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Washington Non-Discrimination Policy Allows Transgender Man To Share Locker Room With Young Girls

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A Washington state law mandates that Evergreen State College allow a middle-aged biological male use the women’s locker room. The college’s changing and showering facility is also used by two high school swim teams and young children.

Colleen Francis, the transgender man that identifies as a woman, but still has male genitalia. Mothers of young girls who have allegedly been exposed to the genitalia while using the Evergreen State College locker room are fighting back against the non-discrimination law, according to Campus Reform.

Jason Wettstein, a spokesman from the Washington college, had this to say about the transgender man using the women’s locker room:

“State law doesn’t allow us to ignore gender identity disorder as one of the protected classes. Therefore the transgendered individual has the right to use our facilities, including the locker rooms.”

The swimming pool and other athletic facilities at Evergreen State are routinely rented out by community members and youth swim teams. Parents have expressed their concerns about a man being permitted to utilize the same locker room as minor girls. Several police reports claiming that Francis exposed his male genitalia to minors have allegedly been filed, according to The Blaze.

One parent reportedly filed a complaint with the local police department after her daughter allegedly walked into the locker room and saw a naked man in the sauna. Another alleged complaint notes that Francis was sitting with his legs apart in the locker room when children as young as six years old were present.

Colleen Francis had this to say during an interview with KIRO:

“This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call the police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

The high school that leases swimming space at the pool has set up a smaller and more private area for the girls to change their clothes while the matter is sorted out. Comments made by parents do not seem to indicate any bias against Francis or a desire to curtail his lifestyle choices. The concerned parents appear to just want their daughters to be able to use the locker room without being exposed to a naked man.

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34 Responses to “Washington Non-Discrimination Policy Allows Transgender Man To Share Locker Room With Young Girls”

  1. Avey Owyns

    It's so self defeating. If you want to be a sexual anarchist, then be a sexual anarchist … You can't force society or the state to accommodate your anarchy … that doesn't make any sense!

  2. Dorilys Hernandez

    Colleen Francis is just a selfish prick who used what was there to protect "her" to spit on others idea of common courtesy and put children at risk by giving child predators an excuse for more opportunities. I have no issue with how Colleen Francis wants to live "her" life so long as "she" remembers to give others the same courtesy which "she" has so obviously failed to do.

  3. Ruthie Roufs

    Sexual predetors exist in both genders and I belive that if your baseing your opions on gender is stupid. In my opion the main issues and should only be why the schools did not have exclussive acess to pool and changeing rooms for the times they were useing them. We all know that monsters exist in both genders if you really want to go off about protecting kids the issues of others haveing acces to them should be the issue should it not? For all of those just looking at this as a case of genders I think your being to close minded opisite gender dose not make you any more or anyless of a threat to people.

  4. Carolyn Hayes

    If 9/10s of sexual predators are male -name the perpetrator. Same thing for for domestic violence and all violence. It is a male thing, normalized in society for males, newsmaking if a woman does it.
    Gender is a social construct. Biology is real. Sex does not equal gender. Gender is pink, sex is ovulation.

  5. Reagan Stewart

    A lot of allegedly claims here. I'm sure if anything illegal happened she would have been arrested! Quoting The Blaze seems a little biased to me considering that they are a typical site that tends to sensationalize LGBT issues. I would be very sceptical of any story that is published that can't even get the terminology correct. Also have we heard from the police dept to hear if these Alleged reports were actually filed? I know this is a concern to most people with children, But here are some questions. Why were these children using a college campus locker room unsupervised? Why is it that there are no eye witness reports of the account? and Why are some of the swim team coming forward saying that they saw nothing and had no problem with her being there? It seem that this is a runaway story. If anybody were exposing themselves to my child in an inappropriate manner then there would be a problem. I find if very strange that no arrest was made and let me tell you something a trans Woman is probably the most targeted person on the planet for bigotry. I'm sure the police would have done their job. I sure would like to hear the whole story. The transgender people still have their rights too. Let's see if someone can actually publish an accurate story. If it comes out that she acted in an inappropriate manner then she should face to justice system, but you can't hold all transpeople to the behavior to one person.

  6. Cat Jacob

    He is not Transgendered, you twit. He has male genitalia has has claimed publicly he has no intention to change his sex. He is a pervert. Period.

  7. Avey Owyns

    Can you provide the statistics showing 9/10 predators are male?
    "Same thing for domestic violence…"
    False. Women abuse children more than men abuse women. Violence is NOT a male thing. It is a PEOPLE thing, but as most people are inherently cowardly, they beat on those WEAKER than they are. Violent women beat on their children; violent men beat on women.
    Gender is NOT a social construct – there is absolutely NO evidence showing that to be true. In EVERY culture, there has been a distinction between femininity and masculinity. Of course, they may differ from culture to culture according to the environment (both wen and women wearing robes in the Middle East, or men wearing high heels to avoid stepping in poop in early Europe), but ultimately, there is a difference between men and women that difference extending to more than just difference in genitalia.

  8. Diane Kerstein

    Transgender refers to gender, not genitalia. Many transgender people do not undergo surgery. She has as much right to use the sauna naked as a cisgender woman does.

