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Brazilian Model Criticized For Hurricane Sandy Glamour Photoshoot [Photos]

Brazilian model criticized for Sandy photoshoot

A Brazilian woman is taking heat for posing among the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

Nana Gouvea, a former Playboy Brazil model, posted several photos on her Facebook page of her leaning seductively on cars and fallen trees. In others, she is standing in the middle of a deserted street. The photos quickly went viral, and internet denizens bashed the model for using a natural disaster as a publicity stunt.

Several Twitter users called her “Miss Tragedy,” while others mocked her in her native Portuguese. One user tweeted, “Nana Gouvea, the apple of the eye of the hurricane.” Another user tweeted, “Nana: the lady of the apocalypse.”

A Tumblr page as well as a Facebook page, both called “Nana Gouvea em Desastres” or “Nana Gouvea in Disasters,” were quickly set up and populated with photos of Gouvea Photoshopped into pictures of other situations.

One photo placed her in a scene from The Exorcist, while another placed her in the final scene of The Blair Witch Project. Yet another placed her into a photo of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

Other websites also quickly ran with the meme. Gawker posted a “Guide to Posing for Glamour Shots in the Aftermath of a Devastating Natural Disaster.” In it, they used several of Gouvea’s photos with tips for how to pose in certain situations.

Gouvea moved to New York shortly with her husband after Hurricane Irene struck Rio de Janeiro last year. She told Brazilian celebrity blog Ego, “I love going through hurricanes with my love! It’s very romantic and today I will open a bottle of wine.”

Nana Gouvea poses in empty NY street

Nana Gouvea posing against car

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5 Responses to “Brazilian Model Criticized For Hurricane Sandy Glamour Photoshoot [Photos]”

  1. Ina Kevins

    Unbelievable! How cruel & insensitive ! No one should hire her!

  2. Annmarie Cefalu

    Let's see if she or her family went down in this hurricane, and lost everything or lost loved one's. Maybe instead of being photographed in front of the fallen tree's, she should be helping cleaning up the mess. I can not believe the things people do when there is nothing wrong, but in times like this, it just, well I can't even find the words to explain how this makes me feel. But sadness and anger come to mind.Also not to change the subject, but seeing people turning on each other, in a time when we need each other the most , again, I'm at a loss for words. for once, lets see what it is like pulling together.The hurricane pulled everything apart, let's not make it worse by pulling each other apart as well.

  3. Raquel Machado

    What idiot….by the way as a Brazilian I would like to inform that this " lady" is a fame whore ( or literary one) and now is living in the US….everybody in Brazil know what is her true profession…..

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