Jenelle Evans Not Guilty

Jenelle Evans Not Guilty: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Opens Up About Emotional Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans opened up about her custody battle on Teen Mom 2 this week, as the MTV cameras were invited into the courtroom with her. Jenelle was going to court for assault charges that had been lingering over her head for a long time, as she was addressing the altercation where she supposedly threw a mason jar at Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend when he came to drop off their son Kaiser. In court, Jenelle told the jury and judge that she merely went to throw water at her because she felt threatened and Nathan quickly turned the tables on her, saying that he would keep their son from her.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that the entire court case was very stressful for her, as she knew that she could possibly lose custody of her son Kaiser in the end. And as Teen Mom 2 started airing on MTV this week, Jenelle Evans revealed that she cried a lot before, during and after this court case.

“This court case was extremely stressful for me… you will see I cried a lot. Before, during, and after. #TeenMom2,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that she would fight to keep custody of her son Kaiser.

“Strong mothers have custody of their children,” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, reminding her that she doesn’t have custody of her oldest son Jace, while another person came to her defense, writing, “Strong mothers never give up on trying to get custody of their child.”

But one person did bring up a good point. Evans hasn’t exactly made the best decisions in the past and she is now paying for her mistakes. When Jace was just a few weeks old, she signed over custodial rights to her own mother, Barbara, who is now the legal guardian for Jace. And she isn’t exactly eager to sign back the rights to Evans, who is expecting her third child these days. She’s due in a few weeks with her baby girl.

“If she wasn’t such a train wreck, all this court wouldn’t be necessary, stress would be 0 and children better off,” one follower wrote about Evans, hinting that Jenelle is only in this situation because she can’t actually control herself and her bad decisions.

None of the other Teen Mom 2 stars are constantly in court battling over custody and settling assault charges. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans may soon see one custody battle coming to an end. Apparently, Evans has filed an emergency custody hearing, because Nathan was facing multiple criminal charges and she was concerned for Kaiser’s well-being in his care.

“Cameras weren’t allowed in the mediation, but the production team was filming outside the courthouse,” a source has told Radar Online about their current custody situation, with court documents stating, “Defendant communicated to plaintiff that defendant’s mental health is not stable and that he is unable to care for the minor child.”

Apparently, Nathan will be allowed to see his son every other weekend, but he only got this time because he begged the judge to see his son. It sounds like Jenelle Evans has gained a temporary win in this case, but one has to wonder if this is truly winning, as Kaiser won’t have a relationship with his father.

“He has to have supervised visits with his mother supervising him with Kaiser from now on,” a source has revealed about Griffith, adding, “He said he would sign or do anything if she would just let him see Kaiser. But she has told him to come see Kaiser for months, just drive to her, but he didn’t!”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans being emotional during her court proceedings with Nathan? Do you think she’s lucky she was found not guilty?

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