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Bodies Of Two Staten Island Boys Swept Away By Hurricane Sandy Found

Glenda and Damian Moore

The bodies of two Staten Island boys who were swept out of their mother’s arms by Hurricane Sandy have been found, the New York Post reports.

Police arrived at the home of the boys’ mother Glenda Moore Thursday to deliver the news.

Moore’s sons, 2-year-old Brandon and 4-year-old Connor, were found four days after the hurricane hit under debris and trees that had been downed by the storm. The bodies were found about 20 yards apart around 10 am Thursday morning.

A family friend of Moore’s said, “It’s a shock for everybody right now. She’s in pain.”

Moore and her husband stopped by a funeral home to make arrangements for their sons. A friend described the boys as “the joy of their lives.”

Brandon and Connor Moore were separated from their mother Monday night as she tried to lead them away from the destruction of the hurricane. Moore had been trying to get to her mother’s house in Brooklyn, but her Ford Explorer stalled along Father Capodanno Boulevard as the street began to flood.

Moore called her husband and then carried the boys out of the SUV, but the water caused her to lose her grip and her sons were pulled away from her. Moore sought help from nearby houses but was turned away by the people who answered their doors. Moore faced the storm alone, desperately trying to find her children, until rescuers found her clinging to a porch post hours later.

The boys were found about 30 yards from the corner of Father Capodanno Boulevard and McLaughlin Street, according to law enforcement sources.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the deaths of Brandon and Connor Moore were among the worst tragedies of the hurricane.

“Terrible, absolutely terrible,” Kelly said. “It compounds all the tragic aspects of this horrific event.”

Nineteen people have died on Staten Island due to Hurricane Sandy, the highest death count in the five boroughs. Forty-one deaths in New York City have been blamed on the storm.

Two Staten Island boys found dead after Hurricane Sandy

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Moore family and all those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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121 Responses to “Bodies Of Two Staten Island Boys Swept Away By Hurricane Sandy Found”

  1. Tenisha Wilkerson

    I am in some serious tears! How can the people that closed their doors to her and her two boys sleep at night! =(

  2. Hope Thomas

    So very sad, I can't imagine her pain she went thru during the storm and the pain they are both going thru now. My heart goes out to them and I pray God comforts them during this horrific time.

  3. Kimberly Bailey

    I understand we live in a dangerous world, but come on! People need to start caring for each other again.

  4. Adrienne AkaBabysis

    Girlllll my heart dropped when I saw this on the news this morning. So sad!! Praying for her strength!smh

  5. Emani Sullivan

    This is just heartbreaking! Beyond words! Everyone keep this family and all of the families who are experiencing loss from Hurricane Sandy in your prayers! God Bless you all East Coast! Love from the West! #LoveFromE2U

  6. Anntoinette Stacy Njoya Angrum

    She should identify the houses she was turned away from! Those people should have their faces, their houses publicized! This horror of brutal in humane treatment and cause of death should not go unanswered! They should be charged with manslaughter!

  7. Jayne Bontekoe Lenderink

    This story continues to get worse the more details that come out :(

  8. Jessica Amy Fey

    This is so tragic and heartbreaking my thoughts are with the family of the boys

  9. Tya Pulliam

    Definitly a nightmare come true. I could only pray God gives her strength and to keep her faith in him. This story disturbes me so much.

  10. Lindsay Riordan Brand

    That's a bit extreme! This is a horrible tragedy.. but everyone knew how bad the storm was or could have gotten.. I for one, would have helped and looked, if I didn't have a family to leave behind.. but you have to think, those other homes she tried to get help from, could have been other families trying to protect themselves and THEIR little ones. More lives Could have been lost. I live here in Florida and when we got the hurricane warning here, earlier this year, I got supplies ready and hunkered down in my house with my newborn.. if someone came to my door asking for help.. I would have to turn them away, because my husband was deployed and I was the only one here for my little one. So, to say they should be charged with manslaughter, is completely ridiculous and stupid!

  11. Mechelle Winters-Webb

    Let this be a reminder, we can't lose our humanity. A woman with children were of no threat to those families that opened the doors. May those people who did, may their souls cry for forgiveness & change the tragedy of their part to something good. May their hearts be convicted & something good come of it.

