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‘Married To Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Slams Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Business As Pyramid Marketing And Insists Her Husband Is Gay

The latest Married to Medicine episode showed Toya Bush-Harris and Lisa Nicole Cloud heatedly arguing with one another during a spa day that Toya arranged for the women. What was meant to be a relaxing and pampering outing turned into Toya and Lisa hurling insults at one another, with Lisa telling Toya that she can’t boss and disrespect her like she does her husband and Toya, in turn, repeating the claim that Lisa’s husband is gay.

As the episode aired it’s second showing on Sunday night, Toya continued lashing out at Lisa on Twitter. One viewer posted a tweet that made fun of how Dr. Simone Whitmore offered to buy Toya and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, plane tickets for the group’s upcoming trip to Hawaii in light of their big tax debt to the IRS. The viewer pointed out to Toya that Lisa needs no such help and owns a business and asked her what she owns. Toya responded by making fun of Lisa’s business, dismissing it as pyramid marketing.

Toya also defended calling Lisa’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, gay. In response to one viewer who tweeted that calling someone’s husband is gay is wrong, Toya responded that it’s wrong only if he isn’t. Clearly, Toya really does question Darren’s sexuality.

Toya also pointed out that she called Darren gay only after Lisa mentioned her husband first.

When another viewer still criticized Toya for calling Darren gay, Toya maintained that Lisa’s living a fake life. Toya added that she’s mad that Lisa lies on the show.

On a previous Married to Medicine season, a man claimed on-air that he had a sexual relationship with Dr. Darren Naugles, with whom Lisa Nicole Cloud has two children. Both Darren and Lisa vehemently denied, both on and off the show, the shocking claim. Yet, on the current season, some of Lisa’s co-stars have continued to bring up the claim.

During one group gathering, after Lisa called Toya tacky, Toya responded that Lisa’s tacky for trying to have another baby with someone who was called gay. Dr. Heavenly Kimes has also referenced the gay claim, proclaiming to everyone, during another group gathering, that Lisa herself calls Darren gay. As the Inquisitr reported, after that scene aired, Heavenly apologized for bringing Darren into the argument and that she shouldn’t have said what she did.

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On Twitter, Toya Bush-Harris also defended herself from criticism that she’s not taking her and her husband’s tax debt seriously and is not doing anything to help her husband reduce their cost of living. The recent episodes have shown Toya seemingly not willing to downgrade her lifestyle by moving into a cheaper rental, complaining about the houses that her real estate agent have shown her that costs less than the house that she and her family are currently living in. Toya and Eugene admitted on the show that they currently pay $8,000 a month in rent to live in the house that they do.

In response to a viewer who questioned why Toya and Eugene are still looking at houses in the pricey Buckhead neighborhood, Toya replied that they’ve lived in the area for three years, implying that it’s hard for them to now move the family from the area.

In response to another viewer who questioned why Toya and Eugene don’t just move into the house that they actually own, Toya said that it’s because of school distance and safety issues.

Toya maintained that she and Eugene aren’t hiding anything from the IRS or viewers.

Toya also revealed that she and Eugene actually met with financial guru Suzie Orman for financial advice.

When the latest Married to Medicine episode first aired on Friday night, Lisa hit back at Toya on Twitter. Lisa told Toya that most people think that she’s a nasty and bitter person who is disrespectful and hateful to everyone, including her husband.

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Lisa also challenged Toya, whom she called a silly child, to keep running her loud and tacky mouth.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa has threatened Toya with a lawsuit if she continues to slander Darren.

Previews for the next Married to Medicine episode shows that viewers will continue to see Toya Bush-Harris and Lisa Nicole Cloud have tension with one another during the group’s Hawaii trip. One preview shows the women, including Toya, mad at Mariah Huq and Lisa after they keep them waiting too long one night. Another preview shows Toya’s husband, when talking about couples keeping secrets from one another, seemingly rubbing it in Lisa’s face, in front of everyone, that her husband went to a strip club and didn’t tell her, as viewers saw happen on a previous season. Toya’s husband said that some women might not mind it when their husbands go to a strip club and don’t tell them. Toya chimes up to compare her own marriage to that of Lisa’s.

“That’s the difference between me and a Lisa. Lisa may say, ‘You know what, I don’t want to know.’ But me and my husband we check in pretty much all throughout the day.”

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