  9. Dorilys Hernandez

    Transgender is the state of one's gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's assigned sex (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex). Look it up. Easy mistake.

  10. Reagan Stewart

    Cat Jacob You should really understand what you are talking about honey. To call me a twit when in fact you are a complete moron is laughable. I think you may be thinking of transexual. That's when someone is actually taking steps to transition. Being a tansgender or transexual does not mean that they are a pervert. Just because you put"period" behind your statement doesn't make it any more factual or truthful.

  11. Dorilys Hernandez

    There is a police report. The police didn't arrest Collen Francis due to the College's polices on transgenders use for the facilities. The layer against Collen Francis is using the police report, state laws on incident exposure, how the College's own polices conflict with the state laws, and a lot more to set a case against Collen Francis. You don't go straight to jail all the time for such things. When there's a conflict like this, a trail is held first and the jury determines weather the law was actually broken, whether the person in question is the one guilty or if they were a victim of someone else' screw up (in this case, even if Collen Francis isn't charged, the College could still be held liable for both sides). The eye witnesses and their accounts are listed in the police report. Again, since this seams to be going to trial, info is kept limited to the public (in the process, not determined yet, will depend on evidence brought which is still being gathered). I'd like to know where/how you came across the bit you said about girls saying they nothing because I didn't see any information of Collen Francis denying being found in the nude completely exposed. I fully support you statement about Transgenders which is why I didn't make a comment on them as a hole. From what I know of the case, I personally feel Collen's actions were selfish. As for her being a Transgender, I feel she did a poor job representing in this case and poor still on defending herself. Although I still stand by saying she could of handled this a lot better and her opinion does not justify what she did, I also think the College needs to be held responsible too. I also want to know why the girls were without a supervisor. There are many at fault here, not just Collen Francis, and they should all be held responsible for what happened. Thank you Reagan Stewart for you insightful post.

  12. Diane Kerstein

    How is using the sauna in the nude selfish? That's the normal way to use it. Why is this transgender woman held to a higher standard than everyone else?

  13. Dorilys Hernandez

    I think you miss read my post. I was stated that not taking her own self awareness in front of other men for the sake of how the other females might feel was selfish. In other words, if she feels embarrassed/ashamed/awkward to be naked in front of other men, she should have realized the other females would feel the same about her. They see her genitals hanging out and they will see her as a man, she should have considered that. The fact she did not take into account the others feelings is what made her selfish.

  14. Reagan Stewart

    I saw this story when it broke in the local news site and seems that the only two people that saw her in she had a towel on but with her legs spread. On the site members of the swim team said that there was never a problem with her being there. I'm just suggesting that there is a lot of allegations without any substantiating evidence of indecent exposure. Now if I'm wrong then fine. I didn't see where anything was done other than a police report. She wasn't cited either. Usually if there is going to be a court case then someone will at least receive a citation. I wasn't there. I'm just a little tired of people going and getting their pitchforks and torches every time a trans person is mentioned in the media. Without getting the facts. The fact here is that she has the right to be there. If she used poor judgement by not completely covering herself then fine. But nowhere do I find that she was intentionally praying on minors. Again if I'm wrong then I accept it, but not all trans people are like this and this should cause people to lash out at all trans people.

  15. Thomas Reynolds

    Do the research this is not a transgender person but a 100% male man using a loop hole to expose himself to woman and children and hang out in their locker rooms while they are dressing.

  16. Thomas Reynolds

    BTW guys check it for your selves the guys had been married has several children was on a BDSM site and in his own words stated he likes watching women and young girls and he is very perverted and kinky. He also stated in one report he has no intention to actualy go transgender soat best he is a perverted transny and I would be doing a back ground check on his given birth name.

  17. Thomas Reynolds

    Do the research Reagan. in one interview he told the reeporter that he had no intention of having a sex change. i would post a link but you would just come up with some other bs line to support this pervert gaming the system.

  18. Reagan Stewart

    Dude! I think I know what I'm talking about here! Maybe you need to do some research! Stop trashing me… Transgender people covers a whole group of gender variant people everything from cross-dressers to gender nonconformist and even transexuals. A transsexual is someone who is actively working to change one's gender! Just because someone is transgender does not mean that they are a pervert! If she isn't going to have a gender surgery then that's her business. She has been living as a woman for nine years. Therefore the is a transgender woman. If she is on hormones the she could be a transsexual. I'm sure it is very confusing to you, but don't you dare tell me I don't know what I'm talking about while you are sitting there without a clue. You are making yourself look like a fool. I also said if this person was doing something inappropriate than she should face the justice system. I have followed this story for about a month now. I know what she said. I also know that she has been getting lynched in the media too.

  19. Thomas Reynolds

    You really seem like a jerk. Do you want to get into a conversation about gentic combinations and how they lead to ones desire to have sex changes? I suggest you read up on Tula and every thing he went throught before becoming a woamn and also one of the hotter Bond Girls. In this case the guy is a perveret. Deal with it. oh by the way he has not been living as a woman for 9 years he has tow kids under the age of 7. FROM YOUR POST "I'm just suggesting that there is a lot of allegations without any substantiating evidence of indecent exposure" read the report. We are done bigot.

