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Robert Schuller Dispute: Crystal Cathedral Founder Seeks $5 Million

Robert Schuller Dispute: Crystal Cathedral Founder Seeks $5 Million

Robert Schuller is in a dispute over the Crystal Cathedral that he founded, seeking more than $5 million from the ministry he built.

The dispute has delayed payments to creditors still owed money from when the Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy two years ago, The Associated Press reported.

Robert Schuller’s dispute brought him to Los Angeles this week to begin a 10-day trial over copyright infringement, intellectual property and contract violation claims.

The televangelist and his program, House of Power, once had 20 million viewers worldwide, with Crystal Cathedral becoming a popular religious landmark for the congregation.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for bankruptcy in 2010 with more than $50 million in debt. The Schuller family’s claims continue to delay about $12. 5 million in payments to creditors. The glass-planed Crystal Cathedral was then purchased by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange last year in a bankruptcy deal.

“We’re just hoping that it’s soon over, so we can just move on,” John Charles, chief executive officer of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, told The Orange County Register. “It’s been painful for both sides.”

Robert Schuller’s claim argues that he had an agreement with the church that promised annual payments of more than $337,000 for housing, insurance, and money for his corporation, Robert Harold Inc.

Another of Robert Schuller’s disputes involves books, videos, and other materials the reverend offered. In court papers The 86-year-old Schuller says he would never have sold the materials if he understood what the internet was.

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18 Responses to “Robert Schuller Dispute: Crystal Cathedral Founder Seeks $5 Million”

  1. April Witt Ray

    This makes me sick, its unacceptable as far as I'm concerened!

  2. Perry Birdsall

    Didn't know what Internet was? If that is true, Schuller surely shouldn't have access to the proceeds from the materials. Needs to stay retired and go away. At his age, has made enough "dough" off the ones who gave to his ministry over the years. He is just greedy for more.

  3. Wesley Dodrill

    "Not knowing what the Internet was is a bit naive. Ignorance is no excuse for anything."

  4. Trisha Longo

    He knew exactly what the internet was and offered his own material every sunday for donations and referred millions to: as far back as 1995! I have many older svces on VHS tapes that have it right on the screen! If he knew what the internet was then….. gee, what happened? Oh I understand it's dementioa… no, that's you're daughters trying to get every cent as Power of Attorney most likely and feeding you what needs to be heard/seen coming from Robert H. Schuller's mouth to make it seem HE was kept in the dark about the internet. And didn't know about it? Really? One video I just watched has him saying that the Crystal Cathedrals 24 x7 suicide prevention line was now 'online' via "the internet' and says (from his own mouth the address) — now if one (who was sentient at that time) did NOT know about a website… or the net — how could he be promoting it? And better still? Why not dissallow the offerings of his material — which were NEVER for sale via the Hour of Power broadcast, but a donation. And as far back as 1984 — there was a Cathedral Bookstore that DID sell his merchandise — which, JUST closed a few months ago. So who is really telling the truth?

  5. Robert Hays

    The loving Catholic CHrch bought this place when there's sick and starving people all over the world living in cardboard boxes? Pririties, priorities.

  6. Anonymous

    He gives religion an even worse name than it already has. He is a scammer like all the other religious leaders and the sheep keep lining up to be fleeced.

  7. Perry Birdsall

    Yep, sounds like a convenient excuse for an old man to come up with. (Senility, dementia?) Meanwhile, his daughters do everything they can, to keep miking his "empire" for more… He was just as bad as any of the other TV preachers. Except his show had more of an air of class, coming from the beautiful Cathedral, and having some highly respected guest speakers. But basically, still another con job on the willing and gullible. As far as I am concerned, too bad for his fall financially, but hardly feel sorry for him.

  8. Darlene Johnson

    Why doesn't he just sell food stuffs and survival gear like Jim Baker and be done with it? These guys make me sick.

  9. David Bridges

    Isn't this the same family that asked for donations and if you couldn't bring them to the family, then they'd send their limo driver to pick them up?

  10. Cheryll Mayberry-Smith

    You can't place all of the blame on Mr. Schuller. Those who follow any leader need to be certain of what they stand for and believe in whether it is politics or religion. Christians need to know their Bible and know it well. Then they won't be following pied pipers instead of God. And this article is incorrect on one point. Mr. Schuller's program was not called HOUSE OF POWER. It was HOUR OF POWER.

  11. Anonymous

    If there was a God he'd be pissed by what people do in his name…but since there isn't, meh.

  12. Scott Smith

    I guess all the money he's been screwing people out of all these years wasnt enough. Fucking parasitic old fossil.

  13. Sue Clark

    This makes me want to puke. First they rip off little old ladies by scaring the sh*t out of them and now they are ripping off the people who provided them with goods and services . There has to be a special place in Hell for these charlatans.

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