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Most Dangerous Cities: Flint, Michigan Ranks As The Deadliest

Flint, Michigan

Flint and Detroit, Michigan are considered to be the most dangerous cities in the United States, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Compiled annually by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the list examines violent crime in cities all across America. However, for the “most dangerous” list, only areas with over 100,000 residents were considered. Once all of the data had been properly examined, Flint, Michigan emerged as the city that’s the most hazardous to the health of its residents.

Business Insider, the website responsible for compiling the list, states that over 2,300 violent crimes were reported in 2011. To make matters worse, over 83 forcible rapes were reported to police. Keep in mind that these statistics only take into account those crimes which were filed with local authorities.

Following close behind Flint was Detroit, Michigan, which experienced over 2,100 violent crimes in 2011. In that year alone authorities were forced to contend with 48 murders. Comparatively, the national average for homicides per 100,000 people is 4.7 per year.

Rounding out the top five most dangerous cities in the United States were St. Louis, Missouri (1,857 violent crimes), Oakland, California (1,683 violent crimes), and Memphis, Tennessee (1,584 violent crimes). These three locations also reported a high number of rapes and murders during 2011.

For the record, the FBI defines violent crime as non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and, of course, murder.

On a global scale, the amount of violent crimes littered throughout major cities in the US seems quite tame. According to The Australian, San Pedro Sula, Honduras ranks as the murder capital of the world. While the number of homicides in this city may not be as high as others, the murder rate per capita pushes it to the top of the pile.

A list of the most dangerous cities in the United States lies below.

1. Flint, Michigan – 2,337 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
2. Detroit, Michigan – 2,137 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
3. St. Louis, Missouri – 1,857 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
4. Oakland, California – 1,683 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
5. Memphis, Tennesse – 1,584 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
6. Little Rock, Arkansas – 1,490 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
7. Birmingham, Alabama – 1,483 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
8. Atlanta, Georgia – 1,433 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
9. Baltimore, Maryland – 1,417 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
10. Stockton, California – 1,408 violent crimes per 100,000 people
11. Rockford, Illinois – 1,373 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
12. Cleveland, Ohio – 1,366 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
13. New Haven, Connecticut – 1,344 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
14. Hartford, Conecticut – 1,311 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
15. Buffalo, New York – 1,238 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
16. Kansas City, Missouri – 1,200 violent crimes per 100,000.
17. Miami, Florida – 1,198 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
18. Philadelphia, Pennsyvania – 1,193 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
19. Nashville, Tennesse – 1,181 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
20. Newark, New Jersey – 1,166 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
21. Washington, D.C. – 1,130 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
22. Indianapolis, Indiana – 1,101 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
23. Springfield, Illinois – 1,096 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
24. Orlando, Florida – 1,073 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
25. Baton Rouge, Louisiana – 1,066 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Do you live in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States?

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47 Responses to “Most Dangerous Cities: Flint, Michigan Ranks As The Deadliest”

  1. Anonymous

    Been to many of those cities, & I can attest this list is spot on for all of them. The most surprising city I have ever been too, that I would not have thought so violent, is Memphis, TN. Such a sad, poor, tattered city…..

  2. Anna Roberts

    Being from the Detroit area. I can attest to the validity of this report. No one in their right mind would want to travel south of 8 mile. There was a survey of the citizens that lived in Detroit, 40% said they would move out of the city if they could afford it.

  3. Nathan Luevano

    I can think of one thing but I don't want to sound stereotypically racst.

  4. Russ Stern

    I suppose that's what happens after 15 million jobs get 'outsourced' to various 3rd world slave labor countries. They just transferred the ghettos of Calcutta & various barrio slums of Mexico – right into America. Nice going capitalist scum.

  5. Debbie Sprague

    in flint's case? very few asians. that's gotta be it, right?

  6. Russ Stern

    Yes. My meaning is that now WE have lost the middle class and now have millions of poor – like the places I mentioned. So – it's a transfer of wealth. Right out of the US.

  7. Paul Chiorini

    check your math because they are doing their ranking not simply by total numbers of homocides and violent crimes and then making a list but by taking those numbers and then figuring out how many occur per 100,000 people. from that answer, the list is made. Consider the smallish town of East Palo Alto, CA. In 1992, it had the highest homicide rate in the country with a population of 24,322 people, yet only 42 murders, equaling a rate of 172.7 homicides per 100,000 residents. learn to read your statistics beofre you reply…

  8. Sandra Rea

    All of those cities have been under democrat (socialist) rule for many, many decades. Wake up America and stop the madness. Let's get back to finding ways to save our cities and the people who live there. The democrats throw the city dwellers to the wolves while promising much that never comes true.

  9. Anonymous

    You are right to a certain degree Russ, concerning the outsourcing. But I live in the city and on my way to work every day and I see people standing around stores, standing on the corner, I'm not trying to put my race down, but I doubt if a lot of these people were handed a job would work anyway.

