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Presidential Polls Reveal Obama Surges Ahead After Sandy

presidential polls latest nov 2012

Presidential polls have been neck and neck in a tight race, but Mitt Romney’s first convention bounce seems to have finally dissipated as incumbent candidate President Barack Obama surges ahead in the polls five days before two men enter and one man leaves.

Presidential polls have been all over the place in this election, with a post-debate surge for Romney seemingly calling off all bets in 2012. And discrepancies in October (most notably when Gallup diverged from all other polls in predicting a Romney win) have added fuel to the fire as well as the standard accusations of bias and poll skewing as the race heats up.

But, in the wake of Sandy, polls seem to have changed again, and Romney’s tight lead for Obama has all but disappeared. FiveThirtyEight has now increased their measured Obama lead as the election nears, and yesterday Nate Silver explained:

“Mr. Obama is not a sure thing, by any means. It is a close race. His chances of holding onto his Electoral College lead and converting it into another term are equivalent to the chances of an N.F.L. team winning when it leads by a field goal with three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and sometimes they will… But it turns out that an N.F.L. team that leads by a field goal with three minutes left to go winds up winning the game 79 percent of the time. Those were Mr. Obama’s chances in the FiveThirtyEight forecast as of Wednesday: 79 percent.”

presidential polls nov 1 538

Silver concludes:

“I think describing the race as a ‘toss-up’ reflects an uninformed interpretation of the evidence, but there is surely room to debate how much of a favorite Mr. Obama is. However, Mr. Romney is not in a position to tolerate any movement in Mr. Obama’s favor given how close we are to the finish line.”

Have you been following the presidential polls more closely as the election approaches?

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190 Responses to “Presidential Polls Reveal Obama Surges Ahead After Sandy”

  1. Fran Moran Lomas Tintelnot

    Ridiculous! Just because he does his job right before election everyone wants him to remain President? Gee people, this same "help others" President was one of only 14 people who voted AGAINST aid for the Karina hurricane. Looks like he is flip-flopping again to suit his personal needs.

  2. Anonymous

    Okay, what've we got here.

    Romney said let the auto industry go bankrupt. Obama bailed it out and now Ohio is doing much better economically. Obama's leading in Ohio.

    Romney said 47% of Americans aren't worth thinking about. Obama says we're all worth thinking about. Obama's now regained his lead in the popular polls.

    Romney said get rid of FEMA. Obama would never even consider that. Hurricane Sandy strikes, bringing misery to millions of Americans–and FEMA is right there, helping out. Even Chris Christie is grateful.

    I honestly can't understand how Obama could possibly be leading over Romney now. I mean, don't you think Romney "looks Presidential?"

  3. Anonymous

    Well gee fran, almost as ridiculous as people deciding to vote romney just because of one good debate performance when he LOST the next two.

  4. Lynda Cook Carruth

    Yes Fran your right. penn919 is an idiot! 4 years in office and now he wants to be presidentail. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Why wasn't he presidential in the Benghazi Gate.Why are gas prices so high? Why are 23 million people out of work? Why is the economy in the worst financial state thats it ever been in? You bunch of left stupid people don't want to answer the real questions.

  5. Anonymous

    Fran, do you know that President Obama voted against this bill because he voted for a much better previous bill that the Republicans refused to accept. The previous bill granted relief to the victims but included a timetable to withdraw from Iraq, but the Republicans did not want a timetable therefore did not pass the preferred Bill by Obama, get your facts straight before blindly accusing our President of not wanting to provide help.

  6. Kim Allen

    Nate Silver has been saying it was an Obama landslide long before Hurricane Sandy. He is an extremely biased poll predictor who has not held pace at all with what any other polls have shown. Other pollsters show the exact opposite of what Nate Silver is saying. Rasmussin shows according to current polls, Romney would win FL, NC, VA, OH, IA, NH, and CO. This would more than give Romney over the 270 electoral college votes needed. WI is tied, so it could also go towards Romney especially when the last election in WI and the recall election are taking into consideration. The fact is no one will know who is right until November 6th. The rest is just both sides trying to rev up their base, and dissuade the other side. I would say look at what Nate Silver says now vs what he was saying pre Hurricane Sandy, and you will see he is changing his wording; however, his numbers have always projected an Obama landslide. He is also the ONLY pollster that has crunched the numbers this way. 3 other groups have crunched the numbers to show a Romney landslide (including 2 groups that have had every election right for the last 10 years). In the end, pollsters do not decide the election, voters do. If the voters polled do not go out to the polls, their opinion and view doesn't count.