  12. Alicia Mj Jackson

    That is horrible. How could anyone turn a mother and her two babies away. What is wrong with the world. People need to start caring again. My heart goes out to her.

  13. Mitchell Kingston

    Thats were the Good Samaritan Law should fall into effect

  14. Hope Church

    My family prays for this family. May the boys rest with God. May.the mother and father find comfort. I also pray for the people who would not help and now have to live with that decision. Comfort to everyone

  15. Nora Shuey

    How heart breaking…let this be a lesson to everyone…do unto others as you would have done to you… Don't preach it live it… Prayers to the family for such a loss!

  16. Anonymous

    way to show you colors New Yorkers that opted to shut your door and turn away a woman in distress with two small children during the worst storm on record. I hope you all feel really good about your selfish, disgusting decision making.

    "Moore sought help from nearby houses but was turned away by the people who answered their doors."
    Why even answer the door you wackos?

    In that type of situation, to turn your back on a fellow human being is absolutely disgusting. That would not happen on the west coast (way different connection between complete strangers out here than back east).

  17. Salma Tewfik

    People. Go figure. The man who rejected her seemed like a total asshole in his interview. -_-

  18. Debra Corrica

    Karma is the only thing that will get them and more ways than one. Just trust and believe that the good lord from above and Jesus Christ will fight the battles for us all. Remember Man will fail but God will never foresaken you….

  19. Tayla Holman

    There seems to be a bit of confusion, and I apologize if it is unclear in the article what happened. Moore was asking for help finding her children when she was knocking on people's doors. They had already been pulled away from her by that point.

  20. Jewel Collier

    so sad! Typical 'mind your own business' 'don't help anyone who u don't know' New Yorker attitude!

  21. Janice M. Brinkley

    I understand that in this day and time that there are some mean people in these streets, but I would have taken that chance to help this young lady and her boys! My heart goes out to this family! My prayers are definitely with them during this tragedy!=(.

  22. Deborah Barocas

    My heart is bleeding for this family. I want to hold them, and tell them that I love them. How could anyone say not to a mom caught in a storm with her two little babies clutching on to her in fear. I am horrified at the actions of these monstrous neighbors. May God bring comfort to this couple and their extended family.

  23. Loretta Kam Bee

    Do I dare say……because she is black?? I just saw the picture of those little babies…….so sad. Those neighbors would have to look into the mirror EVERYDAY and see WHAT??????…HEARTLESS MONSTERS…..YOU BET!!!!!

  24. Deborah Barocas

    LorettaI think you are right my love, these idiots doesn’t seem to understand that God doesn’t see color, and neither should we…..

  25. Julia Coleman Delery

    How ironic, the name of the street that would not help her was Father Capodanno Boulevard

  26. Beth Mary Hall

    It is terribly sad, but I believe the mother bears more responsibility for her own children than others. It was a deadly decision to put two vulnerable children in a car with herself only, where she did not have the strength to hold onto them. They were probably drowned by the time she got to the first house.

  27. Deborah Barocas

    Debra , you are so right…..Tears in heaven for these youngsters..

  28. Tj Brockman

    What is the name of that guy CNN interviewed? The one who wouldn't let her and her boys in his home? What a dirt bag!

  29. Debbie Valenta

    Please lets make sure we read the article thoroughly before we post. The children were not with her. She was asking people to come out into the storm and flood waters and help her search. I would have gone out to help her but we cannot judge people whose situations we are not aware of. As a an earlier poster stated, she's usually home alone with her newborn and would not have left to go out into that hellish storm.

  30. Debbie Valenta

    Once again, please read the article instead of skimming it. She was banging on doors ALONE looking for someone to come out into the storm to help her search.

  31. Tameka Arnold Rivers

    Those people that turned her away will have to live with themselves and the selfish act.

  32. Mechelle Winters-Webb

    I did read it, but I guess I didn't quite get that point. I read it the other way. Thank you for pointing that out.

