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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rudge Is Instructed To Make A Move Against Julian’s Family — Who Will He Be Targeting?

There is a new boss in town on ABC’s General Hospital, and even though they have not been revealed just yet, viewers know that this person is definitely a woman who looks like she is out for revenge. Who is she, and why does she have a bee in her bonnet? All will be revealed soon, but for now, her sidekick, Rudge, will be taking action against Julian Jerome.

The lady in red, whose face has not been shown just yet, will throw a temper tantrum on Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Rudge seems to be running the show right now, but he is really just reporting to this mysterious person who seems to sit in her chair watching the outside world from a camera monitor at the pawn shop. According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason and Curtis run upon some information that will lead them to an important discovery.

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These two men, along with pregnant Sam Morgan, have been deep in the investigation into who planted the bomb in Julian Jerome’s car that actually killed Morgan Corinthos. They are getting closer and closer to finding out the truth, but it is also putting these three in danger. With Sam being pregnant, she is letting the guys do most of the dangerous work. However, that doesn’t mean she is safe, and this could very well put her and her unborn baby’s life in jeopardy.

If anything happens to this JaSam baby, many General Hospital fans will be in an uproar. They are looking forward to seeing Jason and Sam happy and growing their family. Even though Sam wants nothing to do with Julian right now, he is her dad, and someone was gunning for him when they planted that bomb. Now his involvement with this mysterious boss of his could put his daughter and grandchild at risk.

It seems like this person has a personal vendetta against Julian. Now that his daughter is knee-deep into finding out who did the deed, someone may be gunning for her as well. Rudge is taking orders from the lady in red at the moment. He is reporting back to her, and what he has to tell her on Monday’s episode of General Hospital will have her pounding her fists as her anger mounts.

Rudge will let his boss know that Jason, Curtis, and Sam are not backing off and are getting closer to the truth. In fact, Jason and Curtis will find out that there is a secret room at the pawn shop, and that could lead them to discover who gave the order to plant the bomb. This piece of information leads this lady boss to take extreme measures to send a strong message. She will instruct Rudge to teach Julian Jerome a lesson, as revealed by Soap Central. This coming week will be a dangerous one for the Jerome family. Who will Rudge be going after? It could possibly be Alexis or Ava. However, rumor has it that it is likely to be Sam.

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This makes sense as she is Julian’s daughter and pregnant with his grandchild. Sam is also doing the investigating, so this would be a major shake-up for Julian and Jason. Soap Central also mentioned that this couple has a scare this week. Will Sam and her baby be in danger or does she just start having contractions earlier than expected?

The question remains as to who the lady in red really is. The big bet is that she is actually Julian’s dead sister, Olivia Jerome. He killed her years ago, but actress Tonja Walker, who played this original character on General Hospital, is making a return to the soap, so Olivia may just be Rudge’s boss after all — or she could return as someone else. There have not been any official announcements just yet on her role this time, but the actress did say that she was thrilled to return and has thanked fans for helping to bring her back. Her return is expected to cause quite an uproar in Port Charles. Is this a hint that Olivia is back?

Is the lady in red really Olivia Jerome, or are the writers just making it look like her? Will Sam and the baby be okay? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this all plays out.

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