Nintendo Switch Release Titles Leaked

Nintendo Switch Rumors: Monster Hunter, Shovel Knight, And Other Launch Titles Leaked

The Nintendo Switch live event is finally happening tomorrow and a lot of fans are excited to finally have the full picture regarding the mysterious Switch. While Nintendo has done a phenomenal job keeping the Switch under wraps, a few leaks still made its way out from time to time. This latest leak comes in just in time before the unveiling, and if it is true then the Nintendo Switch will already add to its already rumored beefy launch lineup.

According to PVP Live, a screen shot of a games list is making the rounds regarding the launch titles of the Nintendo Switch. While the usual suspects are listed, some new and exciting titles may be part of the Nintendo Switch games list. Here are some of the leaked titles for the Nintendo Switch launch lineup.

Monster Hunter

Final #MHGen DLC pack is here! Get ready for deadly challenges and lots of Hyper Monsters! Link in the bio.

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In retrospect, the Monster Hunter franchise is absolutely perfect for the Handheld/Console hybrid Nintendo Switch. The monster hunting adventure is made for those gamers who love playing anywhere while the console part of the Switch will ensure that the graphics of the new Monster Hunter are improved a smooth.

This is big news considering that a lot of people were concerned that the Switch will have another bad launch lineup. A new Monster Hunter game will add a lot of punch for the first wave of adopters of the Nintendo Switch.

A Monster Hunter game will also appease those gamers who feel that Nintendo games are too kid-oriented. While Nintendo will most likely pepper the Switch with games like Mario and Donkey Kong, at least a new Monster Hunter game will give hardcore gamers some incentive.

Capcom is one of the developers that promised to be on board the Nintendo Switch. So this rumor definitely has some backbone to it.

Shovel Knight

#ShovelKnight llegará al #NintendoSwitch con una nueva cara: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Los que ya tenían el juego podrán actualizar gratis a esta versión que contiene la campaña de Plague Knight y Specter Knight, así como nuevas opciones. #Nintendo #Videogames #Gaming #Gamer #Switch #8bit #ClassicGaming #Platformer

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Fans of this fun 2D adventure might want to check the Nintendo Switch out. According to Engadget, Shovel Knight is coming for the Nintendo Switch and will bring some extra goodies like two player coop and a bunch of other game modes.

While this title won’t certainly be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it is still nice to see that a lot of third party publishers are coming back to the good graces of Nintendo.

Dragon Quest X

One of the many games I need to own #dragonquestx

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If this rumor is true, then MMORPG will have its first representative in the Nintendo Switch family. Dragon Quest X does have massive potential on the Switch if Nintendo’s online capabilities get up to speed. The MMORPG game deals with a player customizing his/her character and going off to a fantasy world to fight monsters and engage in various quests.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Night guys! Austin has been away on trips so he'll be back by the start of next week! -Jake – #legendofzeldabreathofthewild #zeldabreathofthewild #breathofthewild #gaming #hype #Nintendo #Videogames #WiiU #NX #NintendoNX #TheLegendofZelda #LegendofZelda #Zelda #TLOZ #LOZ #Link #BOTW #ZeldaNation

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been the most prominent game shown during the pre-launch marketing efforts for the Nintendo Switch. So why is it placed in the new games leaked list?

It is because the game has been heavily rumored to miss the Nintendo Switch launch date. It’s a bit weird and dumbfounding that Nintendo keeps teasing fans about that glorious Zelda game on the Switch only for it to be missing at launch.

Good thing this leak came up and could give some fans some relief because Legend of Zelda looks to be on point to make the lineup.

Mario and Sonic games

Who says that the biggest rivalry cant be friends right? #marioandsonic

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The leak also tells that the Nintendo Switch will have another Mario and Sonic collaboration. This probably won’t set the headlines on fire but at least the Nintendo Switch is committed to peppering the new console with other games.

A new Mario and Sonic game (Some new Olympic event probably) is a good consolation when you have games like an open world Zelda, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart 8, and Splatoon.

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