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Early Voting Results: Chaos In Florida As Voters Endure Long Lines, Unprepared Polling Places

Early Voting Results: Chaos In Florida As Voters Endure Long Lines

Early voting results in Florida show mounting frustration at the polls as voters wait in lines for hours to cast their ballots, dealing with unprepared or unequipped polling places.

The problem with early voting results in Florida has sent the battleground to the forefront of the nation’s attention again, The Huffington Post reported. The state that once produced “hanging chads” and a drawn-out recount in the 2000 election that led to a victory for George W. Bush by a little more than 500 votes now looks to provide more Election Day drama.

Democrats in Florida have laid some of the blame of Florida’s early voting results with Republican Governor Rick Scott, WSVN reported. Many have alleged that Republicans are taking efforts to limit participation in early voting, which is seen as a benefit to President Obama.

Scott and other state officials have resisted calls to allow polls to stay open beyond the eight days required by state law.

“People are getting out to vote. That’s what’s very good,” Scott said. “People are getting out to vote, they’re voting absentee, they’re voting early voting… I’m focused on making sure that we have fair, honest elections. One thing to know, these early voting days and on Election Day, if you’re there by the time the polls close, you get to vote.”

Early voting results have shown polling places unequipped to handle the volume of voters showing up. One voter in Miami-Dade noted that some people who got in line to vote at 7 pm weren’t checked in until 1 am.

“We’re looking at an election meltdown that is eerily similar to 2000, minus the hanging chads,” said Dan Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida.

Early voting results got even worse for voters in Florida. Miami-Dade tried to fix the long waits by having voters cast absentee ballots in person on Sunday, but the elections department there had to shut down the location after too many people showed up, the Miami Herald reported. This caused voters to gather outside the office, pleading with officials to re-open so they could vote.

“They didn’t have the infrastructure,” filmmaker Lucas Leyva, who was among those turned away, told The Huffington Post‘s Janie Campbell. “We read the press release and everything that went out this morning, promising we’d be able to get absentee ballots and vote. We got here and there was a line of hundreds of people all being told the same thing, that that wasn’t true anymore. You could drop off [a ballot], but they could not issue one.”

Early voting results weren’t the only problems for those who showed up. About 180 people had their cars towed from the parking lot across the street while they were stuck waiting at the polls, the Miami Herald noted.

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20 Responses to “Early Voting Results: Chaos In Florida As Voters Endure Long Lines, Unprepared Polling Places”

  1. Harvey Vickery

    Are you tired of the mitt and obama "who is the dumbest" show? Read the real story of why Gary Johnson and V.P. Judge Jim Gray will win back America with just 5% of the Vote…This time join over 5 million Americans who are Not Wasting their Vote on Obama or Romney who are sending the Nation down the toilet…This Election Vote For the Peoples President Gary Johnson

  2. Felix El Gato

    The Republicans run Florida so it shouldn't surprise anybody that voters have to endure chaos, long lines, and unprepared polling places.

  3. Anonymous

    I hope when the time comes the same size crowds show up at the polls and vote Gov. Rick Scott right out of office.

  4. Mike Jax

    Of course they are trying to hijack the election. Republicans know that their reps base voters are becoming the minority in the U.S.. They are going to hijack as much as they can during this elect to ensure they have enough votes to pass laws that limit minority votes and voices.

  5. Ted Burhans

    What's the problem here? Just turn the whole process over to Jeb Bush and his gang of THUGS and they'll steal the election for Romney as they did for GOOD OLE JEB'S BROTHER GEORGE W., with the help of the Supreme Court (Justice S. D. O'Connor), which had NO BUSINESS interfering in a STATE'S RIGHTS issue in the first place. They had NO JURISTICTION in an issue ALREADY DECIDED by the Fla. Supreme Court, but of course that simple distinction was brushed aside by the THIEVES (Bush supporters) on the Supreme Court (read SCALIA, et. al.) who CLAIM to be STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS but in FACT only ARE strict constructionists when being so fits their own PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of the constitution.

  6. Waford Paye

    I am more worried about the voting in Ohio, It bad when you vote for Mitt and the vote goes to odumby. Look like the union thurgs in yankee land are being stupid and crooked.

  7. Anonymous

    As in Decatur County GA—Where Romneys name is listed first on the ballot. Isn't there a law–Incumbent first?

  8. Anonymous

    Chaos at the Florida polls – what a surprise. I would bet it's carefully planned chaos.

  9. Don Elliott

    acorn, corrupt unions and 10 million illegals. liberal voting base. sorry i forgot Micky Mouse and all the other characters. oh-yea and dead people.

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