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous

    okay – his favorite bar is near there…so pity his new neighbors! man, they are gonna have drunk, loud, late noises from now on. Hopefully he won't 'bring home the bar' after closing hours too often… I'd advertise "house for sale next to Shaq's", cash in, and go to another quiet neighborhood.

  44. Tony Ambrose

    That house would cost about a Million in Western Australia. No wonder we work the most hours of any nation, paying for over priced real estate.

  45. Timothy Cohee

    He bought it as a gift for me and my family. What a nice guy!

  46. Anonymous

    for a rental. a great investment. plus, look at what he got for the money. that's incredible!

  47. Andrew Wilford

    how do you know he didnt donate some money? But even then, if he donated to every worthy cause, and there are hundreds, he wouldnt have any money left.

  48. Ola Brock

    I get the lower bedroom with a deck to sit on in the evening or morning to drink tea or coffee. That room also has a very luxurious bathroom with a large walk in shower and a nice whirlpool to relax with. Soft music playing quietly through the ceiling speakers and candles arounf the tub. If I'm not out in a week, send someone to check on me. LOL

  49. Carol Bishop

    because he could, there are so many houses like this in florida, just be willing to look for steals like this. in pt st lucie they can be found, due to the highest foreclosures here.

  50. Stacy Johnstone

    People kill me. Who cares why he bought this home. He can and he did. GET ON with your lives. Holy Crap!

  51. Anonymous

    you read the article didn't you? …tells me you're not exactly indifferent to the whole thing

  52. Lanetta Hinton

    You could be right Julie…unless the house is for his girlfriend of 3 yrs or so "HOOPS"!! But nevertheless, its a NICE simple house.

  53. Jeffrey Robinson

    Shaq's living large days are over btwn his divorce & 10 kids. Admirable restraint from the big man.

  54. Kyle Rudman

    why dont u donate a portion of your funds to a charity?? Because you dont have any??? shiiit, i bet you have never even donated money to your kids own fundraisers.

  55. Amy Wilson Delk

    He bought a house in Alcoa a while back for "Hoops" so who's to say this house isn't for her OR another chick.

  56. Christopher Boling

    I think people should fund more important things to do. It's his business, it debt matter why he bought it. Did put your business online and question why you did something

  57. Jack Tarasar

    Lanetta Hinton,
    3900 square feet of house is a simple house? You must be a 1% er.

  58. Jack Tarasar

    Stacy Johnstone,
    People kill me too. People like YOU. You took the time to click on the story and read it. THEN, commented. What a MORON!

  59. David Swarn

    Looks like the man knows a bargain when he sees one. $235k wouldn't by half that house where I live. Well done Shaqster, well done.

  60. Anonymous

    shaq buys a 5bd 4ba for 235k and I live in a shack 3bd 1ba for 225k.
    I need to move to Florida.

  61. Debbie Homesley

    Really that's a no brainer…He wants a play house where he can hang out and keep his girls without having to take them "home" to his real house…Kind of the equivalent of men who cheat liking to have a little hidden away apartment or condo somewhere…

  62. Pamela Owens

    shaq need a girlfriend? we can do this on the wish we could get a hosue like that in sandiego for 235k!

  63. Carita CelticsFan

    That's a bargain for sure here that house would be between $400-500k!

  64. Khalid Nurredin

    Warren Buffet lives in a $650,000 home and he's got $42 BILLION.Some people don't believe in an ostentatious show of wealth. Maybe Dr. O'Neal's been talking to Buffet.

  65. Sid Kennedy Jr

    That's Smart Most African Americans buy the biggest house on land and then eventually lose it like Holyfield. They need to realize that not all Wealthy people live lavish.

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