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Lakers Kobe To Fans: Shut Up

Lakers Kobe To Fans: Shut Up

Los Angeles Laker’s guard Kobe Bryant has told Laker’s fan to “shut up”. This in response to Lakers fans obsessing over how the Lakers and Kobe has lost 12 straight games counting the exhibition season and dating back to last May’s conference semifinals loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The NBA has a 82-game schedule and Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have 80 more games to go until the NBA Championships in April. Kobe Bryant may have an argument to make since he’s wearing five NBA championship rings and is working hard on his sixth ring.

Kobe decided to tell fans what for in a Thursday post-practice chat with Los Angeles Daily News:

“Shut up,” a bemused Bryant demanded. “Have patience. Let us do our job.” He was just getting started. “I just, I don’t understand,” Bryant said. “The city here, for me, not trying to bite my tongue and not calling them dumb, which I kind of just did, but they’ve seen us win multiple championships here playing in an offense that was tough to learn.

“They know how that stuff works. So for them to be so stupid now and say, `Let Steve dribble the ball around and create opportunities for everybody. Let Dwight (Howard) post up. Or let me iso.’

“I won’t say idiotic, but it’s close.”

“Yeah because I’ve won, so I can. Mike, it would be a little tougher for him to say that. So I’ll say it for him: Everybody shut up. Let us work and at the end of the day everyone will be pleased at the end of the day.”

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17 Responses to “Lakers Kobe To Fans: Shut Up”

  1. Iain Jarvis

    Great Job making look bad by mixing up his quotes. Most of the Lakers fans are slowly and gradually un-motivating the Lakers. Shouting out "What are you doing" and "Come on Lakers", also calling out names especially Kobe. What the "Fans" are doing are reducing the teams motivation that help them strive. So ya it is the fans problem and they do need to shut up.

  2. Ch Ry

    they are actlng like bandwagon fans… all of these guys have had great success in the NBA.. what makes them think they wont now just give it time this is basketball not football.. its a much longer season.

  3. Anonymous

    What Kobe needs to is shut up and take a salary cut and get another championship quality teammate to even think about winning another championship or Miami is going to walk all over the Lakers. Everybody gets older Kobe, you can't do it by yourself.

  4. Anonymous

    ummmmmmm I think KOBE should STFU………..THE FANS ARE THE REASON HE IS MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR so YEAH kobe should SHUT UP and so should you morons coming to his defense.

  5. Anonymous

    you are not looking at it the right way dude………the fans make the game without the fans there would be no SPORTS because players would not play for free so THINK ABOUT IT DUDE I DO NOT THINK ANY ATHLETE should be telling FANS TO SHUT UP lmao kobe is an arrogant pompous prick that needs to shut his dumabass up

  6. Anonymous

    all sports and all teams have bandwagon fans doesn't make it right for the athletes to talk shit to the fans

  7. Anonymous

    kobe is an idiot gifted with great basketball talent and not much else……..just goes to show you how intelligent some of our most PRAISED athletes are…..JUST BECAUse espn and the media glorify him as a GOD does not make him one………

  8. Drew Smith

    Meanwhile — back in reality — Dwight Howard and Steve Nash check their accounts to ensure their direct deposit has kicked in…

  9. Iain Jarvis

    The fans are pushing and pushing negatively, they are expecting so much from the Lakers just because they won a couple of championship. Kobe Bryant has been thinking about retiring in 2014, he isn't like he was when he first joined the league in 1996 at age 18.

  10. Anonymous

    Shut Up? That's what you say to your fans who pay YOUR salary? I say GO CLIPPERS.

  11. Adam Betta


  12. Ch Ry

    kobe is kobe take it or leave it.. and no one said he was god he just expressed his 1st amendment right kobe has always been nthis way thats why i dont know why people like you are complaining about it if someone talks trash to him you should expect for him to say something back

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