  20. Reagan Stewart

    Ok Ass-hole for your information I am a trans-woman I think I understand quite well what the hell I'm talking about. You have no Idea! I'm part of the community and I have friends in all variations of gender. You sir need to go bother someone else. I'm sure that you are very confident in your assumptions but you are a bit off! I don't know why you find it necessary to call me names and be a Jerk to me I didn't do anything to you. Just because we don't agree on something you have to resort to being an ass-hole!

  21. Reagan Stewart

    FYI I know that a police report existed by the original complainant, but allegedly there were others filed. That's what I was talking about. There are several conflicting stories. It was of my understanding that she had a towel on and was sitting in the sauna with her legs spread. How far I don't know? But apparently far enough. Look there is gonna be differing opinions here so having the facts in the case would help. What I won't do is throw someone under the bus because of a very poorly written article that is so clearly anti-trans. If it comes out that this person in some way is guilty of inappropriate behavior then I'm all for seeing them punished. Lets not put the cart before the horse. We have a justice system. Like I said trans-women are discriminated against all of the time. This article and some of the comments show how much people are against us. If there was a reason for this cop to haul her off to jail the cop surely would have done so.

  22. Dorilys Hernandez

    Thomas Reynolds, someone who believes themselves to be (identifies their self as) a member of the opposite sex from what they physically are is considered a Transgender. Whether they plane to change their sex physically or not doesn't change that. Look it up. Easy mistake.

  23. Dorilys Hernandez

    Reagan Stewart I saw the report too, but out of all the things I've seen, read, and listen too, I don't remember any mention of a towel, just that he was seen naked. The first time I had heard about it, I honestly assumed Collen Francis was someone born of both genders and felt bad for them cause after all, unless they get one removed it's got to suck no mater what they do. To me, a bathroom/locker room/restroom is designed for a particular gender regardless of what a person identifies as. Allowing Transgenders to be the exception for that seems idiotic to me because it eliminates the whole reason for sex segregated facilities (the one's I mentioned before) in the first place. I agree with you about all the blogs online on this issue being completely on sided which is horrendously unjust, not because I think Collen Francis is not at fault, but rather the college and those who were suppose to be responsible of the youths at the time are just as guilty in this matter as Collen Francis. As for the arrest issue, the current law is in conflict with public interest and what is perceived as morally wrong. Because of this, discrimination laws may be overturned my public interest and moral laws. Our laws are not nearly as black and white as people often assume. In truth we have many law that (depending at how you look at them) are very conflicting. This case is a grate example of that fact. I'm disgusted by the fact that all the college has to do is alter their polices, say sorry, and they get off scot-free and there is no mention about why the young girls were unsupervised. I can understand in the case of the teens from a high school, but what about the girls who were still in grade school? What the hell!?!? In the end, if things keep going the way they are, it wont be long before we hear about Collen Francis in court for this matter. The fact that she's the only one being held liable is dumbfounding and I hope the layer against her realizes that and goes after the other two parties as well.

  24. Reagan Stewart

    Like I said there are lots of conflicting stories. The truth is somewhere and I doubt that the idiots that start a story out by calling her a transgender man and quoting the Blaze as one of their sources is gonna dig too deep. As for trans people using restrooms and locker rooms. I would have to say that whatever one's identity is and how they present. That's should be the one they use. With some transgender people well mainly transexuals they usually can't pass as a man or it gets very dicey in that situation. I'm not going to be the one to say who goes where. But as a parent of a younger girl. I would have a serious problem with anybody doing anything to my daughter. I also teach her that there are different types of people in this world and it's not our job to judge. She knows all about transgender people. I 'm one and I have many friends. One thing's for sure. You can't judge all of us by the actions of a few. I nor any of my friends would ever flaunt themselves around in a public facility. Most of us are very insecure about our bodies and just want to get in get out without even being noticed. Most of us are very conservative and in no way want to draw attention to ourselves. It's quite unnerving having to stress about using the restroom in public. Our bladders need to be emptied too. Most of us are just trying to get through the day without getting harassed or beaten up. For myself I could give a damn what the public has to say about where I do my business. I'm so tired of cisgendered people making all the rules for me. Where to use the restroom, how to present, what jobs I can have, where I can live, what ID I'm allowed to have, How I'm supposed to transition and on and on. You can't even imagine how depressing it can be. How much shit that trans people have to face everyday. Yes there should be some shared liability in this as well. Those kids were in the trusted care of someone and they failed to provide supervision.

  25. Anonymous

    Ruthie and all of those defending this sicko. It matters if it 's a man or a woman because there are a lot of parents who do not want their young daughters to see a mans genitalia. This hurts the innocence of young girls. We have a right to protect the eyes and hearts of our young ones. They should be able to choose when they are ready to see that. Hopefully under the context of marriage. I for one would not want any daughter of mine to be exposed to this. You need to examine yourself and decide if you have any concern for what is morally right! Children need more protection than an adult who chooses to decide he is a she. Tolerance is not appropriate in this type of circumstance!

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