Is Nick Viall Engaged? Plus 'The Bachelor' Opens Up About Hooking Up Before The Fantasy Suites [Image by ABC]

Is Nick Viall Engaged? Plus ‘The Bachelor’ Opens Up About Hooking Up Before The Fantasy Suites

Nick Viall is setting big goals for The Bachelor. Production for the new season has already concluded, and it looks like Viall may have found love after all. Did Viall get engaged during the season finale?

An inside source told Page Six that Viall has been keeping clear of all suitors for the past few weeks. The reality star was just spotted at dinner in Chicago with three guy friends, including Bachelor in Paradise alum Evan Bass.

“Two female fans came up to the table, but Viall kept his distance and was on his phone the majority of the time,” the source revealed. “It seemed to be a boys’ night out.”

There’s no telling why Viall has kept away from all his suitors lately. Could he be keeping his distance because he’s now an engaged man?

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until The Bachelor returns to ABC in January to find out if Viall pops the big question. In the meantime, it is clear that Viall has learned a lot from his previous experiences on the hit franchise.

Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi
‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall and rumored frontrunner Vanessa Grimaldi [Image by ABC]

Viall opened up about his history on the show during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Viall received a lot of criticism for talking about his bedroom adventures with both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette. When it comes to starring on The Bachelor, however, Viall is confident he won’t make the same mistakes again.

“Probably not,” Viall shared when asked if he hooked up with any of his suitors before the fantasy suites. “I think I’m going to use that time to, you know, really get to know the women. We’ll still make it steamy … wild!”

Nick Viall believes the most important elements in a relationship are “honesty and authenticity.” Given his history in front of the cameras, Viall also didn’t let the pressure to perform get in the way of finding true love.

“I never really focused too much about public perception,” he explained.

“For better or for worse, I’m going to be myself and not always edit myself. My goal isn’t to be Mr. Popular … My hope is that over time people will continue to appreciate the person I am, and I feel like, especially after Paradise, they’ve done a little bit of that. I hope that continues.”

Indeed, Viall’s time on Bachelor in Paradise really changed how the world viewed him. Marked as a villain in the past, Viall emerged from the spin-off as a more mature, funnier man. According to Extra, Viall’s decision to return to reality dating wasn’t based on a need for redemption.

“I’ve learned a lot being on all those seasons, to focus on what’s important … I never looked at it as redemption. I was aware that I wasn’t always a fan favorite,” he said.

Sadly, Viall stopped short of revealing too many details about the coming season. He did, however, share exactly what he is looking for in his suitors. Along with a good deal of self-confidence, the reality star also wants a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Bachelor 2017 Nick Viall with his ladies
Nick Viall and the 2017 contestants on ‘The Bachelor’ [Image by ABC]

“I’m very attracted to a strong, confident woman,” he explained. “I like a woman who isn’t afraid to be a leader … someone who can keep up with me, keep me on my toes, challenge me and isn’t afraid to call me out on some of my BS.”

Meanwhile, with the new season right around the corner, Cosmopolitan is reporting that ABC just released a new teaser trailer. The clip offers a glimpse at some of the drama Viall faced this season, including a hard slap to the face.

Fans can watch Viall find love when the new season of The Bachelor premieres January 2 on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think Nick Viall will finally find “the one” this season on The Bachelor? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview below.

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