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Former-UFC Fighter CM Punk Drawing Interest From Bellator MMA President

When the WWE lost one of their biggest stars after years of disgruntled behavior, many fans from multiple areas were curious as to where he would end up. CM Punk made a huge impact on entertainment, but more specifically, the WWE. After his lengthy tenure in the WWE, Punk announced during a UFC pay-per-view that he was going to test out his skills in a passion he held close to heart, ultimate fighting.

Dana White opened his arms to CM Punk in hopes that the former-WWE World Heavyweight champion could to a multitude of things. The UFC wanted him to make the company money, build a bridge from the WWE to the UFC, and hope CM Punk could withhold his popularity and take it with him. While that wasn’t a guarantee given his background, Punk was always up for trying something, especially if it was something he loved.

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As it got closer to his UFC debut, CM Punk’s early legacy in the sport started off with a sour taste in the fans’ mouths. There were multiple injuries that CM Punk encountered that stymied his debut for the global leader in mixed martial arts. When he finally debuted, he took on Mickey Gall, a newcomer to the sport with experience in other fighting leagues. Gall wasn’t a household name, yet. In his fight with CM Punk, he dominated the former wrestler in the first round, thus ending Punk’s run in the UFC.

It wasn’t official, but even White’s reaction to his fight wasn’t a good one. CM Punk was signed to a multi-contract, but it isn’t looking promising for the Voices of the Voiceless. This could be the end of CM Punk’s UFC career, but that doesn’t mean his time in mixed martial arts is over. In a new report by SEScoops, Bellator President Scott Coker commented on being interested in CM Punk for his promotion.

“If he was free from any obligations and wanted to fight under Bellator, we would definitely love to have a conversation with him,” Coker said, adding that he had heard Punk is still under UFC contract.

In a report done by the Inquisitr, CM Punk could have a future in the UFC, as long as Dana White is comfortable with him there. At the end of the day, it’s about money to White. They are under new ownership, which means things could change. Punk may not be exactly what they are looking for. He still has to prove he can win a fight, or even contend in one. The bout with Gall wasn’t even close. CM Punk looked lost in the octagon.

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While much of the WWE Universe still has internal faith that he could return to the WWE, it most likely won’t happen. Even though his fighting career seems bleak, the impression he left Triple H and Stephanie McMahon wasn’t a good one. A recent post by The Sun is suggesting that CM Punk could return in 2017. Here is a small excerpt from the article.

“Yes, there’s been a lot of a bad blood. A lot of muck slung either way. A lot of bridges burned beyond all recognition. But this is pro wrestling. It’s not that it’s fickle business (no one truly forgets) but money is always priority number one.”

The writer made a good point and the conversation is about pro wrestling. CM Punk isn’t just a fighter or wrestler, he’s a pop culture icon in this industry. Bellator has a chance at signing him, but it wouldn’t be for his fighting ability. It would be for the audience he takes with him wherever he goes. If the WWE doesn’t secure him in the next couple of years, there’s a solid chance CM Punk never goes back to wrestling.

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