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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’ Challenge Shows How Mean Parents Can Be [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel decided to repeat his kid taunting challenge this year, having parents tell their children that they ate all their Halloween candy as a prank and recording it. Everybody has a sense of schadenfreude to them but this may be pushing the envelope a bit far as the majority of the children just burst into tears, to the delight of the audience.

Kimmel called the challenge when issued last year the “I Ate All Your Halloween Candy” Challenge. He challenged the parents to use their cellphones to record themselves telling their children that all the Halloween candy was gone because they ate it. He takes the best of the submissions and puts them in a compilation on YouTube. Last Year’s prank got more than 34 million hits.

This year the challenge issued was the same with the same type of obvious response. Most of the children burst into tears with some getting a little violent.

Kimmel knows that he doesn’t have to worry about the wrath of the children because pranking children ensures he is going up against one of the few demographics that have no idea who he is.

This adds to the many challenges Kimmel has issued where parents record themselves pranking their kids. In one challenge he has parents tape themselves giving their children things like a half eaten sandwich for Christmas, parents getting their kids up really early for school during summer vacation and Getting them dressed in horrific back to school outfits.

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel goes way over the top in his pranks?

Watch the compilation here

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7 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’ Challenge Shows How Mean Parents Can Be [Video]”

  1. Cassie Fay Fessler

    This was so painful to listen to in the beauty shop this morning. As someone with some expertise in child development, I must state that a parent "pranking" a child is emotional abuse and betrays the child's trust in the person responsible for that child's well being. And we wonder where children learn to be bullies?

  2. Sriram Krishnan

    although as an exercise to teach children the virtues of honesty … but yeah, want to make sure you give them lots of hugs if you're gonna do this

  3. Cassie Fay Fessler

    Sorry, no, it is never alright to lie to a child. We teach by example. All the child will learn is that it is ok to lie. Taking it back later does not undo the damage. Neither do hugs. We parents make enough mistakes without traumatizing them intentionally. And doing it for laughs on youtube is just plain cruel and an invasion of the child's privacy.

  4. Jenne M. Henze

    STOP THIS! its just really low and mean!
    Im proud of the children that take it that wel.
    but this should STOP! its not funny.

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