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John Cusack Developing A Movie About Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack Developing A Movie About Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack is reportedly developing movie about conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh, and though few details have been offered many Hollywood insiders are wondering what kind of movie a noted liberal like Cusack could be making.

As The Associated Press reported, John Cusack’s movie about Rush Limbaugh has a working title — Rush — and little else. It is being produced by Cusack’s New Crime Productions.

It has been reported that John Cusack will star as Rush Limbaugh in the movie, and that veteran Hollywood director Betty Thomas will be behind the camera. Cusack’s production company is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the script, and filming will begin next year.

Betty Thomas has some experience in shock-jock biopics. She directed Private Parts, a movie about Howard Stern’s rise to fame starring Stern himself.

The subject matter for John Cusack’s Rush Limbaugh movie could be endless. In the last few years alone, Limbaugh has become a media hotpoint as he led the conservative backlash against President Barack Obama. Earlier this year he called a Georgetown law student a “prostitute” when she argued t0 Democrats in Congress that health plans should include contraception.

Limbaugh has also spun numerous conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama. In the past few days he has accused the president of failing in his response to Hurricane Sandy, and mocked Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for what he called a “bromance” with the president.

Though John Cusack leans to the left — he attended President Obama’s 2008 inauguration — he has been critical of Obama, especially on the president’s military and civil liberties policies.

Casting John Cusack as Rush Limbaugh is a curious pick, The Associated Press noted. Cusack is 46, slender with jet-black hair. Limbaugh is 61, heavyset and balding.

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103 Responses to “John Cusack Developing A Movie About Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunate frontispiece who mocks any moral center or integrity of purpose. Any serious proponent of Life or Justice Reformation should remove their affiliation with this rackateer.

  2. Tahoe R. Kamman- Nevada

    C'mon! Cusack's "jet black" hair is dyed. And it's getting a little thin on top… Dye it grey & give him a big prosthetic belly & he'd be perfect!

  3. Audrey Benfield Thompson

    Scary, when films are made 'bout controversial people, they usually are found dead, by "overdose", or accidental death..Rush not a fan o yours but cover yer azz.

  4. Audrey Benfield Thompson

    Rush….Run yo know too much that you don't talk about, ur in big trouble big guy.I don't agree with you, but your eulogy is in the making, and yer not stupid, wellu are kinda fkkd up when itcomes to women, beside the point someone is after you, maybe take a break and shut the fk up..In todays socialist society your voice can really incite, why not be a true patriot, let truth ciome out, don't be scared, I knowin your heart you value women, you would not be here if your mama did not carrry you in her womb and nurture you..Speak ot Rush abot the crimes this regime has carried out, no more cowtowing to dc, Rush speak out, run hide then whentruth comes out…you may live to be a champ in Usa.

  5. Karen Ann Stafford

    He's going to have to gain about 200 pounds before he even remotely resembles Rush Limbaugh.

  6. Jenni Rose

    Funny how some people on here focus on the physical appearance of Rush Limbaugh. What does him being overweight have to do with anything he takes a stand for? Problem with some here is that he speaks alot of truth and it intimidates those who he speaks of. He has a right to his opinion just like anyone else. John Cusack is just like all the other celebrity types who 'say' they are so called liberals. In Hollywood, you can't admit you stand for anything else or you may never work again. It's all good though because I'm sure Rush Limbaugh will take however John Cusack portrays him in stride and he'll laugh about it, much the same way most in Hollywood 'laugh' at John Cusack's career.

  7. Anonymous

    The problem with liberals who have commented, none of you has listened to Limbaugh. Those of you commenting look foolish to those who have.

  8. Anonymous

    John Cusack is no fool an acurate potrail of Limbaugh will be a money maker. Conservatives know Rushes faults, liberals delight in scandals. There is enough to go around no need to embelish.

  9. Jimmy Stacy

    I hope they don't leave out the era when he said drug addicts should be killed only to be later found out to be a Oxycontin junkie his self.The right are hypocrites who are almost always closet something that your pick Closet gay, pill head, meth head, pedophiles, sadomasochists on and on.At least liberals have the guts to wear their believes or life styles on their sleeves.

  10. Charles Harden Welling

    John Cusak, just another deluded liberal attacking ANYONE that takes a stand against their immoral and ignorant agenda. Read "The Liberal Mind" by Lyle Rossiter, MD, and see it what you read does not follow what you see then think about your vote and support of these neurotics.

  11. Audrey Anderson

    While I enjoy Cusack, he is limited. I do not think he has the chops to do Rush! On the other hand, John Goodman could–but there are so many sides and facets of Rush, it will take at least a three hour movie to do him justice!

  12. Audrey Anderson

    While I am at it–where is all of the outrage by ABC, CBS and NBC about what is happening on staten island and New Jersey with people with no homes, food, gasoline for generators–the weather is getting cold, and the big SOB Kahuna is in Vegas trying to mobilize ACORN again and wooing the illegal vote from the illegals employed in the bowels of those hotels by the thousands?

