Kylie Jenner Posting Sexy Instagram Photo For Tyga’s Pleasure: She Loves Feeling Desired By Him [Rumor]

Kylie Jenner’s continuous push to post some of the most revealing photos on her official Instagram account is reportedly linked back to her boyfriend, Tyga.

Sources via Hollywood Life claim that Kylie loves showing off her curves on social media, but it’s not so much because she wants fans to praise her body. She’s reportedly doing it to feel more desired by Tyga, who has become obsessed with Jenner’s assets.

In recent days, Kylie Jenner found herself posting several sexy snaps of herself on Instagram, having spent the first couple of days of the new year with Tyga, Cairo, and BFF Jordyn Woods in Mexico.

kylie jenner at yeezy fashion show
[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4]

And despite the fact that her beau has accompanied her on the trip to Mexico, as revealed by Us Weekly, Kylie Jenner still loves feeling desired by Tyga just by posting her semi-nude photos on social media.

She usually gets a reaction out of it from her boyfriend, a source claims, adding that the rapper is turned on by the fact that so many guys are drooling over the pics but he’s the lucky man to be in a relationship with the 19-year-old.

“Kylie isn’t just posting for her fans, a lot of these pictures she takes for Tyga,” an insider explains. “She loves turning him on and a super big booty is his thing, it really gets him hot.”

“Kylie loves winding him up, it makes her feel good to be desired. She sends him pictures of herself all the time but putting it up on social is a more public way to excite him. He gets off knowing all these dudes are looking at that — and it’s all his.”

Kylie Jenner opted to go on a brief vacation with her boyfriend and her best friend, Jordyn Woods, following a tremendously successful year with all of her business endeavors.

From her beauty brand being named one of the best-selling collections of the year, to opening her own pop-up shop at the Topanga mall, Kylie has pocketed millions through her strategic marketing campaign, her entrepreneurship, and her enormous social media following.

Two weeks ago, Jenner revealed on her Snapchat account that she had a lot of new projects planned for January, which would explain her sudden decision to take a much-needed vacation with her beau and his four-year-old son, King Cairo.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear about Tyga’s lust for Kylie’s body as previous reports revealed how the father-of-one had allegedly approached his girlfriend of three years to a threesome with her sister, Kendall — a request which Kylie Jenner instantly declined.

News of Tyga’s love for Kylie and her sexy curves comes just two months after it was claimed that the rapper had allegedly demanded his 19-year-old girlfriend to present him with a new car for his birthday.

kylie jenner at paris fashion week with scott disick
[Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for NYLON]

Having run into multiple problems with leasing firms, Kylie Jenner ended up gifting the 26-year-old a brand new Maybach worth $200,000 — but it’s unclear whether she gave it to him because of the rapper’s initial request or whether Kylie just felt like being generous to her longtime partner.

Kylie Jenner can be seen making her return to Keeping Up With the Kardashians next month when the show’s forthcoming series premieres on the E! network. It’s said that Tyga has now become an active member on the show, especially now that he’s much more involved in Kylie’s life than ever before.

The duo is said to be living together in Jenner’s recently purchased $7 million home in Calabasas, so fans should definitely be on the lookout for the couple’s relationship to be played out on TV when KUWTK returns in a couple of weeks time.

What do you make of Tyga’s obsession with Kylie Jenner’s body? Is it romantic and hot, or just plain weird?

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