  33. Lindsay Riordan Brand

    Most, if not all of you are reading the story completely wrong. The boys were pulled away from the mother BEFORE she even started asking for help from people. She went door to door for help to LOOK for them.. Open your eyes and read the article correctly; and whoever wrote this article needs to make things more clear to the masses.. and another thing.. this is truly sad and horrible that these little ones lost their lives.. but who the hell takes their little kids out during a freak storm?!

  34. Melo Zelnick

    years and years from now, when I look back and remember the horrific episode that was hurricane sandy I will not remember the destroyed homes, electric blackouts, food lineups. No…i will remember the tears of a mother for her two lost precious boys. I will remember this crime against humanity.

  35. Ian G. Hall

    I just saw the CNN story and irrespective of the outcome the attitude of the homeowner was inappropriate, especially after learning of the deaths of the children. He just seemed heartless and selfish.

  36. Alicia Pérez

    That is a brutal and heartless assumption.

    I've never been in a hurricane but I can only imagine how terrifying it must be trying to find safety, to be stranded and have no choice but to attempt the journey on foot, to be up to your waist in water and have your kids swept away. And later, be blamed for doing what anyone else would have done in this situation.

    What would you have suggested she have done? Stay in the house? Stay in the car? Wait and hope somebody came to help? We can't know if any of these situations would have worked out any better. I don't know why we rush to place blame in the midst of a tragedy.

  37. Stephanie Hameed

    Yes the kids were, this article isn't really clear, but it was on CNN, she seeked help WITH HER KIDS. And the police said no charges could be brought against the man for not helping her and her kids.

  38. Stephanie Hameed

    This article isn't well written, but it was featured on CNN and the boys were w/her when she knocked on his door for help, and he refused to help her and her boys. THEY WERE WITH HER WHEN SHE WENT TO HIS DOOR!

  39. Trav Engler

    Yes, friends helping friends and neighbors helping neighbors. QUIT BEGGING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO COME SAVE YOU AND HELP YOU!!

  40. Beth Mary Hall

    Yes, I recommended that she stay put in her house. I don't think others should be blamed for her decision to put those terribly young children in a car and drive through a storm. Our governor told us that it would come to a point where we could not even put first responders at risk. Going out and driving in a storm put more risk on those kids.

  41. Antonio Aguero

    I'm angry and frustrated with this situation. What gets me wondering what happen if it where a white lady knocking on those doors for help? My guess of course they would have open the door!! What's the relationship or perception between black and white on staten island? This hits home for me. That's all I got to say all you folks know who you are who have common sense understand where I'm coming from. History people look at our countrys history!

  42. David Perry Davis

    What surprises me is that it's been 72 hours and the guy's name still isn't on Google. I'm sure it'll be there in time so we can put a name to this inhuman monster. There are about 1000 nonviolent drug offenders I'd like to release from prison to make room to bury this scumbag. A disgrace to humanity. There are so many stories of people sticking together and helping each other out during this tragedy…examples of good, decent people. And then there's this breathing pile of feces. There HAS TO BE some crime he can be charged with, or our law is completely useless.

  43. Tayla Holman

    Stephanie Hameed The articles that I got my information from, which are both linked in the story, did not say that her children were with her. I don't believe the CNN article that talked about the man who turned her away had been written at the time, and it was just updated this morning. So that information was not available when I first wrote this article.

  44. Joan Whyte

    I am horrified thinking about it, I have two grand children who looks like them & are the same age. May those two boys souls R.I.P.

  45. Stephanie MacDonald

    This is disgusting. I'm ashamed o the human race right now. So sorry for the family. Thoughts and prayers are with you xo

  46. Alina Bota

    i totally agree with you. we knew about the force of the winds and the destruction sandy left in North Carolina for example, so there was more than plenty of time. plus, all the bridges had been already closed, so there was no actual way for her to get to Brooklyn. plus, as an adult, you have to make the call for your family, and taking them out in the middle of the storm was what caused this tragedy. I am a mother of a 5 and 3 year old, and a three month old, and i can't imagine going through what she is going, but I would not have gone out or allowed my husband to go out in the storm surge. selfish as it may sound, everybody needs to take care of their family . i am not saying I wouldn't have allowed her in with the boys if that was the case, but I wouldn't have gone out in the storm to endanger myself or my family. and those of you who blame those who did not help, chill down a little. it's easy to throw rock when you weren't actually there.

