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Early Voting Results Show Slight Obama Lead

Early voting results show Obama lead over Romney

Early voting results for the 2012 presidential election show that President Obama has a slight lead over Mitt Romney in several key states.

More than 27 million voters in 34 states and the District of Columbia took advantage of early voting, but analysts say Romney may still be able to wipe out the president’s lead come Election Day. Votes will not be counted until Tuesday, but several states are releasing the party affiliations of early voters, which is generally a good indication of which candidate they picked.

In Colorado, 1.6 million people voted. Republicans outnumbered Democrats 37 percent to 35 percent.

About 3.9 million people voted in Florida, with Democrats outnumbering Republicans 43 percent to 40 percent. A judge in Orlando extended early voting hours in Orange County after the state Democratic Party sued to give people more time at the polls.

The party also filed a federal lawsuit for more voting time in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. The lawsuit said counties should offer absentee voting if early voting could not be extended.

Democrats dominated Republicans in North Carolina. Out of 2.5 million voters, 48 percent were Democrats and 32 percent were Republicans.

A total of 628,000 people voted in Nevada, where 44 percent were Democrats and 37 percent were Republicans.

Democrats made up 43 percent of the 614,000 early voters in Iowa. Republicans made up 32 percent.

In Ohio, Democrats made up 29 percent of 1.6 million voters. Republicans were 23 percent of early voters. Party affiliation in that state is based on the last primary in which a voter participated.

In Akron, voters waited an average of two hours Sunday. In Columbus, 15,000 people waited for up to two hours from Friday through Sunday. In Cincinatti, voters waited as long as four hours to cast their ballots.

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53 Responses to “Early Voting Results Show Slight Obama Lead”

  1. Jay Tanenbaum

    I don't know but maybe with all the people voting already, we should alter election day?

  2. Erin Watson Smith

    Obama has a slight lead but votes aren't being counted until Tuesday?

  3. Anonymous

    In the year 2012, where we can completely trust our banks online banking systems with out money, where we can talk to people from anywhere in the world in seconds through advanced technology, and yet for some reason we are not allowed to vote for the President through an online system because its not safe? When only 40% of Americans vote and still not even to increase voter turnout will they allow online voting. If your wondering why they don't have online voting I can tell you it's not about the security of the elections, its about controlling the American citizens. They don't want and 85-90% turnout at the polls because the elections would have more landslide victories and this is not something that makes the story interesting. All this election stuff is just reality TV, with a twist in that these guys collect billions of dollars during the time their show, I mean campaign, runs.

  4. Laura Schwab

    Just because a certain party has more people voting, doesn't mean they are voting for their party's candidate.

  5. Anonymous

    This story is just like the supposed polls that are tilted toward the President. Most show the President with a 2 to 5 % lead & the other two polls show a dead heat. Somebody is lying and the results will show who it is. Just don't be surprised when the awaked sleeping giant lets the voice be heard.

  6. Simplicia Tecson

    A judge in Orlando extended early voting hours in Orange County after the state Democratic Party sued to give people more time at the polls. The party also filed a federal lawsuit for more voting time in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. The lawsuit said counties should offer absentee voting if early voting could not be extended.
    Argabyado ug desperado ang Florida Democratic Party mao ng mi protesta..

  7. Kristy McClary

    I read CO and OH states early voting tally by counties and what this article is not telling is that the % of independent votes are up at as well. In CO, if you take half of those and add it to the Rep., it will be a slam dunk for Romney. The independent vote is up in Ohio too.

  8. Lupe Martinez

    "several states are releasing the party affiliations" Yeah um… this is wrong, I would relate this to announcing who is leading in the voting before the voting locations have closed. Where are the overzealous lawyer when you need one?

  9. Cody Abbot

    I keep seeing the Democrats out number early voting but not counted yet. I'm a Democrat and I know so many Democrats that voted for Romney (As I did) so will be very interesting to see what those early votes actually are. GO ROMNEY!

  10. Thomas Jasunski

    Is this what our country has come to be.We are as bad as the communist.Everybody white-black or tan should be allowed the time to properly VOTE! STUPIDITY RUNS RAMPANT.

  11. Peter Botney

    New Jersey was able to move Halloween to Today, so anything is possible.

  12. Harvey Vickery

    Are you tired of the mitt and obama "who is the dumbest" show? Read the real story of why Gary Johnson and V.P. Judge Jim Gray will win back America with just 5% of the Vote…This time join over 5 million Americans who are Not Wasting their Vote on Obama or Romney who are sending the Nation down the toilet…This Election Vote For the Peoples President Gary Johnson

  13. Kathalese White

    Cody shame on you. Why make such a terrible comment. This is not about race its about the freedom to vote for any canidate you want no matter what your color. Also there are black men voting for Romney and White men voting for Obama so you statement is rude and wrong. Stop it!!!