  13. Anonymous

    Please go back to holding a boom box over your head and being a douche. It's what you do best.

  14. Chuck Fletcher

    Stop telling lies about the left and we'll stop telling the truth about you, Rush!

  15. Anonymous

    Something closed minded leftist haters don't get is Rush is the epotomy of the American success story a college drop out who single handly created a multi million dollar braodcasting genre. Their are many media libs today who now who make a very good living simply bashing Rush when otherswise they's have to go out and get real jobs.

  16. Anonymous

    Yes Charles good point. He actually made baboons look quite intelligent and advanced relative to him.

  17. Anonymous

    Yes Jimmy you're right. Absolutely nobody who's a conservative lives the kind of life they are proponents of. Every single one of them is a hypocrite. And every single "liberal" person is genuine and true. Pull your head out of your "you know what" and also you might want to review basic grammar so your posting is halfway readable.

  18. Anonymous

    Yeah, or maybe like 500 pounds right Karen? Good one! There's no more intelligent criticism than going for someone's weight. Very mature. You should be proud of yourself.

  19. Marti Thompson

    Wouldn't concider watching unless it was the truth as there is not much good things to say about a drug addicted, fat, bloviating, piece of crap.

  20. Steve Frederick

    Cusack is a loser just like his favorite baseball team the Cubs. Notice the Chicago connection? Hmmmmm

  21. Kevin V Sinclair

    How quaint, another liberal filled with sanctimony and hate. Vile and toxic. May karma visit soon and often. Folks like yourself have most certainly been reincarnated from toilets as you now spend your time spewing up all the fecal matter you at one time so happily swallowed.

  22. Kevin V Sinclair

    Marti, I am sure you are without imperfection. Without fault through and through. The best you can do is attack someone's failings? How quaint. May karma visit soon and often.

  23. Cal Stanford

    it's amazing how the subliminal messages are more pronounced than ever! Even in this piece which portends to be news, the comment "called a Georgetown Law student a prostitute". I heard that episode and he did not call her a prostitue. If taxpayers have to pay for the contraceptives people use to prevent pregnancy (an elective process for most everyone), then one could make a entertaining connection there…we're paying for the elective sex of others.

  24. Kevin V Sinclair

    Nice talk, little to say but nasty evil things. Seems like you take your ideals from roseanne, wishing cancer on people who eat at chic filet. Poor liberal soul. I will pray karma is not too hard on you.

  25. Kevin V Sinclair

    It is incredulous to me that liberal but pirates like you have the nerve and gall to lump all conservatives together. Filled with hate and slander, truly reincarnated from a septic tank as you are still filled with fecal matter.

  26. Morey Ladini

    Forget opinions, here are some facts:
    – The chance of this movie actually getting made and distributed are slim to none. The only biopixs popular with any audience are usually about dead musicians.
    – If it actually gets made, it will be strictly an "Art House" specialty, with sterling reviews from the miniscule number of people who actually saw it.

  27. John Brost

    Hilariously stupid Jenni. He doesn't speak an ounce of truth. He's an overweight drug addicted lowest form of human life. Rush Limbaugh stands for things? Looks like he mostly sits…

  28. John Brost

    Kevin V Sinclair Limbaugh's pathetic life coming to an end WOULD be karma. It's easier to hate a few than hate many. Limbaugh is lucky enough to be on that list of "world would be a little better" with him gone.

  29. Jenni Rose

    Wow, uh…Jan Overthehill…you sound like a bitter old bat who can't stand to hear the truth.

  30. Jenni Rose

    Even conservatives are human and humans make mistakes. Absolutely EVERYONE is can become addicted to many different things…it doesn't mean they're evil or that they condone what they themselves are doing or have done.

  31. Jenni Rose

    Wow..John, Kaye and Jan must be related…they spew such hatred it's sad.

  32. Barry Heflick

    rush would be well advised to put his own story into production to at least get a shot at the truth, cusack is a b-rated actor if that and would do a hack job on ANY conservative ,,, a movie about a baboon could be subtitled ,, the john cusak story also.

  33. Michael Hancock

    Jan Berryhill better yet why don't you just go ahead and die and be put out of your misery. you stupid bitch,

  34. Michael Hancock

    you're a very bitter old woman and this world would be better off with you out of it.

  35. Kevin V Sinclair

    Mr.Brost I believe that you have your right to your opinion. However the use of it should be with some humility and integrity. Mr. Limbaugh is a fellow American, as a human we all have our faults. Maybe at your young stage in life you have managed to achieve perfection? Then it should be that you would not lower yourself to besmirch someone for their faults. I myself find no pleasure in doing or saying such things about people I do not know and if I do know someone with such issues, I would do what I could to help. Are you so blinded by hate? It is a shame that someone like yourself find being the way you are as the higher ground. I will pray for your soul. One day you will find yourself wondering where you lost the ideal to think better for all. Hopefully karma will be fair and swift.

