Disturbing ISIS Video: Suicide Bombers In Wheelchairs The Latest Islamic State Terrorism Weapon

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) extremists have begun using suicide bombers in wheelchairs in their efforts to incite fear and wreak havoc in Mosul, not to mention defend its conquered territory against Iraqi, coalition, and various militia troops attempting to break ISIS’ hold on the region. The organization has also posted a video promoting its latest method of terrorist attack. Not only is the footage disturbing, but it presents another challenge for opposing soldiers and even civilians who are inclined to be solicitous toward the disabled to be more wary of a potential danger.

The Daily Express reported this week that ISIS has yet again managed to conjure up a new method by which to outrage humanitarian sensibilities by employing as suicide bombers those whose means of mobility has been relegated to that of a wheelchair. In a video posted by the Islamic State on January 3, suicide bombers in said wheelchairs are seen being readied to carry out various terrorist attacks. The well-produced and professionally presented video also features a series of actions that follow the last moments of a particular suicide bomber.

The ISIS fighter is first seen being helped into his wheelchair before being laden with explosives, apparently for his upcoming mission. The suicide bomber, who has no legs, is interviewed before being wheeled away, implying that he was setting off to perform his mission. The video then cuts to drone footage of an overhead view of a city (believed to be Mosul). A white van-like vehicle (an inset photo of the wheelchair bomber appearing in the bottom right corner to imply he is the driver) is seen moving from one point to another and suddenly disappearing in a billowing cloud of smoke, reportedly the site of a detonated bomb.

ISIS has used the internet to propagandize its efforts in the Middle East as well as proselytize for its brand of radicalized Islam. It should be noted that even though the video of the disabled man might be disturbing to many, the man does not appear to be coerced or forced into becoming a suicide bomber for ISIS. Such is the power of conviction the extremists have for their radical cause. The video itself appears to be an effort to demonstrate that even those that have sacrificed a great deal already still are able to productively benefit the Islamic State and its ultimate goals.

The wheelchair suicide bomber video is believed to be ISIS’ first execution video of the year as well. Two men are depicted being executed. One is shown being beheaded on a rooftop. The other is seen being waterboarded before actually being drowned. Both men were accused of spying for the Iraqi coalition.

ISIS internet terrorist

Although beheading has been a favored execution method for ISIS since its inception, immersing prisoners and captives in water hasn’t been the preferred method. Back in May, as was recounted by the Inquisitr, ISIS lowered 25 prisoners into a pool of nitric acid. And in August, the Islamic State executed six prisoners by boiling them alive in heated vats of burning tar. All were accused of spying for or collaborating with enemy forces.

Of course, the Islamic State has used water before for its executions. As the Inquisitr also reported in October, ISIS drowned 58 people in Mosul during one execution event, accusing them of aiding the invading enemy when a plot led by an Islamic State insider was uncovered.

As coalition forces gradually take back the city of Mosul, Iraq, which has been in ISIS control since 2014, the extremists have taken to recruiting terrorists to take the Islamic State’s fight to the world. What once was an effort to proselytize and recruit on the internet to get militants to come and fight in the Middle East has turned to efforts to convince converts and members to carry out isolated attacks in their home countries.

ISIS Istanbul nightclub attack scene

The New Year’s Eve nightclub attack in Istanbul, Turkey, has now been claimed by ISIS as the work of one of its own. The gunman in that incident went on the shooting rampage, killing 39 people. However, as CNN reported, the gunman is still at large and it has yet to be verified if the attacker was actually a member of ISIS.

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