Conor McGregor awaits the start of his UFC 196 welterweight mixed martial arts match against Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor Might Be Fighting Floyd Mayweather, Jr., But First He’s Focused On Acting

Conor McGregor could soon be meeting Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the ring, but first he’s going to try his hand at acting.

The UFC champion just appeared in his second of four episodes of a comedic short leading up to the Pegasus World Cup Invitational. In the series, titled 13th Jockey, McGregor appears opposite comedian Jon Lovitz as an unlikely entrant in the high-stakes horse race.

In the second installment, McGregor was pushed by Lovitz, his trainer, to install a new regimen that would prepare him to be a jockey. Lovitz splits his time with training and entering the race’s Pegasus World Cup Invitational’s Win-Win Contest, causing a bit of friction with McGregor and getting a bit of marketing in for the race that’s producing the series.

Another installment of the movie will come out next week, and the final one will be released on Saturday, January 28 — the day of the race at The Stronach Group’s Gulfstream Park in South Florida.

McGregor’s part in the comedic series has gotten some good reviews, and could signal a new avenue for the UFC champion. Conor has already gotten interest from the WWE, ESPN noted.

“McGregor announced he will take some time off after a hectic 2016 for the birth of his first child, and he isn’t expected back in the Octagon until at least May, per UFC president Dana White. At the same time, talks about a superfight in boxing with retired champion Floyd Mayweather just won’t seem to go away.

“But what about a third option — the idea of McGregor entering the scripted world of pro wrestling during his upcoming hiatus from mixed martial arts, which coincides conveniently with WWE’s WrestleMania 33 card on April 2 in Orlando, Florida?”

And Conor McGregor has more acting work on the horizon. He will make an appearance in Game of Thrones next season, NESN reported, and he had to turn down what could have been an even bigger role.

Actor Vin Diesel reportedly created a role specifically for McGregor in the upcoming movie xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, but McGregor’s unexpected loss to Nate Diaz put those plans on hold.

“I had created a role for Conor McGregor, and after he lost to Nate Diaz, he had to go to a dark place, he had to go get his manhood back to fight the second time, so he wasn’t able to do this film at the time,” Diesel told MMAFighting (via NESN).

But even though he’s getting good marks for his acting chops, Conor McGregor’s immediate future appears to be inside the ring. UFC President Dana White made a $25 million offer for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to meet in the boxing ring.

This came after Mayweather said he would pay McGregor $15 million to meet him in the ring.

“I’ll tell you what Floyd, here’s a real offer,” White said (via ESPN). “I’m the only guy that can actually make the offer and I’m actually making a real offer: We’ll pay you $25 million, we’ll pay Conor $25 million and then we’ll talk about pay-per-view at a certain number. There’s a real offer.”

It’s not clear if Mayweather would accept the offer, as it would actually be a big pay cut from his normal purse. Mayweather had a guaranteed $100 million to fight Manny Pacquiao in May 2015, and made $32 million for his last fight against Andre Berto.

For now, all the acting and fighting will have to wait. Conor McGregor is taking some time off for the birth of his first child.

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