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Victoria Beckham’s Impromptu Spice Girls Reunion, Discovers Mutual Teenage Crush With Matt Goss

Victoria Beckham and the other former members of the Spice Girls music group were expected to get together and perform a reunion concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of “Wannabe,” the band’s hit single that catapulted the members to international success. However, the wife of football great David Beckham wasn’t keen to join the other band members for the reunion, as she was busy focusing on building her fashion brand by launching new products.

Popularly known as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham has given up her music career to establish herself as a successful fashion designer. In fact, fashion designing was the singer’s dream career, and she has been successful in realizing her dream. Today, Victoria Beckham operates a popular fashion label that offers products like eyewear, clothes, accessories, and perfumes. Recently, Beckham collaborated with Estee Lauder to launch her own range of makeup products.

Besides Victoria Beckham, Melanie Chisholm was the other Spice Girl member who did not express any enthusiasm in reuniting with her former band member, as she is concentrating on her solo music career. It seemed it was only Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, and Geri Halliwell — the remaining three members of the popular 1990s music group — who were willing to reunite to produce music together.

Fans have long been excited for a possible Spice Girls reunion, as the last reunion happened in 2012 when all the five members got together to perform during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

Despite the disappointment surrounding Victoria Beckham and Chisholm’s reluctance to appear in an official Spice Girls reunion, fans were somewhat satisfied to see Victoria Beckham and Chisholm have an unplanned reunion at a New Year’s Eve party organized by Beckham in the Maldives. The pair entertained the audience by singing “2 Become 1,” their 1996 hit song, stirring up plenty of memories for their fans.

The duo was also accompanied by Cruz Beckham, Victoria Beckham’s son, who is tipped to become the next Justin Bieber. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Chisholm shared an Instagram photo that showed the duo singing together, along with a comment that their impromptu performance was an excellent way to ring in the new year.

Candle light and soul forever ❤ A wonderful start to 2017 xxx

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“Candle light and soul forever… A wonderful start to 2017 xxx”

Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her days as a self-confessed lonely teenager. Today, she is not only considered a successful fashion designer but also a celebrity who has married David Beckham, one of England’s greatest football players. Victoria Beckham has also written an autobiography, Learning to Fly, that reveals the challenges the British sensation faced while growing up.

As a young girl, Victoria Beckham says she was a chubby girl who was continuously affected by acne and suffered from low self-esteem. It was her love of luxury that brought her to become attracted to accessories from famous fashion houses, eventually leading to her nickname of Posh Spice.

It was her hard work and dedication that led to her eventually becoming famous, but unfortunately, the lonely days didn’t stop for Victoria Beckham, even after she achieved international stardom. The singer revealed in her autobiography that even after she became famous, she was still hardly ever asked out on a date. Despite her style and beauty, Beckham believes that even the legions of Spice Girls fans were not attracted to her.

However, Victoria Beckham’s belief that her fans did not find her attractive has proved to be misguided, as singer Matt Goss has recently admitted that he had a crush on Victoria Beckham. Goss’ admission came as a surprise to many because Beckham’s autobiography mentions that the “A Mind of Its Own” singer wanted to marry Matt Goss when she was a teenager.

According to the Sun, Goss spoke about his feelings for Victoria Beckham in addition to mentioning that the former Spice Girls member has done the right thing by marrying David Beckham.

“Victoria is such a lovely girl. I had a crush on her too, but I think she made the right choice.”

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