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WWE News: John Cena Drives Up Speculation That NJPW Star Kenny Omega Could Jump To WWE

NJPW star Kenny Omega has been the talk of the town ever since Wrestle Kingdom 11 earlier this month, but has WWE star John Cena basically told us that Omega could be jumping over to the WWE soon?

Kenny Omega had an amazing 2016, winning numerous championships and being the only non-Japanese man to ever win the G1 Climax on New Japan. He would go on to main event Wrestle Kingdom earlier this month and had what can only be described as one of the greatest matches of all time when he took on Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

Kenny Omega received a lot of attention, and many feel that he may be the hottest name in the world right now. Interestingly, there are rumors that his contract could be up soon if it is not already. On top of this, Omega felt he needed to take time away to reevaluate things, according to what he recently said on Twitter. He never said he was leaving Japan but rather stepping away to decide his future.

The thought is that he most likely has a WWE offer waiting on him, but he thinks that staying in Japan is something he needs to do. He has spoken out about the WWE and has continuously dogged them leading up to Wrestle Kingdom 11. Most believe he spoke negatively about WWE to simply drive attention away from his possible jump to them and make them focus on the biggest event in Japanese wrestling that was happening at the time.

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Because Kenny Omega did not win the IWGP Heavyweight Title as many thought, and due to the fact that he is “stepping away from Japan,” many feel that Omega could be done. The speculation of him leaving Japan for the WWE has been huge lately, but gasoline was poured on this fire over the weekend when the 15 time World Champion John Cena decided to drop a line about Omega, or rather, a photo as you see above

For those unaware, John Cena has a very interesting Instagram page. He typically posts a lot of crazy stuff, but he has also managed to start speculation through it when he posts wrestler pictures. Last year, he posted Undertaker and AJ Styles pictures on his page. Interestingly, The Undertaker made his return shortly after, and AJ Styles jumped to the WWE for the first time. Cena was even involved in a huge rivalry with him last year.

If John Cena is putting Kenny Omega’s picture up on his Instagram, does this at least mean WWE is talking to Omega about coming in? It is thought that WWE has offered Omega numerous contracts by now. He turned down three alone in 2015, so WWE has been in a battle to get him to jump ship for years now. He is now one of the top performers in the world and that makes everyone want him more.

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Some think that WWE just now had an interest after his impressive 2016 and early 2017 match. However, this courting of sorts has been an ongoing thing for some time. It is not as if Omega has not been on WWE’s radar. The issue has really been Kenny, truthfully. He loves Japan and refused to leave for years despite WWE’s offers. Now, however, it could be the right time to make the WWE jump fans all knew would happen eventually.

Despite the major love for Kenny Omega by the WWE, Cageside Seats reports that Omega is likely to stay in NJPW. Some believe it would be smart for him to go, but it may take a huge WWE offer to make him leave Japan. WWE can afford to pay Kenny Omega what he feels he is worth, and they have had wild success with NJPW stars the last few years as well. The money they put in will work out for them when it comes to Omega, so now is more about the offer.

Many think that if they did sign Kenny Omega, WWE would place him in NXT. However, it does seem that if WWE did manage to bring Omega in as most think they could, he would go straight to WWE RAW or SmackDown Live. The question is, when will Omega be available to sign with any promotion? Also, did John Cena simply put the image up to mess with fans, or is there something more to it like the rumors of AJ Styles last year? We will have to wait and see.

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