Jenelle Evans And David Eason Argue Over Nathan Griffith Seeing Kaiser

Jenelle Evans And David Eason Argue Over Nathan Griffith Seeing Kaiser

Jenelle Evans and David Eason seemingly have a good relationship. As far as boyfriends go, he seems to be the only one who hasn’t argued with her constantly or landed her in trouble with the law. Evans and Eason have been raising her son, Kaiser, together with very minimal help from his biological father, Nathan Griffith. In the upcoming Teen Mom 2 episode, fans will get to see how Eason confronts Evans about letting her ex-boyfriend walk all over her when it comes to their son.

Fans have commented about how well Jenelle Evans and David Eason get along. Teen Mom 2 usually catches drama with the young mom and the men she chooses to be involved with. Nathan Griffith was a wild rollercoaster, and there were several verbal sparring matches caught on camera. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans gets into a little spat with David Eason regarding Kaiser. He becomes upset with her when she talks to him about letting Nathan Griffith take the toddler for visitation. Eason believes that Evans allows Nathan to walk all over her, and it causes her stress. In a surprising twist, she explains that she has to communicate with him for their son and tells Eason he can’t be mad.

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Since filming takes place months before the episodes actually air, this particular dispute between Jenelle Evans and David Eason happened last spring. It was when she decided to allow Nathan Griffith visitation per the agreement they came to during mediation. This was all prior to the recent drama that left Evans with no choice but to request supervised visits for her son from the court. Right now, Griffith cannot see Kaiser without his mother supervising him. While this was certainly not what was expected, it is in the best interest of the child, according to the courts.

Kaiser is about to become a big brother, as Jenelle Evans and David Eason are expecting their first child together in just a few weeks. They have been living together for over a year now, and both have significant roles when it comes to parenting their children together. Eason has helped Evans raise Kaiser while Nathan Griffith has allegedly been in and out of his life. The two have seemingly been able to work together without much drama. Evans also helps out Eason when he has his daughter for the weekends. It appears that the two are planning to build a life together, and fans are expecting a proposal in the very near future.

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The new season of Teen Mom 2 is going to show sides of Jenelle Evans and David Eason that fans had no idea existed. They have been working hard to change their public image after the massive amount of backlash they received when they announced their pregnancy. It will be interesting to see what their intentions are for their future. Barbara Evans has had some reservations about Eason, but it appears she is okay with him now. Jenelle still wants to have custody of Jace back, but with the dealings regarding Kaiser, it is no longer the most pressing issue.

David Eason seems to be genuinely concerned about how Nathan Griffith treats Jenelle Evans. While she gets upset with him for having an opinion, it appears that she understands where his concern is coming from. This dispute is one of, if not the only, argument between the two on Teen Mom 2. Of course, there have been various spats, but nothing with this intensity. Jenelle Evans has done her share of wrongs in the short time she has been followed by the show, but this time, she believes she did what was right for her son regarding his visits with his father.

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