Paul Teffer in The Vampire Diaries 404 Episode "The Five"

‘The Vampire Diaries’ 404: ‘The Five’ Recap

The Vampire Diaries Episode 404, “The Five” raised more questions than answers about our mysterious new villain Connor. Caution, spoilers ahead.

Last week Elena almost killed Matt when she fed on him a little too long. Luckily Damon stepped in just in time and erased Matt’s memory. He and Klaus tried to put a stop to Connor, the new vampire hunter in town.

But when Klaus saw a mysterious marking on Connor’s stake, he identified him as one of “The Five.” This week we get more insight into just what that group is.

Opening in 1110 AD, a ritual is taking place in the woods with five shirtless men. After they place their swords in a witch’s burning pentagram, the same markings we see on modern day Connor appear on these men’s chests and arms.

One of them, Alexander (Paul Teffer) has an interesting connection to Rebekah. The Original Vampire has a bad habit of falling for any man who throws the least bit of affection her way, and Alexander is no exception.

While viewers (and Klaus) see the stupidity of a vampire falling in love with a vampire hunter, Rebekah naively believes Alexander’s intentions are innocent. This time her horrible choice in men could have gotten her and her family killed.

Claire Holt The Vampire Diaries 404 'The Five'