  47. David Perry Davis

    The address appears to be roughly 549 father Capodanno Boulevard — assuming he also wasn't lying about his first name being Alan, we should be able to get this ass's name from property records. Not suggesting anyone DO anything, but his name needs to be out there and shamed.

  48. Manny Festo

    If theres anything people like you need to learn, its that a society cannot legislate morality. The moral compass comes from the character of people. Modern new york society is a mass of brain dead multi kulti consumers.

    What the woman did was gratuitously stupid, but the people are only reflective of the larger society.

  49. Manny Festo

    You are extrapolating out of some construct in your head. If it were a WW she would not wait to evacuate and then blame whitey when her poor judgement comes to bear fruit. Same thing happened in katrina btw.

    Multi kulti societies never show the degree of community you are dreaming of. Thats a proven fact. It has nothing particular to any one race. All people look out for their own people first.

  50. Alina Bota

    the truth is there are so many versions of this story that you don't know what to believe anymore. one channel says that she was heading to brooklyn to her mom's place, another says to her sister, another channel says she was heading to work. the car crashed into a tree / got stuck into a hole in the road. the car was either taken by the water or was turned upside down. something else that is unclear is if she went to the man's house before the boys were taken by the water – and the boys were swept by the storm surge off the steps as one channel presented the story, or if the boys were taken by the 10 feet storm surge and then she asked for the man's help. ift

  51. Alina Bota

    if the boys were taken by the storm off the steps of the house, then yeah, the man should be ashamed of himself for not helping a mother with two kids, but if the water took the kids and then she asked for help, then give the man a brake. i mean, how do you expect a civilian with no rescue equipment to go out in the dark, and swim in water filled with debris. consider the fact that it was only in the morning, after 12 hours had already passed that she found a police squad that passed through the neighborhood and alerted them about the situation. tragic as it is, but those kids did not have a chance, and the only thing left for us to do is to pray for their innocent souls

  52. Afia Javed

    Such a distressing incident, I can imagine what Moore has been through, my heartily condolences to the mother who lost her kids in such a tragic way… kids could be alive if just one person could offer her a shelter, that was the only time people could open their doors for help, though she asked much and the ones who denied, they’ve given the worst example of humankind!

  53. Faraz Javed

    the mother had lost grip of her children when she got out of her staled ford explorer(mainly due to water reaching the engine area)…and then went to seek help…i don't think ppl in the neighborhood could help her find her children at that time! the storm was at its worse & she should have left the place earlier!!!

  54. Afia Javed

    don't blame her, her own house was flooded and dangerous for kids…she did her best! she could not save her own kids from flood…oh God! Mercy….

  55. Faraz Javed

    Tayla Holman · Hofstra
    There seems to be a bit of confusion, and I apologize if it is unclear in the article what happened. Moore was asking for help finding her children when she was knocking on people's doors. They had already been pulled away from her by that point.
    Reply · 4 · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:36am

  56. Faraz Javed

    Do u understand now? No one denied her of shelter but she was a mother and wanted their help to find her children lost in the storm… everyone's got the right to think about their family first isn't it?

  57. Afia Javed

    No… she did asked help along with kids first…..Tayla Holman tells the story after she lost the kids….check out the attitude of the person who denied help, he is lying and he doesn't even want to know what went with the kids???

  58. Afia Javed

    One should not just blame the lady and relax…she is the one who lost every thing….

  59. Faraz Javed

    I didn't know abt that! my comments were based on what the writer of this article had meant but this is indeed shameful that they were denied shelter!

  60. Jill Miles

    The man that would no help should pay to bury these little angels!!!!

  61. Anonymous

    God help them and bless them….I just cried and cried when I saw this story. Two babies dead….not right. My prayers are with the parents and family right now. I feel so awful for the family.

  62. Laurie Ridgell


  63. Laurie Ridgell


  64. Saman Sepehr

    It's really heartbreaking. What those people did is even worse. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected.

