Facebook Photos, Mugshots: Tanishia Covington, Brittany Herring, Tesfaye Cooper And Jordan Hill

Facebook Photos, Chicago Mugshots: Tanishia Covington, Brittany Herring, Tesfaye Cooper, And Jordan Hill

Before the Chicago police released the above and below photos of the four people arrested and charged with a hate crime in Chicago, people were spreading around a mugshot of a crying woman they claimed was Brittany Herring, as reported by the Inquisitr, but was actually a different woman from a 2015 mugshot. Now that the Chicago Police Department has provided the real mugshots of the four people who have been charged with not only being participants in a hate crime that was broadcast live via Facebook Live — the foursome has also been charged with aggravated kidnapping for their role in holding a mentally disabled teenager in Chicago for 24-to-48 hours and beating him.

The above booking photo displays the mugshot of Tanishia Covington, of Chicago. According to Heavy, Covington is the sister of Brittany Herring-Covington. Tanishia is 24-years-old, and is a mother. According to the publication, this is the Facebook page of Tanishia Covington, which has the tagline that claims Tanishia is a “Northpole Princess.” The photos listed on Facebook under “Tanishia’s Photos” and “Albums” reveal a lot about Covington.

All sorts of comments are being left on the Facebook page believed to belong to Tanishia, including folks detailing the hateful things they want to see happen to her in prison. People are writing comments about her appearance, her family members and friends’ photos on Facebook, and about any drink or meal she’s having being her last one whilst she was free. People are also posting screenshots of Tanishia’s previous run-ins with the law.

The comments go on and on beneath multiple photos that show up on Tanishia’s Facebook page. One photo of Covington posed in a kitchen displays cabinets that appear without many contents. However, folks note that Covington is wearing a pair of shoes that cost about $200 in the photo — so that is a source of plenty of comments. Many of the comments call Tanishia unprintable things.

In one of the Facebook photos on Tanishia’s page, a woman who favors Brittany appears to be holding a gun as she points it at the camera.

The Facebook page of Brittany Herring, who can be seen in the below mugshot, displays photos that look a lot different on social media than the booking photo below. Brittany’s eyes appear half-way closed in the mugshot photo. Brittany’s Facebook photos display some of the same ones that show up on her sister Tanishia’s Facebook page, with plenty of comments back and forth between the Covington sisters on Facebook.

Brittany Covington
[Image by Chicago Police Department/AP Images]

Tesfaye Cooper’s mugshot can be seen below. It isn’t known if Tesfaye’s Facebook page is under an alias — or if he appears in any of the darkened photos with Tanishia or Brittany on Facebook. A search for “Tesfaye Cooper” on Facebook did not produce any readily findable Facebook accounts attributed to Tesfaye. Heavy only displays the mugshot photo belonging to Cooper and not any social media photos. A Google Images search for Tesfaye’s Facebook photo did not reveal his social media presence.

[Image by Chicago Police Department/AP Images]

Below is the mugshot photo of Jordan Hill, from Carpentersville, Illinois. Jordan’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages could not readily be found — due to the commonality of Hill’s name. Jordan’s mugshot photo, however, shows him looking away from the camera. Jordan sports what could be mistaken for a dreadlock hairstyle that appears more closely to be one- or two-strand twists, which allow for the hair to not be locked into dreadlocks. Hill’s mugshot is getting plenty of views on Thursday, January 5.

Jordan Hill Chicago
[Image by Chicago Police Department/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Chicago Police Department/AP Images]