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‘Project Runway All Stars’ 202: ‘Put On Your Dancing Shoes’ Recap

Project Runway All Stars Episode 202 "Put On Your Dancing Shoes"

Disco fans rejoice! Project Runway All Stars 202: ‘Put On Your Dancing Shoes’ featured a disco inspired challenge for the Saturday Night Fever lover in all of us. Caution: Major Spoilers.

Last week Project Runway All Stars premiered, and we were reintroduced to some of our favorite winners and baddies of seasons past. New host Carolyn Murphy promised the toughest All Stars season yet, warning the designers there would be no immunity this time around.

This week the designers were faced with a disco inspired challenge featuring Nine West’s “70s Brights” line. Each designer had to choose a shoe from the line and design a modern look inspired by the disco era.

Season One’s Wendy Pepper especially struggled this week. She touted herself as the only “expert” in 70s fashion because she was the only one that could remember the era. But her interpretation was entirely too literal and came across as a costume which is fitting given it was just Halloween.

Highlights of this week’s Project Runway All Stars “Put On Your Dancing Shoes” challenge included a surprise “Good Luck” video message from Karl Lagerfeld and a spontaneous disco party. In addition to regular All Stars judges Murphy, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi the guest judge this week was the Creative Director of Nine West Handbags, Rafe Totengco.

Top looks this week went to Ivy, Uli, and Casanova. At the bottom were Wendy, Kayne, and Andre. Judges awarded Uli’s adorable Native American inspired dress with the win. It was a refreshing and modern take on a 70s trend. Not a huge surprise that Wendy Pepper was voted out this week. Murphy gave her credit for her geometric print but felt her outfit didn’t reflect the modern woman enough.

What did you think of Project Runway All Stars 202 “Put On Your Dancing Shoes”? Did the judges get it right? Who had your favorite looks? Did you agree with the bottom three picks?

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2 Responses to “‘Project Runway All Stars’ 202: ‘Put On Your Dancing Shoes’ Recap”

  1. Nate Jenks

    I’m actually surprised Wendy was sent home so early, I thought for sure she would play out her villainess role the show seemed to cast her in. I wasn’t able to watch this episode when it aired, but my co-worker at DISH filled me in on the elimination. I recorded this episode on my Hopper and I will check out all the designers’ outfits when my shift ends. There is a ton of DVR recording space so I’m going to record the rest of the season. I really like Kayne and Andrae, but I think their time may be up soon.

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