Male and female officer patting down a young black male

‘That’s Bad Police Work’: Cops Release Handcuffed, Armed Man, Unaware He’s Still ‘Strapped,’ Rookie Mistake Caught On Camera Serves As Chilling Wake Up Call

Cats have nine lives, but so do police officers at times.

A chilling video posted online shows how a group of officers are only alive because a handcuffed man didn’t have any intent to do them harm. The field tactics defy every conceivable level of law enforcement training. Still, the man got his one minute of fame by pointing out to viewers how “bad” the police work was and how luck was on their sides. The disturbing video was posted on May 16, 2016, but has gained traction recently.

Without question, America has some of the most loyal, patriotic and competent police officers that love their communities and display some of the highest levels of training. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes, things go haywire — often, with deadly circumstances. Unfortunately, bad police work exists.

The video appears on the website Rumble and was posted by the user, ViralHog. It’s unclear if the unnamed person in the footage is the user, who provides a narrative during his encounter with — based on shoulder patches — members of the Richmond Police Department.

The tape begins with no less than five officers surrounding a handcuffed male one attempts to release him. The subject, with one free arm, is holding out his other arm as a male officer uses his key to unlock the cuff. The man, looking into the camera, asks the videographer to make sure they’re recording.

“I want you to watch this; I got something for you,” the man says before turning to the officer. “Am I free after these handcuffs are off me?” he asks the officer, who answers in the affirmative. Seconds later, after the camera person jokingly sings in praise, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last,” the man walks closer to the camera, pulls up his shirt tail and reveals a semi-automatic handgun tucked in his waistband below his navel.

Source: That’s Bad Police Work by ViralHog on Rumble

“They forgot this one. They forget that one. Y’all see that?” he points out to the camera.

A female officer tries to get a glimpse of what the man has revealed and asks if she can “see” what he is referring to underneath his shirt. The man conceals the gun before officers discover the weapon they missed. However, based on the female officer’s exchange, she thinks the man is referring to injuries; she asks him if he wants to make a complaint and if he needs medical attention. He assures them he’s going to the hospital on his own and doesn’t require an ambulance or the paramedics on the scene.

Note: Unlike a state like Missouri, Virginia requires special training for concealed carry permits, according to USA Carry.

Based on the exchange and his response, the officers, out of an abundance of caution, may have handcuffed the man upon arrival for their safety and his. He may have been in an altercation or accident, but the reasons are unknown. Apparently, officers made the decision to handcuff him at some point.

The man thanks the person recording the video and says “Bad police work” multiple times while raising his shirt repeatedly and revealing the concealed weapon. Ironically, before the video ends, an officer asks the man if he wants the rest of his weapons returned. Apparently, for safety, they confiscated weapons from his person during a routine pat down but failed to discover the one above his manhood.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), 140 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016. Of that number, 63 died by gunfire. It’s unclear how many of those deaths were the result of faulty training or complacency and could have been prevented.

The Inquisitr is unable to authentic the video. However, if the footage is real, it underscores the dangers associated with being a part of America’s Finest and how police put their lives on the lives to protect the communities they serve. Hopefully, this video serves as a reminder to other peace officers that they should never forsake their training — because they deserve to go home at the end of the day.

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