  7. Zack Smith

    How cute. You actually believe the biased polling. Go to it averages ALL the polls. Plus you can see who was most accurate last election ( Rasmussen reports and gallup). Romney didn't "lose" the last debates by the way – just because Obama didn't look like the dumbo he is. See you on November 6th.

  8. Kim LaCapria

    I don't think this theory washes, because if Silver was a "biased poll predictor," how could he possibly have a career? It would be a massive hit for him to be wrong here. I am sure Nate Silver loves being able to do his job more than he loves the idea of an Obama win.

  9. Fran Moran Lomas Tintelnot

    Nope, all he is pushing through are things on his own agenda. Why would they be passing a bill on helping Katrina??? I think you had best get your facts straight. 9 Democrats, 3 Republicans and 2 Independents voted against the aid for Katrina.

  10. John Jackson

    Obama is going to win. This isn't Ronald Reagan's America. Nor is it a Norman Rockwell painting. The Demographics of this country have changed and the GOP just wont adjust.

  11. Steve Andersen

    OK, what we have here.
    Romney would of let GM and chrysler got through a managed bankruptcy, just like all companies in their position. Obama led the bankruptcy for GM and Chrysler and made sure union workers were made whole at the expense of non union workers and have left the taxpayers with a 16 billion loss and Chrysler was given to a foreign company for $0. Ohio and other States would be in a much stronger position if these 2 companies had followed Romney's path.

    Romney stated he cares for all Americans and there is also 47% (of voters) that will not vote for Romney because Santa Claus (Obama) is passing out gifts paid for by the rest of us. Romney is ahead in respected polls nationally.

    Romney stated FEMA would be better managed and more efficient at the State level. Get your facts right.

    Obama and his administration have demonstrated a lack of understanding the free market and reality/history shows that this recovery is the slowest of all time.

    Obama's total failure as Commander in Chief regarding his Rules of engagement, total disregard for our men and women killed overseas and lying to all Americans about Benghazi are reason enough to vote him out of office.

  12. Tracy Johnson

    Romney's lies are holding him back. He has changed positions in front of each audience he's campaigned in front of. His inconsistency is troubling and insincere. And for a man who wants to be president to say "It is not my job to worry about 47% of America" is outright stupid. And I could care less what any of you have to say about my comment. It's mine and I stick by it… Romney is an idiot….

  13. Willie Robinson

    Hate I love it…Motivates me in fact. Cant wait to see the Flip-Flopper go out of business.

  14. Fran Moran Lomas Tintelnot

    I stand corrected it, it was HR2006 and in part, was for the Katrina Recovery and he voted against that.

  15. John Jackson

    I will promote small government and social enterprise as democrat businessman. I would rather change the democrats. Than would be predation that would force the GOP to be more competitive on policy which suits mainstream America.

  16. Anonymous

    Lynda, at least learn how to spell before calling people idiots. And Obama has been presidential for the past four years. He was busy passing comprehensive healthcare reform, ending the war in Iraq, generating consistent month-to-month Job growth, killing bin laden, and saving the automobile industry. Btw, Gas prices are down and Oil production is up. As far as benghazi goes, Obama went out in the rose garden and called the attack an act of terror the next day. Insinuating he was trying to "cover up" is baseless.

  17. Phil Enegess

    during Vietnam 303,000 were wounded 58,000 died…where was Romney? In France for 1966-69 learning French while on a church mission…he returened home to take a student deferment for the rest of the war. All of his children followed Dad and none served in the military.

  18. Anonymous

    Cant believe any idiot would vote for Obama. China will own us if he gets another 4 years.

