Red Light District

German Green Party Pitches Prescription Coverage For Sex With Prostitutes

Soon, if the German Green party has its way, people with certain medical conditions will be able to claim sex with prostitutes as an approved medical expense. One would need to get a doctor’s approval, but it would be approved for a wide variety of complaints. Prostitution is already legal in parts of Germany, but if the Green Party has its way, you could now have it be a recognized deductible expense.

And supposedly, this wouldn’t just be a brothel situation like the brothel where basketball player Lamar Odom overdosed a year ago in Nevada, says the Inquisitr. In a brothel, you go to a particular place, but this would even include prostitutes that come to you. When many think of prostitution or hookers, they imagine a “red light district,” but if this goes through in Germany, it would possibly change the face of prostitution.

Deutsche Welle says that the cost of sex with a prostitute would be covered by insurance, the way a procedure is covered, but with a co-pay in the United States. GermanGreen Party spokeswoman Elisabeth Scharfenberg says that there should be some form of assistance for those who have trouble pursuing sex on their own.

“I can imagine a [public] financing of sexual assistance. Local officials could provide information about ‘offers of this kind in the area,’ as well as grant the necessary funds.”


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Though prostitution has been legal for some time, there is no framework or method by which there would be a welfare system for sex. Supposedly, there is already a model for this in the Netherlands for several years. In that system, people would get a certificate or card from their doctor, similar to the way people get a card in the United States for medicinal marijuana.

The party believes that prostitutes are “a blessing” for those in need, like the elderly or the infirmed.

The Daily Mail says that prostitution in Germany doesn’t carry the same stigma that it has in other countries and that sex with a prostitute should be free for those with conditions like dementia, and people in care homes. Scharfenberg says that she can imagine some form of financial assistance for sex.

The plan would cover those who “are unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, as well as to prove they are not able to pay sex workers on their own.”

Vanessa del Rae, a sex coach who worked as a nurse for many years, also ran a nursing home facility and says that in many places, prostitutes are paid with insurance funds.

“In Holland, prostitutes are paid by the health insurance fund. In Germany in recent years we have seen the advent sexual companion, especially trained in relation to the sexual needs of elderly men and women. She knows the handicaps, the shyness and shame which come with old people.”

But the program also comes with many detractors who find the idea in bad taste. Professor Wilhelm Frieling-Sonnenberg, a medical care specialist, says that it is “contemptuous towards human dignity, a way to placate troublesome patients.” Either way, more dialogue and debates is needed for any change to be made with medical care and coverage.

Do you think that insurance should cover use of a prostitute?

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