  14. Anonymous

    If Obama has such a great plan, why with 20 million people out of work hasn't he implemented it before now.

  15. Jay Tanenbaum

    Off topic I know, but how did you guys make out? Everything okay?

  16. Lloyd Sprinkle

    Early voting should be eliminated and absentee voting should be strictly limited to those persons who are working "out of country". Ex-pats and those traveling for pleasure should not be given absentee ballots.

  17. Anonymous

    People, just get out there and vote. Make your voice heard, that's all there is to it. All this back and forth isn't doing any good for anyone. JUST GO OUT AND VOTE!

  18. Anonymous

    Just the liberal media trying to do anything and everything to make 0bummer look like he has a lead.

  19. Brian Pilkerton

    I agree with you that it is not a security reason but I also understand why they do not have online voting. Many lower income people do not have internet access to vote so it affects the democratic party and they will fight tooth and nail to keep it from happening. Yes you can say go to the library or what not but that is not possible either for many people. I have worked in the inner city and if you want to go to a public library to vote you can forget about that. Just on a normal day going to the library and actually getting on the computer is next to impossible and if you do get lucky u will have to wait a long time. You also have elder people that would not vote because not knowing how to use a computer. We do have online banking and can talk to people across the world but still only half the population uses that.

  20. Brian Pilkerton

    Completely disagree with you on early voting being eliminated. There are two many people people that want to vote because they can't that day. Go to the airport one day during the week and you will see thousands of people traveling for business each day just at that airport. This does not include people that just work out of town for a day or two and can't vote. Should these people not be able to vote and many of them do not know they are traveling until that week. I voted early on Saturday because i found out just Thursday that i was going to have to go out of two days should i not be allowed to vote.

  21. Cody Abbot

    Well where i live in NC its all about race. The black people here are so rude making comments about black power and etc. After a while it starts rubbing me the wrong way. You are right it should be about freedom to vote but I'm sorry alot of black people are voting Obama only because of race. And the very few black people that are voting Romney and letting it known are being ridiculed by their own race. That is sad. Kathalese you seem like a nice person so forgive me if I insulted you it was only meant for people I have to deal with daily.

  22. Barbara Hanna Stiles

    It's based on Party affiliation. It says that in every article I've read on Early Voting. You might want to pay a bit more attention to what the articles said. To Jeff – it's NOT the media. It's the States releasing info.

  23. Peter Botney

    No damage and nobody hurt, but still no power so feeling happy. Spent a lot of time at Shoprite for the WiFi. Plus they have a tv on the news all the time, lots of food, drinks, and clean bathrooms. How about you?

  24. Ashley Broce Hanna

    Always nostalgic for the McClary Clan on Halloween! Sandy pushed it to this past Saturday. Think it should ALWAYS be Saturday! No whining in the mornings! Still the usual tons o' kids in Country Brook, but not the same w/o my beer drinkin/political savvy buddy's! Have a bunch of candy necklaces/bracelets left, any young ladies at your house that would enjoy sticky necks?
    Leaving for Boston in the am, would love for you to go and celebrate with us! I feel a change a comin'!

  25. Barbara Hanna Stiles

    @ Erin Watson Smith – I didn't mean to sound "sharp". I don't think states should release ANY information before the last poll closes.

  26. Anonymous

    Gee, that's funny, I'm an Independent in Colorado, a "swing state", I know several hundred Democrats and I dlon't know even one who is voting for Mr. Romney. Most Independents also prefer President Obama. However, I must admit I also don't know any Republicans voting for the President. Add it all up and the President wins…it would be a landslide but we have this crazy right wing area of the State—Colorado Springs—that will make it closer.

  27. Anonymous

    Cody Abbot – Blacks voting for Obama just because race? Come on, Romney's policies only do you good if you are making more than 200k a year. What percentage of blacks in NC are on that wage? Its a simple economic choice for ALL races who havent got a bentley in the garage.

  28. Barbara Hanna Stiles

    @Cody – you are out of date, out of kindness and cerainly NOT showing Christian values, and you ARE a racist. You embarrass me! My apologies to all people offended by this fool.

  29. Kristy McClary

    We were thinking about and praying for our Pennsylvania friends! Crazy weather! I feel terrible for people still stranded on the coast. Enjoy Boston and I PRAY we will be celebrating with you in spirit!! Very historical! You're family works hard to make things happen!

  30. Wanda L Belcher-Woods

    you have to have been to Africa to go back you racist pig! Go suck on Romney's Mormon penis while you wallow in your misery tomorrow when Barack wins by a landslide! You suck and I hope your disappointment send you to an early grave!

  31. Anonymous

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  32. Anonymous

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