  19. Steve Pelman

    all I have to say is do not cry if it wins re election he will screw us up more he always was and will be a piece of chit obumma tht is.

  20. Steve Andersen

    Are you seriously going to go down that road? Ok I'll bite. Where was Obama while I was serving during Iragi freedom, Desert Storm, Afghanistan? People serve there country in many different ways!!!!

  21. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Steve Andersen – wrong. managed bankruptcy? R.Money would've shut them down just like Bain has done with so many other companies; no more American auto industry. What gifts is the President handing out? R.Money would give welfare to his buddies, the corporations (they're people,too); State level FEMA – that's so ridiculous, it doesn't have a response; lack of understanding of free market – the market hasn't done this well in years, buddy. 3000 dead 911; 3000 dead in Iraq – that's total lack of leadership (from a Republican administration). Slowest recovery – sure, worst recession in history. It doesn't really matter how much good the President's done because Republicans lack understanding of history and are rabid righties and so would vote for Hitler if Hitler said he was Republican.

  22. Marcial Jw Borth

    Nikita Gromadskyy really and Trump cant just be a human and donate it! I mean look at his City its been drowned by Sandy sorry but your an Idiot!

  23. James Vineyard

    Watch a biased hannity cut and paste republican back video? I have better things to do seeing as Obama has provided his true birth certificate and college transcripts over and over and over yet the Republicans and hannity keep coming up with "false" records that THEY produced.

  24. James Vineyard

    All I can say is don't whine and snivel when we go into a deeper depression if Romney wins because that's where him and the Republicans will take us

  25. James Vineyard

    Lynda Cook Carruth, President Obama has been nothing but Presidential. Obviously you know nothing about the chain of command or how the government really works or who is charge of the different levels of the military. The President is not Atlas and does not hold up the whole world. He's not God and therefore knows everything that goes on every minute of every day, nor does he pretend to be, unlike some candidates. Generals and their subordinates make decisions every day that the President and his cabinet never hear about, some good, some bad, but I guess you wouldn't know about that. People like you only want to blame EVERYTHING on the President because you don't like his party, religion, race, sex or whatever. Get over yourself and your party who obviously haven't done anything to help the country with their "pledge against the President" which essentially was a "PLEDGE AGAINST ALL AMERICANS."

  26. Steve Andersen

    Damaris- Please read about managed bankruptcies to gain some facts. There are no reports that a managed bankruptcy would of closed Gm doors. In fact the purpose of bankruptcy is to restructure debt so the company survives. Romney's way would of allowed GM to lower their debt evenly while O's approach rewarded unions and screwed non unions.
    Why would you believe Romney would give "welfare " to his buddies? THat statement is uninformed.
    I work with FEMA and moving many functions to the state level would be a great move for all involved.
    You apparently have no understanding the free market! You citing the stock market as proof the free market is doing well shows total ignorance of capitalism.
    Citing the number of Americans killed while fighting wars does not show a lack of leadership. If you want to believe your falsehood then Obama is a total failure, because more serviceman have died under his watch.
    Your statement that this was the worst recession is laughable. Read history!!! Might want to look under the tab that says "great depression".

  27. Bill Macomber

    None of this matters to me now, I've done my part and I've voted so now all the TV ads can go away right? Well…a man can dream

  28. Bill Macomber

    You call Silver a biased pollster and then cite Rasmussen, this is where you fail. Rasmussen also had McCain winning for a long time in 2008 and has long been known as the most right wing pollster who always gives the advantages to Republicans even when it's completely wrong. Obama/Biden 2012! Hurricane relief we can count on!

  29. Kim Allen

    Believe either way you wish. The truth will come out in 5 days. My main point was that Nate Silver is saying the projection of a 330 electoral college vote boost from the aftermath of the storm are the same numbers he gave before the storm. So, it is a misrepresentation to say that Obama got a surge after Hurricane Sandy based on what Silver is stating. The numbers cannot be the same and indicate a boost. Go back and look at his predictions back in August and September, and just 10 days ago vs. what he is saying now. Same prediction.

  30. Louie Metz

    The Problem for the GOP is they keep adjusting farther and farther to the right as their Koch bros. and other corporate interests demand.

