Lea Michele Nude: 'Glee' Star Shares Naked Photo On Instagram To Ring In The New Year

Lea Michele Nude: ‘Glee’ Star Shares Naked Photo On Instagram To Ring In The New Year

Lea Michele shared a nude photo to ring in 2017, a skin-baring shot that quickly went viral online.

The Glee star shared the Instagram picture on New Year’s Day, showing her lounging in front of a forest landscape. As The Huffington Post noted, Michele was totally nude but facing away from the camera, and a small leaf emoji covered up her exposed backside.

“Loving you so far 2017,” Lea Michele wrote under the nude photo.The picture garnered attention from news outlets across the world, and drew thousands of likes, shares, and comments to Michele’s Instagram page.

It’s also not the first time the Glee star has shown a bit of skin for social media. Just a few weeks before posting her nude photo, Lea Michele appeared to take the lead from Jennifer Lopez in sharing some other body-baring shots. Just days after Lopez made headlines for a sexy selfie with body-positive messages, Lea shared her own series of photos that E! Online noted looked very similar to the ones Lopez posted.

NYC// Sunday bed series

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Michele has also been very open about her regimen that keeps her body so toned, a plan that includes intensive workouts and weekly trips to a Korean spa. Lea explained that she kicks off each day with a green smoothie and runs on a diet of vegan foods, often hitting up the vegan restaurants near her home in Los Angeles.

“I’ve never loved my body more than I do right now. And I’m so grateful that I feel that way,” she told People magazine.

But Lea Michele added that she’s not putting any strict guidelines on how much weight she needs to lose or how thin she needs to look.

“So I find workouts that take care of both of those things. It is so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. It’s not about being 90 lbs. This is really how I live every single day.”

Lea Michele has never been shy about showing her body. She has shared other nude and semi-nude shots on Instagram before, including a topless photo posted last year that also went viral. The photos — at least those shared to Instagram — follow the social media site’s rules on no explicit nudity, so Lea always remains strategically covered.

It’s not just social media where Lea Michele bares all. Last year, she appeared nude on the cover of UK Women’s Health and discussed her fitness regimen in more detail.

“Right now, I feel physically in my best shape and emotionally in my best place,” Michele said (via The Huffington Post). “For me, working out has to be good for my mind too, and when I leave, the endorphins are buzzing, I’m glowing and I feel like I can take on the world.”

Lea Michele Nude: 'Glee' Star Shares Naked Photo On Instagram To Ring In The New Year
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Michele added that she avoids temptation at home when it comes to her diet, but does make sure to indulge once in a while.

“I keep my home almost completely gluten-free and vegan, which I think is important because when you reach for a snack at home, then you’re getting something healthy,” she said, adding that she does have pizza and macaroni and cheese once in a while.

Lea Michele has gone nude for her work as well. In an interview on Ellen last year (via E! News), Michele shared how she did some nudity on Broadway for the play Spring Awakening, adding that, “I’m pretty comfortable being naked.”

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