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Mitt Romney Calls Campaign A ‘Movement’ In Final Election Bid Push

Mitt Romney Calls Campaign Movement

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called his campaign a “movement” in New Hampshire on Saturday, where he kicked off his final campaign series, expressing confidence that he will win the Tuesday election against President Barack Obama.

Romney stated on Saturday during the first of four scheduled rallies:

“New Hampshire won me the Republican nomination, and New Hampshire is going to get me to the White House.”

Yahoo! News notes that the Republican nominee added:

“I’ve watched over the last few months as our campaign has gone from a start to a movement. It’s not just the size of the crowds. It’s the conviction and compassion in the hearts of the people. It’s made me strive to be more worthy of the support I have received across the country and to campaign as I would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all Americans, not just some Americans.”

Following his four appearances in New Hampshire, Romney will travel to Iowa and Colorado, before spending the night in Des Moines, where he will hold a rally on Sunday morning.

CNN notes that Mitt Romney also spoke on Friday in Milwaukee, giving a speech that some billed as the “closing argument” of his year-and-a-half long presidential campaign. He presented his case about President Obama, saying that he has failed to produce the economic results he promised in 2008. Romney added:

“We ask you to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads. Look to the record, the accomplishments and failures, and the judgment. Words are cheap. A record is real and earned with effort. Change cannot be measured in speeches; it is measured in achievements.”

Romney also asserted that his campaign as a “movement” has spurred him to be a better candidate. The Republican nominee also asserted during the Milwaukee rally:

“We’re going to do something that surprises a few people in the White House that are there right now, and that is we’re going to win Wisconsin on Tuesday.”

The claim should be interesting, because Obama is currently ahead in the polls 51 percent to 44 percent. Do you think that Mitt Romney’s campaign has become a “movement”?

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One Response to “Mitt Romney Calls Campaign A ‘Movement’ In Final Election Bid Push”

  1. Ettore Greco

    In history all Revolutions have always resulted in panic and anarchy, masses of people lost in confusion exhausted their energy only to fall again in the hands of new dictators.
    It will be always like this in all cases except one, the Last Revolution.
    The Last Revolution will be different and will start with a Plan.
    The objective is to obtain an order in societies which is fair, transparent and functioning and not in the hands of any individual.
    Soon there will be an opportunity for this change.
    Once again, the next US presidential election will be fixed. Mitt Romney will be elected even though Barack Obama would have received more votes in the presidential election. The political assassination will be perpetrated by Bush hiding behind Crossroads GPS, the most influential group of Neocons.
    The Neocons will have Mitt Romney elected to first use him and then let him fall easy prey. All blames and responsibilities will fall on the new Mormon president for the events already planned.
    The new World War of Religion is already a done deal behind the backs of all people to bring chaos and poverty and to favor in the end the rise of one New World Order.
    Once revolutions will have occurred all over the World they soon need to be coordinated.
    That will be the most decisive moment and it will be just as crucial to know precisely how we came to this point. Some will promise you all you wish to hear but the answer to such problem should not be that of any single individual.
    Worldwide Referendum broadcasted Live simultaneously on large screens in the squares of every Country could answer specific questions selected to decide what type of Democracy will exist in a new Humankind.
    An alternative to the Zionist Plan must solve that Human dilemma which is at the root of this conflict and that is the antagonism between Equality and Individualism.
    This equilibrium is to be found in a new form of government called Commutalism.
    The Last Revolution will also require a leap in our thinking and a new way to view ourselves.
    Individualism and Equality have new meanings in light of a new discovery that binds one new Progressive Science to Religion.
    This discovery goes far beyond the progress for science and reveals the Creation.
    The repercussion from Wavevolution must become public to awaken a new global awareness and form one platform for Equality.
    Beyond the appearance of other possible solutions only this can prevent the next World War of Religion which will be the excuse for a New World Order.
    The strongest opposition for Equality will come from that concept of Israel which is built around Individualism and one “chosen people”.
    The Dictator of one New World Order will soon become one reality unless there will be a new movement coordinated in each Country and operated with strategic timing.
    The next US president will start his new job on January 21 2013.
    The new Israeli election instead will be on January 22 2013.
    These two dates are overlapped in preparation for War.
    After the US elections and before those in Israel it will be the best time for the birth of one single Front to counter the Zionist Plan.

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