  65. Beth Mary Hall

    I agree. Perhaps she was overworked and afraid and she was not thinking. It is terribly sad, however, still it does not seem fair to blame others or put others in jeopardy in a dangerous storm. For instance, one of the houses that she said she went to, the owner was interviewed, who looked like a older man of small frame and seemed very afraid of her. He said a man threw a flower pot at his door and he stayed up all night with his back to the door worrying. My point was that old man did not have any part in her decision to put those kids in her car. If someone knocked at my door when I feared for my life, and was a stranger that I did not know, (plus he said it looked like a man and he said she did not ask for help but threw a flower pot), and I was home alone, I would probably have thought there was a nut at the door in such weather.

  66. Sierria Beendoinmebenton

    So so sad I have kids and I jst can't imagine.. without them I'm nothing..

  67. Beth Mary Hall

    No I'm an old lady who lives alone and always carries her cell phone, and pillows and blankets in my car. If I lost someone close to me, I would spend my time looking for them, rather wasting my time going to strangers for help. I almost lost a sister because she wanted to go out in a storm to save her car. Thank god, her husband and my mother warned her not to go out, because a tree crashed on her car and destroyed it within minutes of her wanting to move it. When the wind is blowing that hard, I would stay indoors. If I got a warning that the first responders may not be able to respond, I would use my brain and take the route to safety. I would rather not put others in jeopardy for my sake.

  68. MyIesha Mingo-White

    OMG, reading this story has me in tears…I have 2 boys and I couldn't imagine anything like his ever happening to them…my heart goes out to this mother and her family. She was just helpless and seen them float away….Lord have mercy on this lady and the people who turned her away…this is breaking my heart forreal.

  69. Dee Dees

    That’s how those people on Staten Island is but they got there karma in the form of sandy

  70. Davenique Leavings

    idt Mrs. Moore is blaming whitey. Idt any mother would blame someone else for their own decision not to evacuate earlier, if it wasn't a decision taken out of their hands. However, he turned them away when common sense assessed the risks and knew their survival was imperiled. THAT deserves relentless censore from the masses until he faces his actions publicly

  71. Oreofe Ogunkanmi

    If we could only put others before ourselves sometimes (selflessness), maybe, just maybe we wouldn't be crying over this tragic happening! May their young sould rest in perfect peace. :'(

  72. Maria Victoria Estrada

    Wow how do you live with yourself Beth Mary Hall, you sound heartless.

  73. Maria Victoria Estrada

    Beth Mary Hall as an old lady as you say you are, you would think you would have some commen sense and compassion, as your mother warned your sister to stay put in her house, you should have been taught to be human. Shame on you.

  74. Sonya Iwearfortywell Jackson

    Lindsay Riordan Brand The doors she was turned away from at first was before the kids were swept away and then even after when she screamed for help for hours after they were swept from her arms no one responded

  75. Tamika D Jackson

    Those boys were beautiful she has to be so hurt right now. My heart goes out to her, those people could have let them in or came out to try and help, dang atleast for the kids.. My heart is in my stomach, I couldn't imagine losing my boy!!!!

  76. Juanita Barnes

    This is crazy! Wow. The world we live in. These people who turned her or them away are definitely going to rue the day.

  77. Danielle Harvey

    People keep saying she shouldn't have been out there. Of course we all know that, and of course she knew that, but obviously something must've happened at her her house to make her leave with her boys. Maybe it started flooding! Trying to get to a safer place was on her mind. She even called her husband before she left to let him know and he most likely was in agreement with the decision. This wasn't a case of negligence. The negligence lies with those who didn't care enough to let her in or offer to help. She was found clinging to a post on a porch. Unimaginable! I pray she has the strength to carry on.

  78. DeeDee Myers

    Lindsay you are talking out of both sides of your mouth!!! If you have a heart then your conscious will eat you alive as well as the folks who turned her away. This lady lost 2 kids and from the looks of your photo you have a little one as well, and what if that was you who needed help. All I can say is you better Pray that you won't need any assistance like she did, because you just might not get it!!! Think before you comment.

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