  36. John Brost

    Blinded by hate I don't think so, that would be Rush. I just happen to like people with good hearts and souls is all.

  37. Gail Moore

    Kevin V Sinclair , you seem to be full of vitriol, and scatologically obsessed. Your life must be very painful with all that anger and hate in it. Switch it around, why dontcha? You don't HAVE to live this way.

  38. Kevin V Sinclair

    Gail, if all you have is to correct someone on their grammar, all is truly lost. I see you reside in California. which explains a lot. Home of entitlement and the extreme Hollywood left. If you are a liberal, by all means stay. If you are conservative leave California. It is modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. The angels will return soon and return the unrepentant to basalt.

  39. Shirley Armstrong

    What a waste of a movie oops mean "man pig"….you could not pay me to see this no offence to John Cusak but this hater isn't worth anyones minute let alone a movie,, Oh by the way how long could you make a picture about hate not long I am sure!

  40. Randi Middleton

    Why would anyone want to see that? Even if they are making fun of him.. I'll still pass.

  41. Gail Moore

    Kevin V Sinclair, you are clearly obsessed with scatology, which is unattractive at best and not entirely sane at worst. Seek help.

  42. Gail Moore

    I am wondering what causes people like Kevin Sinclair to be violently obsessed with defecation – it's more than a little creepy.

  43. Kevin V Sinclair

    Gail, again making judgement and diagnosing disease that is clearly beyond your pay grade. Please take your hate, your race-baiting, your cheap below the belt accusations and sling them with your left wing self inflated Hollywood leftist friends.

  44. Malcom Lagauche

    I don't get the connection between Sinclair and this movie, other than the fact that Limbaugh is a piece of doo-doo. A very fat piece.

  45. Kevin V Sinclair

    Gail, you are incorrect. Everyday we grow as people, we can grow. I have grown since I started dealing with you as an example of someone I have no wish to be like.

  46. Gail Moore

    That's what I'm talking about, Kevin. When we grow as people, we don't need to fill our posts with scatology or put others down for differing with us. That's what happens when we mistake ego for fact – when that happens, snarky nasty remarks replace genuine growth, and some of us are unfortunate enough to mistake those differences as defects in someone else.

  47. Suzy Cuellar

    Funny how sensitive Rush is when he is the subject. But he has no problem bad mouthing a Chris Christie for doing his job and staying with his people instead of playing politics like everyone else and then going running to the east coast acting like he is concerned after the fact. Christie is a man who takes care of his people. They should be proud to have him. Too bad he's not a Democrat. Rush's physical appearance should not be the target–it's his integrity, or lack of, that should be the focus. Christie showed strong character in the last 2 weeks by taking care of what was important-his people. Get off your butt , shut up and go make a real difference!

  48. Rod Brubeck

    Love it. After next year we'll be doing some traveling. Will try to get over there again. Take care Steve.

  49. Mike Gemini

    nothing new here, same old crap he throws out everyday. He gives the true conservatives a bad name who are open to an exchange of ideas, but his mind is already made up.

  50. Jackey Glover

    Where did the country I grew up in go? Where we stood up together. Where God mattered. Where we honored the constitution. Where men were men and women were women. All respected. Where being a mother at home was a good thing. Where children not only said the pledge to our country, but a prayer in school. Where loving God was the majority, not the minority. Where we cared for our neighbor. I love my country, but I don't love what it is turning into… what it has turned into. Hurts my heart.

  51. Joanne Kuhlman

    If you can find it, read Rush's article. It's the best you'll ever read and every word is true. It would really open some peoples eyes.

  52. David Lund

    Kevin V Sinclair Kevin you complain about hate then you spew bile yourself. Typical of a conservative pot calling kettle black. Well those who follow Rush who is always hating just don't see it that way. Rush has admitted he does this for the money not the truth, he is a spark plug getting people charged up over his lame brain ideas that is his job and it draws in ratings which for me is baffling but it does. Not hating though even he has a place in this world I hope one day people will see it. If we did not have both extremes we would not have a middle. We need fools and liars to make an example of what not to be.

  53. Jerry Hurst

    Amen sister it has gone to crap since i was running on the streets of pensacola. Greed has brought us to this place. The country has sold us out in jobs and is now attacking our morals . We must not let them take away our morals. I wont anyway. Love you sis

  54. Jackey Glover

    I was thinking about the statement I made yesterday. I in no way meant to offend any working mother out there. I mostly was referring to my own experience as a "mom at home" for most of my own sons childhood. I had been a working mom and chose to stay home after my second son was born. I experienced many negative responses when ask what I did for a living after I stopped working. Some people tend to look down on mothers who choose to stay at home with their children. Things are difficult for many these days. I'm sorry if my words were taken in the wrong way.

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