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Pakistani Girl Killed For ‘Eyeing’ Boy, Parents Openly Admit From Jail

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A Pakistani girl was killed for “eyeing” a boy recently in a remote village in the southern district of Kotli, and her parents openly admit to the sequence of events that led to the teen’s death in a recent BBC interview.

The girl killed for eyeing a boy was 15, and identified only as Anusha. Her father Muhammad Zafar spoke to the BBC after his arrest in connection with the October 29 death of his daughter, and Zafar is unrepentant when speaking of her painful and horrific death.

The girl killed for eyeing a boy is one of a growing number of honor killings in the region. The BBC cites the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and the organization says that the number recorded in Pakistan last year was at 943, up 100 from the year before.

Listening to her parents describe why they killed the girl for eyeing a boy is chilling, as her father explains:

“There was a boy who came by on a motorcycle. She (Anusha) turned to look at him twice. I told her before not to do that, it’s wrong. People talk about us because our older daughter was the same way.”

Her mother Zaheen says the decision to douse the 15-year-old in acid was quick, but she still feels that it was the right thing to do despite the fact that the girl suffered acid burns over more than half of her body:

“She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way.”

After her parents brought her home, they are said to have beaten her before pouring acid onto her. Anusha was taken to the hospital the next morning, and later died.

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37 Responses to “Pakistani Girl Killed For ‘Eyeing’ Boy, Parents Openly Admit From Jail”

  1. Patricia Krause

    Animals are kinder, there just pieces of crap, who does this stuff. someone should pour acid on them slowly and painfully Let them suffer a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    Time for the Parents to be put down like dogs, by way of an ACID bath. WTF is wrong with these people. Sickening.

  3. Magdalena Kozlowski

    wtf is goin on in these backwards ass uncivilized countries….

  4. Juliana Asam

    These are a disgusting group of people. It seems like they hate women. Why don't they just kill all the females and get it over with.

  5. Anonymous

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  6. Denise George Rhodes

    Why is everyone suprised after all they are Muslims not a civilized one in sight.

  7. Ron Baldus

    Well are people finely going wake up and understand maybe its the religion itself is the problem. No other religion does this. IT IS ISLAM ISLAM IS EVIL. Islam has no place in the western world. We should NOT embrace it, accept it or tolerate it. We should be doing everything to STOP it. The whole world is going to real problems if we don't stop this evil cult.

  8. Ron Baldus

    Its time to Wipe Out Islam. If u got that many radical muslims in the world its not just a few bad apples. There is something wrong with this religion. There is something about this religion that makes so many muslims radical. ITS THE RELIGION Itself IS THE PROBLEM. WAKE UP WESTERN WORLD.

  9. Anonymous

    This is so sad and disgusting. I hope those parents are tortured and suffer tremendously. Such animals.

    Relating to some of the comments below:
    Please get an education before you blame a religion. Islam in NO WAY reflects the actions of these barbaric parents and by you commenting blaming Islam and saying all Muslims should be killed, you sound even more barbaric than the parents. Islam is not to blame, the culture of the people in particular regions/villages creates this type of ridiculous mentality and actions, NOT ISLAM. If you were educated and not brainwashed by the mass media, you would know what Islam is really about and how close it is to Christianity and Judaism, but instead you go on a stupid rant embarrassing yourself, your people, and your religion by making ignorant comments. Iraq contains a lot of devout Catholics who possess the same mentality and who have also done "honor killings". Same goes for Pakistan, Palestine and Jordan and if any of you know any Christians/Catholics from these countries, you would agree that they are so hardcore about their religion so people don't mistake them for being Muslim. So obviously it's clear that this is a cultural impact, NOT A RELIGIOUS ONE. I feel bad for the people who left such imbecile comments, hopefully they can receive an education and think rationally.

  10. Shana Gill

    grace peace and mercy on to everyone.this is very sad first i would like to say we are not to offer anymore sacrifice jesus was our atonement and sacrifice.these people are offering their children as sacrifice unto their god allah but as some believers know we dont sacrifice animals,babies,are blood for any reason anymore jesus has done it.stop living a brutell violent lie pakistan it must be sad to always have to kill to make a statement.but the true and living God will judge your nation and may you reap what you sow.

  11. Jerry Clark

    Yeah, Christians in the Old West of the US embraced Manifest Destiny where God wanted us to have the land and it was of to kill Indians and cheat them. They burned girls for being witches. Missionaries in the old US west helped us cheat the Indians. Now that we don't do this anymore, others who do are bad. How soon we do forget.

