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Snooki Tweets New Photos Of Baby Lorenzo

snooki and baby lorenzo

Snooki has moved on to a new stage in her life. The former party girl of The Jersey Shore recently posted some make-up free photos with of her baby Lorenzo.

One photo shows Nicole Polizzi at her home with the little boy on her lap with the simple message: “Mommy and son.”

The reality star has used Twitter often to talk about her love for her son and to brag about his accomplishments.

Snooki writes: “My son is a genius. At two months, he just put the pacifier in his mouth.”

Snooki posted another photo of Lorenzo, writing: “I’m not just saying this cause he’s my son, but he is the PERFECT little man. I’m a lucky mommy”

Polizzi may have toned down her partying ways but she still likes to have her fun. The reality star angered some of her fans earlier this week when she posted a photo of herself out at a club. Snooki defended herself, writing: “Just for the ppl that are SO concerned with my life. U are aloud to go out with your friends once in a while as a mom. You still have a life.”

Here are some of the new photos that Snooki has posted of her baby Lorenzo.

snooki and baby lorenzosnooki

Are you a fan of Snooki? Do you think she’ll make a good mom?

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15 Responses to “Snooki Tweets New Photos Of Baby Lorenzo”

  1. Suzie Goodrich Warner

    She is actually pretty w/o all that make up and her son is adorable.

  2. Debra Daingerfield

    Cute baby! I also think that she looks so much better without all that makeup on. She looks naturally beautiful.

  3. Sherri Long

    She is doing a great job being a Mommy. Yeah, she's entitled to have fun every now and then. She's a Mommy, but she's not dead. She obviously loves her baby very much and she is quite pretty with less makeup.

  4. Dani Rivera

    You took the words right out of my mouth!! She does look 100% better without it….with it, she looked like a hot mess!!

  5. Concetta Vaccaro

    Snooki You live your life , do not worry about what some —- people say. you have the right to have fun and relax.

    Snooki you have the right to go out and have fun do not worry about what some —- people who are they you are a free spirit. go live your life take care of you and your baby and srew the rest.

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