Jana Duggar Spends Holidays Cooking And Baking, Critics Call Eldest Daughter 'Slave'

Jana Duggar Spends Holidays Cooking And Baking, Critics Call Eldest Daughter ‘Slave’

Jana Duggar is the eldest daughter in one of the biggest reality television families. She will be turning 27 soon and still remains unmarried. Duggar has been criticized heavily for choosing not to court, although she has confirmed several men have asked to court her. Right now, Jana spends much of her time caring for her younger siblings, working on the building she recently purchased, and helping the family with household chores.

Over the holidays, Jana Duggar was seen baking massive amounts of bread and cookies. She is the baker in the family and makes all of the goodies by hand for the Duggar family Christmas gathering. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jana Duggar is being called a “slave” by critics who feel she should be out enjoying life, not tied down watching her siblings or their children. The criticism isn’t new for the eldest Duggar daughter, but it definitely gets more and more intense as the years pass by.

Jana making some delicious homemade bread for Christmas day! It’s a family favorite. 🙂

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Counting On has shown a different side of Jana Duggar. She has come out of her shell a lot since joining the reality television world with her family over a decade ago. She has watched as her mother experienced great loss with pregnancy, and she has been there to cheer her sisters on as they got married and began building families of their own. Duggar has never once acted jealous or been anything but sincere when talking about her younger sisters’ weddings or subsequent children. When anyone in the family needs something, Jana is always the one they turn to for help.

Up until this point, Jana Duggar has not entered into a courtship. The ironic part of this is that neither has her twin brother, John-David Duggar. Critics have latched on to Jana because she is a woman who has decided to wait for the right one, even going so far as to insinuate that she may be a lesbian. Many of the older Duggar men have not yet courted either. Josh is currently married, and Josiah Duggar was courting but ended it without going any further. It seems Jana is being singled out, and fans are upset that she is being picked on because she chooses to remain single.

I always enjoy these times with Jill! ☺️❤️

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With a new season of Counting On beginning January 16, fans are hopeful they will find out what Jana Duggar has been working on in regards to the building she purchased. It was once an old tattoo parlor, but that clearly isn’t what she bought it for. Photos of Jana doing various projects have been shared with fans on social media, leading to a lot of speculation about what she is working on. Some fans believe she is doing something with furniture or home decorating. If that is the case, the business will likely succeed as she is one of the more creative Duggar siblings.

Despite all of the criticism thrown her way, Jana Duggar never responds to the negative. In fact, most of the older siblings avoid commenting on anything in the media, leaving their blogs and social media posts as the only way to read what they have to say. Because Jana still lives in the Duggar home, she doesn’t have any of her own social media accounts, and she only uses the one where the family shares photos or the blog they use to share news with their fans. There have been a lot of harsh words used to describe Duggar, but slave is one of the worst. Jana Duggar has confirmed she looks forward to getting married and having children, but as of now, she is still waiting for the right one to approach her and ask her to enter into a courtship.

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