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Gigantic Black Triangle UFO Over England: Sighting In Cornwall ‘Not Of This Planet’

A Cornwall man has come forward to recount an morning encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in the shape of an enormous black triangle. The man said he spotted the object over Bodmin Moor and although he could not identify what it was that he saw, he knew what he saw was real and “not of this planet.”

CornwallLive reported this week that a St. Austell man has come forward after eight years to reveal the sighting of a giant black triangle-shaped UFO that he witnessed hovering over Bodmin Moor in 2009. Not wishing to divulge his identity, the man said the sighting occurred one day on his way home from work. He said that after driving up a hill, where it topped off to give him an unrestricted view of some distance of Bodmin Moor, he saw the object hanging soundless in the sky. His initial thought was that it was just a cloud. His next thought was that “clouds don’t have straight lines like that,” he said.

In his report of the UFO sighting to CUFORG (Cornwall UFO Research Group), the man went on to describe the object.

“It was very big, the size of a few football pitches. [A football pitch, according to BBC News, must be between 100 yards (90m) and 130 yards (120m) and the width not less than 50 yards (45m) and not more than 100 yards (90m).] It was a clear morning and I had a very clear view. I would say it was a few miles away when I saw it.

“I kept my eye on it while I was driving and it just hung there. There was no noise. It was moving like it was gradually turning.

“It seemed to have a tail fin type thing on top and underneath there were two other things that were attached, but I don’t know what they were. Then it suddenly sped off.”

Upon his arrival at his home in St. Austell, the man, in his 40s when he saw the UFO, told his wife of the sighting. Surprisingly, he said, she accepted his story. She would be the only person he would tell for eight years.

The man said he had remained silent all these years simply because he did not wish “to be ridiculed.” He said, “But I didn’t mention it to anyone else because I thought people would think I was mad or something. They would probably say it was just because I was tired after working a night shift or that I had had a drink.”

But he insisted, “I know what I saw.”

A member of CUFORG, Lionel Fanthorpe, determined that Cornwall had become a hotspot for UFOs, especially a triangular area stretching from Land’s End to Falmouth Bay to St. Ives Bay. His findings indicated that there had been 60 UFO reports in the area. The national average is 40 in comparable areas.

UFO sighting site Brodmin Moor
Brodmin Moor, Cornwall, England is home to some archaeological sites but is becoming known for its futuristic sightings — namely UFOs. [Image by PJ photography/Shutterstock]

CornwallLive reported last month on three UFO sightings that occurred within a short period of time, but happened a few years ago. Two of the three sightings involved black triangle UFOs.

At the time, reports of triangle-shaped UFOs were on an upswing. In fact, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), released a report on the prevalence of triangle objects being spotted around the world.

As the Inquisitr reported, Roger Marsh, the Director of Communications at MUFON, posted in late December that the number of UFO sightings where triangle-shaped UFOs were spotted had become as prevalent as sightings of the more traditional disk-shaped objects. Common characteristics among the sightings, he noted, are that the objects are often silent, close to the ground, and when they move, tend to leave the witness’ view at speed.

concept of a black triangle ufo
Sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs are becoming more prevalent, equaling the number of sightings of the more historically disk-shaped objects. [Image by broukoid/Shutterstock]

Dave Gillham, founder of CUFORG, told CornwallLive that he fielded between 30 and 40 sightings reports each year. Most, he admitted, could be explained rationally, but there were always a few that remained unexplained after being investigated.

“We get a lot when the space station goes over,” he said, “but you can easily go online and pin that down. Sometimes the UFO sighting can be explained by drones, or laser pens, which can be quite powerful, or even Chinese lanterns.”

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