WWE News: Huge Heel Turn For Sasha Banks Coming Before ‘Summerslam’

With the WWE Royal Rumble only a few weeks away and Wrestlemania right around the corner, it seems funny to be thinking about WWE Summerslam, but WWE already has big plans for the summer. Heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, there is a lot of speculation surround most matches on the card, but the future of the Raw Women’s title seems to be clear for Wrestlemania season, which has become a rare thing.

Charlotte has dominated WWE’s women’s division since debuting on the main roster roughly a year and a half ago. Even before that, she was the top female in NXT. Her foil has been Sasha Banks and their rivalry over the past year was nothing short of epic and historical. Eventually, The Queen got the better of The Boss as their feud has concluded for the time being. Now, it’s Bayley turn to ascend to the top of the WWE ladder.

WWE officials are planning for Bayley to get a “huge underdog push” against Charlotte into the WWE Royal Rumble and likely into Wrestlemania 33. Charlotte will continue to build up her undefeated streak on PPVs over the next few months until Bayley gets the career-making victory over her to become the Raw Women’s Champion on the grandest stage of them all. If Vince McMahon has his way, she has also become WWE’s top female babyface simultaneously.

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This year, Wrestlemania season will be about Bayley in the women’s division, but that doesn’t mean WWE has forgotten about Sasha Banks. The Boss will be busy with Nia Jax for the foreseeable future, which is no easy task. Her Wrestlemania plans are still a mystery because it has been reported that WWE is planning a huge match for her in Orlando, but her opponent has yet to be revealed on the grandest stage of them all.

Her recent confrontation on Raw this week has the WWE Universe speculating that an upcoming feud with Stephanie McMahon is in development for Wrestlemania 33. On paper, the match would be sold as Boss vs. Boss, which could be a big money match for the show. Even if WWE officials are planning a different match for her, Sasha Banks will have another Wrestlemania moment on the grandest stage of them all in April.

After Wrestlemania, Bayley will be the Raw Women’s Champion and WWE will only be a few months away from WWE Summerslam. Speculation about WWE’s summer plans aren’t on the minds of the WWE fans right now, but a new rumor has come to light claiming that WWE officials have huge plans for Sasha Banks.

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[Image by WWE]

WWE has done a great job featuring the Bayley and Sasha Banks friendship on WWE television. Bayley was Sasha’s partner at WWE Battleground when she needed help, and they’ve been seen a lot together on Raw, but they’ve also competed in the ring to add that competitive fire. Apparently, their dynamic is being kept so friendly because WWE is planning some major character changes for Sasha Banks after Wrestlemania 33.

According to the recent report, Sasha Banks will be turning heel before WWE Summerslam to start a rivalry with Bayley for the summer. The hope is the WWE Universe will be much more invested in Banks vs. Bayley if they watch their friendship fall apart over several months of WWE television.

Bayley and Sasha Banks already have a lot of history together from NXT, but WWE Summerslam will be a great platform to reignite their rivalry onto one of WWE’s biggest stages, especially in Brooklyn. There is a lot of time before WWE Summerslam is relevant, but this is what WWE has penciled in for the show so far.

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