  10. Rue Meka Uba

    Some of the ones that made it were expected. Thank you drugs. Or maybe I should thank God.

  11. James-Laura Smith

    I'm sure Gary, Indiana would be high on the list if the total population minimum were not 100,000–Gary used to have over 100,000 residents but people have been moving out of there in droves, as is the case with most of those Top 25 cities. I visited Flint once, on Sept. 2, 1992–rundown-looking city as I recall. The presence of Springfield, IL and Orlando, FL are a surprise but I reckon drug gangs are to be "thanked" for Orlando's dubious ascendancy to the Top 25–I'm also surprised Tampa isn't on the list.

  12. Michelle Suzanne Butler

    Russ – do you not realize that every year there is a list of the 25 most dangerous and the 25 safest cities? This does not mean that the cities are any more or less dangerous than they were 2 yearss ago, 5 years ago, 8 years ago, 10 years ago, etc. There is always a list regardless of good or bad economic conditions, some city will always be the most dangerous, it is a ranking.

  13. Teri LaMay Chambers

    I grew up in Flint, MI and still live just outside of it. It has become a scary place. One thing that I will not do is stop at a gas station with my children in the car for fear of being carjacked and them taking my kids! I hate that I even have to live with a fear like that. I stay out of the areas that I know are really bad and watch my surroundings. There are still a lot of good people here though!

  14. Anonymous

    Springfield is right on I-55, the major drug route between Chicago and STL. It only makes sense for it to be on this list. Being from Flint I am sad to see my city be at the top. I still have my Flint pride though (crazy as that sounds).

  15. Anonymous

    I have lived in Detroit all of my life. I am wondering where is all this danger suppose to be. I am a law-abiding citizen with an absolute spotless criminal record. I am over fifty and must have missed all of this criminal element that suppose to exist. I've never carried any weapons at any time throughout the city and there is no fear that I need to. My adult male son is 29 years old and only had trouble with the law in the last five years. I love Detroit; grew up in Detroit with a strict father and mother who discplined my 5 siblings, and taught us manners. I recently retired after 36 years and my son and I took on a project this very summer to clean up areas of trash because we hate to see the scattered paper on the ground in the city. This disturbs our soul so we took action. I recently told a stranger who was 34 years that if you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

  16. Russell Tavares

    Heh, I was going to say something similar: "That can't possibly be true! Where are these crooks getting their guns? They're ILLEGAL in most of those places!" 😉

  17. Juan Nightstand

    The War On Drugs fuels violence and wastes police resources in most cities. Sadly, it's much worse in other countries, especially Mexico.

  18. Juan Nightstand

    Common element= The War On Drugs, which is quite racially biased.

  19. Russell Tavares

    No, that's kinda true: There used to be democrats who weren't socialists. Clinton, for instance. But the folks steering the Democrats today, they're socialists. They favor putting all the accomplishments in a central kitty, and doling out what people need, in return. "you didn't build that" was EXACTLY what socialism tries to insinuate, for example.

  20. Robin Truly-Hillbery

    I live in a suburb of Cleveland but grew up there. I worked in the heart of Downtown for over 25 years. It is a ghost town now compared to the busting city that is was 30 years ago. When I was young if you needed a job you just went Downtown and got one…that day! We have ruined our own country sending jobs elsewhere. I was talking to my cable company and chit chatting with this girl about the sandy storm and I said what state are you in and she paused and laughed and said we are offshore in the Philippines. I guess they are laughing all the way to the bank!

  21. Ed Davison Jr

    Some races value life more than others, some races take pride in working for a living, some races work two jobs to provide for their children, some races produce 8-14 kids for welfare income as a means of working.

  22. Anonymous

    I was born in flint, mi….. so glad I don't want to go back there.. even before I read this I felt like that!

  23. Anonymous

    by the way Flint (as well as Detroit) was a great place to live until the car factories went down. then everyone went crazy and turned on each other… its not just the "leaders" who are at fault, the people living in those cities are just as much to blame for their own actions. they are the ones killing and raping their neighbors!

  24. Brian Wilmot

    I live in the 11th most dangerous city and after this weekend we might move back into the top 10, but asides from that the reason our city is like it is, and I cant attest for the others, but I will go out on a limb and say this, the leadership in my city(mayor, city counsel) is the reason our city is like this…. our mayor laid off over 50 police officers, he took out street lights in the most heavily crime ridden neighborhoods because he says the city is broke, but he built a 15 million dollar Riverwalk, in his neighborhood, built a 45 million dollar bridge in the worst slum of the city to try to make the neighborhood like nice…. our mayor and other politicians are the reason my city is on this list… plus the SA releases murderers because he didn't prosecute his case in a timely manner, but he tried to prosecute a school teacher for dealing with an unruly student in school, which in turned got the teacher fired from his job, and when that case went to trial, the teacher was cleared on all charges. so wasteful spending politicians is what got our city on this list.

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