Trump's New Hair Photo: Combed-Back Hairstyle In Instagram Pic Makes Trump Look So Different

Trump’s New Hair Photo: Combed-Back Hairstyle In Instagram Pic Makes Trump Look ‘Presidential’

President-elect Donald Trump is known for his signature hairstyle. That’s why when the Instagram account of Donald J. Trump reposted the following photo from the Instagram account of Donald Trump, Jr., folks had to do a double-take to make sure it was actually President-elect Trump in the photo. Instead of Trump’s hair displaying that signature swoop down in front of Trump’s forehead, the photo shows “Grandpa @RealDonaldTrump” with a hairstyle that is brushed backward off of his face, at angles on either side of Trump’s head. The simple change in hairstyle makes for a very different-looking Trump than folks are used to seeing.

Beautiful Christmas & New Year with family! #Repost @donaldjtrumpjr ・・・ Grandpa @realdonaldtrump and Tristan aka T-man on the ride back from #florida after an incredible #Christmas #vacation this past Sunday. #newyear

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Posted to Trump’s Instagram account on January 4, the photo was not readily findable on Trump’s official Twitter page, and as such, it may not have initially gotten as much attention as it would have upon immediate publication. Nevertheless, Trump’s photo repost did get enough attention on Instagram, with lots of comments as well.

Lots of people commenting about Trump’s new hairstyle are leaving positive comments on both Trump’s Instagram page and the Instagram page of Donald Trump Jr. People are tagging one another on Instagram in the comments section, noting that they think Trump’s hair looks better that way. Others are quipping that Trump should call the hairstyle “The Presidential” hairstyle.

Trump’s hair can be seen over the years in the below photo galleries.

On both Instagram accounts, opinions are flowing into social media about the change in Trump’s hair. Some write that it makes Trump look more like his son, Eric Trump. Not everyone is a fan of Trump’s new hairstyle, however. As seen in the following comments from the Instagram photos, some people don’t think Trump’s new hairstyle is flattering. However, the majority seems to rule that they like Trump’s hair.

hunter0017j: “Trump looks rough in this pic.”

perrigokurekkootte: “Please cut your hair Donald.”

silentinsurcurities: “Love the hair!”

poochsmooches: “Love your new hair style! I say we call it ‘Presidential’.”

top_rubbish: “Mr. President your hair looks really good combed back! Like Eric’s! Hot!”

dankest_fish_baby_edition: “Trump’s hair remastered.”

realjunegambrell: “Cool hair, Trump! Love both of you, you both look soooo cute. Such a tough person on T.V., though you got a really soft side too and we’re lovin’ both.”

mrbubble47: “Your hair looks better like this!”

donna.weis: “I like his hair like that!!!!”

viva_america_0842: “Wait, did the Don change his hair style?”

janetmccann: “Love your hair combed back!”

skibunny60: “Yes like hair combed back too!”

allison_mayer15: “Bro his hair.”

kalin.m: “I’m only 14 but Trump forever @donaldjtrumpjr I like his hair slicked back!!”

suestonebraker: “Like your new hair do. Such a handsome President. You go DT.”

Whatever their opinions, people have a lot to say about Trump’s new hairstyle. Trump can be seen in the top photo above with his dad, Fred Trump, and Don King — a man who has also been known for his signature hairstyle — in December of 1987 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Trump isn’t the first politician to have his hair scrutinized by the masses, and he’s not the first male politico to have attention focused on his hair. John Edwards ran a presidential campaign that seemed to begin to derail when it was discovered that the Democrat’s campaign committee paid for two haircuts for John that cost $400 each. The celebrity hairstylist out of Beverly Hills, California, named Joseph Torrenueva, took care of John’s expensive haircuts, but when the cost of Edwards’ haircuts made it to the public, as reported by NBC News, it didn’t sit well with all taxpayers.

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