  12. James Barber

    Where are the muslims that are against this? They have no voice, so they go along with the brotherhood, afraid to take a stand!!!

  13. Ron Baldus

    Were not talking about 200 -300 years ago we are talking about now. Muslims act like savages everywhere they go in the world almost every country in the world. This is more than just a few bad apples its the whole religion and they get more and more radical everyday. Islam is the greatest threat to the world and to freedom.

  14. Ron Baldus

    Islam is to blame because honor killings are only coming out of the muslim religion. No other religion is doing this ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM AND IS EVIL and has no place in the western world. ISLAM SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE PLANET.

  15. Ron Baldus

    No they do it not because of culture they do it because Shariah Law tells them too. It is Islam that is the problem. Everywhere muslims go in the world they are nothing but trouble.

  16. Ron Baldus

    Muslims do this stuff everywhere in the world its way more than just a few bad apples. There is something about this religion that is making these muslims turn radical. There is something wrong with the religion.

  17. Anonymous

    lol Ron…. you are too funny and too stupid… arguing with you would be a waste of time.
    get on my level or any level of literacy for that matter :)

  18. Christina Thompson

    Here let me reply as some who does not need that 'education' you seem to think we need. In every society and in every religion, you can find an event or events similar to what happened to this girl. Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc all have the occasional sicko do some sick shit to others. However, when something like this happens in the US, what happens? Police take action. Newspapers splash it across the front page. Politicians stand up yelling about how wrong it is. Lawmakers introduce legislation to prevent a repeat.

    Now, what happens in a Muslim country? MAYBE someone gets arrested. More likely just detained for a brief time. A couple of people cry foul over the deed but most stay quiet for fear they'll be attacked for speaking out. Politicians stay quiet because speaking out risks them being either assassinated or not re-elected. The laws are not even touched or looked at because Sharia leaves punishment up to the locals and parents to dispense. Then you have the balls to say that there are plenty of devout Catholics in IRAQ who do honor killings. HELLO?? Muslim country??

    I doubt you have anywhere near the amount of time, if any, that I've spent overseas in 27 different countries with fully half of those being Muslim. And the only imbecilic comments I see are yours.

  19. Denise George Rhodes

    Then prove me wrong, muslims were responsable for 9/11, you hear about this all the time about honor killings, treating women like second class citizens, and I can guarantee you there will not be 20 virgins waiting in heaven for you because you "martyr" yourselves for the "good cause". And for your information I'm not a sir I am a woman. Yes a woman who has opinions and comments of her own.

  20. Kinsey Wohlers

    Thank you for being of of the few people showing some intelligence.

  21. Zenos Pipkin

    These ANIMALS must think it's far better to have a DEAD daughter, rather than one who brought "shame" on them by doing what EVERYONE in the world does–looking at the opposite sex! I guess the so-called "parents" never looked at each other before they got married! Now that I think about it, they probably DIDN'T see each other before! What a SICK religious society! There is NO excuse for what they did to their daughter, and if THAT'S what their God wants, then he is a ROTTEN B_ST_RD!

  22. Momina Alamgir

    we should do the same to her parents actually worse…………..these people donot have the right to live……….we shuld burn such people to death…………………..and to all those non muslims who belive that Islam like this honestly it is……….these are some illitrate busterd who are potraying the wrong of religon…….Islam is a way of life………….ask some educated muslims and they will tell u people what Islam is about…………….i am telling u guys this is only common in uneducated people who are near to the real Islam…………….Real muslims respect others and live peaceully………they belive in forgivness and don't do such things………..still I would like to thank all of u care about this girl although u guys are nt from her country and religon.

  23. Momina Alamgir

    i dont know if muslims were responsible for 9/11 or not………bt what i know is this that Islam was nt thereason fr 9/11 Islam dosent tech us this……….acording to Islam we are not allowed kill innocent people just because of there religion……i know there are some bad people in this world who do that on the name of Islam bt they are wrong and sholud be killed ……………ask some educated muslims and they will tell u how much our religion is agginst killing:) ………….secondly Islam women and men equlall ……..Islam give alots of respect to women………….and its a must fr every en to repect her and take care of her…………:) the probem with our society is this that unfortunatly we are nt following our religon proprly……… actully the problem is with the society not religion:)plezzzzzz understand

  24. Momina Alamgir

    plez dont blame the religon fr this blame the society ………..cause Islam is stricly against the thing her parents did to her …………….u hav a completly wrong concept about Islam

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