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WWE News: WWE Potentially Considering A Change At The ‘RAW’ General Manager Position

Vince McMahon’s blockbuster in light of last summer’s brand extension came in the form of the designations of a Commissioner and General Manager for both RAW and SmackDown Live. Of course, Vince named his children, Shane and Stephanie as the brand’s respective Commissioners, who then appointed Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley as their GM’s.

This allowed both RAW and SmackDown to have an authority figure present at every taping, whether it was one or both. As and it’s turned out, Bryan and Foley have been virtual mainstays on a weekly basis. Bryan has also been tasked with the role of co-host on SmackDown’s popular wrap-up show, Talking Smack. The flagship show responded with RAW Talk, but only following one of their brand-exclusive pay-per-views.

Mick Foley earned the RAW GM post as a babyface character who could counter Stephanie’s heel routine. The same may have been done on SmackDown, but Daniel Bryan was an easy choice considering he was still under contract with WWE and his enormous popularity.

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Nearly six months into it, it’s certainly debatable whether the brand split has been a success or not. From an individual storyline perspective, Bryan has certainly helped in the progression of angles involving The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, Nikki Bella and Carmella, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, and others. On RAW, Foley has provided juice to the program between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman, as well as becoming a driving force behind the elevation of the women’s division.

Bryan has publicly admitted to accepting his position because he had to, not because he wanted to, and he’ll likely move on when his contract expires. Foley has had numerous deals expire in his time with the WWE, but his role as RAW GM was the result of a handshake, pay-per-appearance agreement.

And according to a report from Daily Wrestling News, that agreement could be coming to an end soon. Tuesday night, Lana tweeted that she thought SmackDown Live was a great show and petitioned Mick Foley to become the Associate GM of Monday Night RAW to help the red brand reestablish itself as the superior show. Whether Lana’s post was done in kayfabe or not is unclear, but Foley’s reply, which you can see below, is what’s most interesting.

It was clear from the beginning of the brand split that a long-term angle would be built around the relationship between Foley and Stephanie McMahon. That tension has been building in recent weeks, and as we saw on this past Monday’s episode of RAW, Stephanie was about to conduct a public performance review before the Undertaker interrupted the proceedings.

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It’s no secret that Mick has been experiencing some more health issues in recent months. He actually posted a long message recently indicating that he was in need of hip surgery, but he currently does not have any medical insurance and the procedure would cost $60,000. After some overwhelming support from the WWE Universe, some folks even set up GoFund me accounts to help pay for the operation, which Foley quickly rejected.

Mick had requested some time off around the time of the Roadblock: End Of The Line pay-per-view to address the situation. He was initially granted the time before being told he was needed back at RAW. However, it is soon expected that the angle with Mick and Stephanie will lead to his “dismissal” and allow him to have the surgery. The operation would then keep him off RAW for several months and potentially lead to a replacement being named in his absence.

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