Wisconsin man faces charges for kidnapping, sexually assaulting woman

Allen Jamroz Arrest: Court Docs Reveal Wisconsin Man Used Homemade Stun Gun, Kidnap, Lock Woman In Wooden Box

Court documents have revealed new details in the case against a 54-year-old Wisconsin man who is accused of locking a woman in a wooden box after sexually assaulting her. Police have also stated that the man initially used a homemade stun gun to shock the woman before forcing her into the box and screwing it shut.

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office said that Allen E. Jamroz is currently behind bars on $30,000 cash bond. He will face felony kidnapping, second-degree sexual assault, false imprisonment and battery for the abduction and assault of the woman on December 28. The arrest record indicates that the woman was locked in the box for less than a day in total before she was able to escape the home in rural Mosinee. After her escape from the wooden box, the woman reported her captor, and he was arrested the day after the kidnapping, and sexual assault occurred.

The name and age of the woman involved has not been released to the public but according to the Chicago Tribune a detective who interviewed her provided the details of the arrest report for Allen Jamroz. The woman stated that she had been at the Mosinee home, about 175 miles northwest of Milwaukee, to see Jamroz’s granddaughter but she was not there. She went on to state that while she was there, Jamroz lured her into the basement by asking her to help him with a remodeling project. It was then that he used the homemade stun gun to shock her and once their brief struggle was over, he duct taped her knees, ankles, and wrists.

The victim says that she was ordered to the ground where, WEAU reports, Jamroz forced her to perform a sex act. The captor also told her that he was not sure how long he planned to keep her but it “might be a while…” The cellphone she had was taken away as well but not before the victim was forced to send a text message to family members stating that she was leaving the area with a man by the name of Bob.

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The wooden box Allen Jamroz forced his victim into contained a teddy bear, pillows, a blanket and some condoms. After she was inside the box, a power screwdriver was used to screw on the lid. The woman passed out once inside but is not aware of exactly how long it was before she regained consciousness. However, once awake she set about trying to get free, using force to break the duct tape around her knees and chewing through the twine and duct tape holding her wrists. During the earlier struggle with her kidnapper, the woman had managed to grab a nail without being discovered and used it to tear the tape from her ankles.

Pressing her back against the lid of the wooden box she was trapped in, the woman was able to break it and free herself. A hammer had to be used to pry open the basement’s padlocked door, but the woman was able to accomplish that, and fortunately, her captor had not been home during the escape. She was not discovered and able to flee the house and walk to get help.

The injuries sustained during her kidnapping, and sexual assault corroborated the statements the woman gave to the police about the homemade stun gun. The court documents also state that the box the victim was locked in was seized by the police as evidence.

The court documents did not elaborate on how or for how long the victim knew Allen Jamroz or his granddaughter. Authorities have also not responded to requests made on Wednesday for additional information on the case.

The preliminary hearing for Allen Jamroz is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11.

[Featured Image by Marathon County Sheriff’s Department]