  31. Louie Metz

    Romney is a vulture capitalist, he extracts wealth vulnerable companies for himself and his cronies; this race shouldn't even be close because this guy has flipped on every issue to suit whatever context he's in, from abortion rights, jeez now he's a moderate, to the latest where just a few months ago he told a debate audience he would close down FEMA, and now that SAndy is here, shocker! he's for FEMA. I trust this guy as far as I can throw him.

  32. Kevin Djkd Dunston

    For those who r with Romney God bless you….. For you have no idea what he stands for……. And tht is the same for his own party they don't even no!!!!! So how can u stand for him????

  33. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    And how exactly were non unions "screwed"? The auto companies paid the government back ahead of time! Talk to the employees of those restructured companies that Bain destroyed…Welfare to his buddies? This is what he has said over and over again (no tax increases to the rich). You work with FEMA? Then you should know that the States could not possibly come up with the resources to deal with a Sandy or Katrina. You believe in giving all the government power to the States? We'd still have George Wallace's to deal with. This is America, we all pull together and help eachother and if my tax dollar helps the victims of Sandy then I'm okay with that. What don't I understand about the free market, Mr. Genius? So the market isn't doing better than it has in years??????? Corporations aren't sitting on millions in profits? I know the difference between a RECESSION AND A DEPRESSION. Do you know how long it took this country to fully recover from the GREAT DEPRESSION? Over two decades! Servicemen killed? From what war? Afghanistan? We all know who started that! Like all conservatives. you live in an alternate universe.

  34. Roger Davis

    Absolutely I don't believe in any Poll. The important issue is, The Americans ( Patriots, who created & protect this land ) should confront with the new difficulty of new political point of view of liberals immigrated in this land. Almost of those people do not learn what is the way to protect this land as a superpower, they only believe in who, what candidate promises to bring them more Welfare, more healthcare programs, they don't care WHERE THE MONEY COMING FROM to pay for that program. They have to put their smart consideration WHY FACE BOOK run away this government. That founder, a Russian, he learned lots from Communist, so he recognized Obama Socialist policy " kill the rich, Cheat the poors, and Burry the Middle". So he scares of Obama. More THE RICH will run away this Obama Socialist government, and you'll learn the painful lesson from Obama. The US SHOULD COLLAPSE, we say Sorry for our next generation only. The SOCIALIST USA…Many people will run away this land in the future..

  35. Joe Wilmot

    Can't deal with the notion of a Mormon president. All religions are ridiculous, but some just go the extra mile. Damn spiritual overachievers!

  36. Xinia Zoll

    Obama is lucky to have conservatives liders like Chris Christie(NJ) working hard since before the storm hit.Not the same luck for Bush, He just have a bucn of crows who were worried about hide money from the city in the feezer, prefer to loose busses then use to help people get out the city, anybody remember, they were liberals, so who is the winner? The one who really work is the one who represent the city, no the president.

  37. Roger Davis

    WHERE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE WELFARE & HEALTHCARE Promises of Mr Obama? Should ask yourself first before voting for this Socialist man, Obama. You like to kneel down and obey the order of a local healthcare office like Canada, or wherever, whenever the doctor you visit if you want? You want to see all around the corner are "Your Government Offices" to control you? If you like, let move to VietNam Communist Country and you'll see….

  38. Troy Lazarus

    What the heck kind of a report is this? No way Obama is ahead by that much. Actually from what I've heard, as far as Repubs and Demos go, the vote is plit. However, Romney is ahead by 13% with Independents.

  39. Steve Andersen

    Dumaris – Read about how Delphi workers lost pensions while UAW retained all benefits!
    You are completely wrong that GM has paid back the taxpayers!!!!!!!!!! We are on the hook for 15 billion $$$$'s. No where did i state that I wanted ALL power transferred from Federal to State but nice try! Corporations and small business's ARE sitting on cash and will not spend until we have a PREZ that can enact a sensible tax code. I noticed how you cannot refute the fact that more serviceman have died under O's leadership.

