Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’: Beta Release Date Speculation, Cat Promo Trailer, And Operation Skydive/Night Mission PS4 Pro Gameplay Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands beta release date is purely speculative at this point, but there are hints given to what may seem to indicate a ballpark idea. A couple of trailers were released recently; one of which involved a cat and a red dot, and another operation option featured a player that can parachute into one of the cartel’s camps.

Guaranteed Beta Access Via Another Ghost Recon Purchase

The Wildlands beta promotion was announced earlier, revealing that one would be guaranteed access to the beta if the Ghost Recon Future Soldier game was purchased between the dates of Jan. 13 through Jan. 16. This gave way to some speculation that the beta release might fall between those dates, not before or after.

However, there is a restriction that it may only be purchased through the Ubisoft site and only the PC version seems to be available for Future Soldier. This would make it rather risky if you are a PS4 or Xbox One owner since there’s no sure-fire way to find out if this beta offer applies to all platforms, according to YouTuber Live Wire.

Of course, if you go to the Ubisoft store Ghost Recon Future Soldier is cheaper, so that helps, but you may want to confirm if the beta deal is on all platforms.

Also, YouTuber Amper Camper revealed that Ubisoft’s YouTube channel had a hint of what could be the beta release for Wildlands. Unfortunately, he said he wasn’t able to play it in this country. However, the folks over at Reddit found another link over at YouPak, which is another kind of YouTube site.

(Warning: Live-Action And Video Game Violence)

Promo Trailers Amuse And Ascertain

Ghost Recon Wildlands has come up with a couple of new promo trailers, one of which is a live-action film short featuring an amusing interaction with a cat’s obsession, a laser pointer, or in this case, a red dot scope mounted on the Ghosts’ sniper rifle. Will there be more to come?

(Warning: Live-Action Violence)

Since Ubisoft prides itself on other Ghost Recon Wildlands options when taking on the same mission, they had released the “Operation Skydive” trailer which shows yet another way to complete the same objective. There are different ways to approach the mission, and this is just one of them. As you may already know, you can play co-op with a real life partner or A.I., and in this video, once your teammates get into position, a soldier can do a base jump skydive, according to Game Rant.

This is a pretty good in-and-out mission that looked basically effortless. If you’re good enough and have the right equipment, you’ll be quite efficient in no time. Of course, Ubisoft offers up a ton of weapons, weapon accessories, and a plethora of other equipment that will make improved efficiency possible.

Drones and other technology can be used to mark targets prior to engaging, so at least you’ll know where the enemy is as they can be numerous and spread about the complex. You don’t have to engage them all, but you will need just enough to get the mission done.

Freedom Of Choice: PS4 Pro Night Mission

Ghost Recon Wildlands is not really about playing hard but playing smart, and if you pick the appropriate weapons and equipment for the mission, you won’t go wrong. Ubisoft also allowed for freedom of choice, and as mentioned earlier, there’s more than one way to accomplish your goals as you are allowed total autonomy.

A new PS4 Pro video demonstrated the same above mission of extracting El Pozolero, a.k.a “The Stew Maker,” from the camp. It was a great play-by-play on how accomplishments could be made under the cover of night in stealth mode. These methods are probably representative of how real life soldiers work, and it’s great to bring home that feel of realism into your abode along with ambient environmental background sounds, interactions, and the like.

(Warning: Video Game Violence)

Keep an eye out for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands beta, which is speculated to come out in a couple of days. Just take it with a grain of salt as Jan. 13 makes its approach.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]