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Rihanna Reportedly Blasts Drake & Jennifer Lopez: ‘She’s Just Glad It’s Not Her Falling For This BS,’ Source Claims

Amid reports Rihanna is supposedly caught in a nasty feud with Jennifer Lopez over Drake, sources are now claiming that Rihanna isn’t exactly being shy when it comes to making her feelings known about the twosome reportedly dating.

According to a report by New Zealand’s Spy, Rihanna is calling out Lopez and Drake’s reported new romance as “BS” as sources claim that she’s seriously unhappy about her seemingly now former friend reportedly dating her former boyfriend.

A source revealed to the site that seeing Jennifer and Drake together in the cozy snaps they’ve been posting to Instagram over the past few weeks makes Rihanna “sick” and caused her to seriously call out her former boyfriend as he appears to be getting closer to Lopez.

“Rihanna is just glad it’s not her falling for this BS. Better [Jennifer] than her,” a source revealed of Rihanna’s latest slam amid reported Jennifer and Drake are dating, adding that Rihanna has supposedly been telling friends that “the only thing Drake’s ever been good at is talking a good game and never following through.”

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Rihanna has not yet confirmed the reports, though Hollywood Life claimed just days ago that the singer is now looking for new love after hearing of Lopez and Drake apparently dating, claiming that Rihanna slammed her ex, whom she split with back in October, as a “f*** boy” amid her alleged feud with the twosome.

An insider revealed that Rihanna vowed never to start dating Drake again should his and Jennifer’s reported new romance not work out, claiming that she’s been telling friends she’s never going to fall for the rapper’s charms again, despite the twosome being on and off for several years prior to their latest split in 2016.

“[Rihanna] refuses to fall for the same tired lines and getting her feelings and heart-broken by men who proclaim they love her but their actions don’t match,” the site’s source revealed of how Rihanna has vowed to move on amid a rumored feud with Lopez and Drake. “No more f*** boys. Out with the old and in with the new!”

The latest claims come shortly after Rihanna appeared to make it known that she and Jennifer were no longer on good terms after several sources claimed that she and Drake were now dating, as Rihanna clicked the unfollow button for Lopez on Instagram after seeing her cozying up to her former boyfriend in December.

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Teen Vogue confirmed that Rihanna no longer follows Jennifer Lopez on the social media site amid the Drake dating reports, despite Jennifer gushing over her friendship with the “Love On The Brain” singer just months ago after she gifted her a pair of pricey hip-high boots from her exclusive collection with Manolo Blahnik alongside a sweet handwritten note.

Just days after Rihanna clicked the unfollow button amid Lopez and Drake’s reported romance, sources claimed that Rihanna and Lopez are now caught up in a pretty nasty feud over the rapper after Metro reported that Jennifer and Drake are now “officially dating.”

An insider revealed to In Touch Weekly that Rihanna is reportedly “very hurt” over Drake and Jennifer dating, allegedly causing her to blast Lopez as a “traitor.”

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“Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends,” a source revealed of Jennifer and Rihanna’s relationship over the years, which included the twosome both lending their voices to characters in the 2014 animated film Home.

The magazine’s insider then went on to claim that Rihanna and Lopez have grown so close over the years prior to the alleged new feud that Lopez was often the one Rihanna would call to vent about her on/off relationship with Drake, who she was first linked to way back in 2009.

“[Rihanna] even confided in [Jennifer] about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years,” the source alleged, adding that Rihanna sees Jennifer and Drake seemingly dating just weeks after they broke up as being “the ultimate betrayal.”

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