  40. Roger Davis

    My cousin, he says he'll close his Machine Shop with 34 employees if Obama wins, he'll open his business in VietNam…He will say sorry for his employees to go to Unemployment Department to apply for Unemployment benefits, and sorry for the US jobless rate should Plus the number 34. The Welfare money, The social Security budget will be minus of his employees'contributions..

  41. Yolanda Washington

    I totally agree Tracey he's a liar and he's very incosistent with it too. All he cares about is not having President Obama in the white house he could care less about any thing else.

  42. Yolanda Washington

    I totally agree Tracey he's a liar and he's very incosistent with it too. All he cares about is not having President Obama in the white house he could care less about any thing else.

  43. Connie Riley

    Obama is to intelligent to play Trumps games and that is what it is a game for Trump..

  44. Frank Panone

    If GM and Chrysler would have followed the path Mitt Romney wanted them to there wouldn't be a GM or Chrysler. At that time they would not have been able to borrow the money from anywhere to pay for day to day operations because of the financial crisis and the only place to get the money was the government. Employees at the time made concessions and the eventual new hires took even deeper concessions. You state a $16 billion loss, where? and how would they be stronger? they paid off the tarp loans, making money, and hiring more workers. Maybe youi should quit listening to Mitt's lies and research the truth!

  45. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    You conservatives are so clever with the name calling – 3000 dead 911; 3000 dead Iraq (all under Bush). Afghanistan under O – 1200 dead; GM & Chrysler have paid back their loans-stop listening to Fox and Glenn Beck. Not only that but millions of American jobs were saved. You want all those people out on the street so the higher unemployment rate would boost your loser candidates chances of winning. WHatever reason corporations have for sitting on all that money, the fact is corporations and the free market are doing just fine. A sensible tax code? I haven't heard anything sensible from either Romney or his sidekick Ryan – nothing!!!!

  46. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    FROM NEWSWEEK: Delphi had fired 25,000 union workers, costing those workers about $1 billion from their pensions. Instead of using its extra capital to do right by the American worker, Delphi just finished buying factories in Asia that make car parts, for the same amount of money Delphi cost those workers' pensions: Mitt Romney made a fortune off of the auto-bailout by investing in Delphi and screwing those workers.

  47. Kathy Butler Thompson

    I think you are counting your chickens befroe they hatch…mnay more people are questioning about what happened in Benghazi and the answers are not coming from Obama and he has FAILED THE LAST 4 YEARS…people are still without jobs and he did not work on it for 4 years…his so called agenda for the next is the same thing he had in 08 ,just different symantics.

  48. Steve Andersen

    Dumaris -From Forbes: Whether the $14 billion loss is accurate will depend on when and at what price the U.S. Treasury sells the about 25% stake it still holds in GM.
    In addition, Rattner acknowledged in a recently published epilogue to his 2010 book, Overhaul, that about $19.4 billion that the government put into GM before the 2009 bankruptcy is "lost money."

    So are are incorrect when you state the loans have been paid back. And is you don't like forbes, look at WSJ, ABC, etc……

  49. Kathy Butler Thompson

    actually,according to rasmussen Romney is ahead in Ohio…Romeny said he would let in GM AND CHRYSLER GO THROUGH A managed bankruptcy with government backing…. not just bankruptcy..that way they could have gotten rid ofg bad debt and restructured..but with a bailout, nothing changed and it is in danger of doing the same thing again…FACT CHECK YOURSELF.

  50. Kathy Butler Thompson

    seth..your info is straight from DNC and Obama which are false ! did you not listen to the debates?! no you probably are listening to the liberal left talking points which are distortions and out and out lies.

  51. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Andee Lynn Micheau …a rich joke who backs what he says….why all the secrecy from Obama..I have a college degree and I do not care who looks at it.

  52. Steve Andersen

    Frank and Dumiras – Excerpts from the liberal LA Times: The government took over Delphi's pension plan during the company's reorganization in Bankruptcy Court. Roughly 21,000 salaried employees lost up to 70% of their pensions, as well as life and health insurance.

    "The administration picked winners and losers where the pensions of many salaried Delphi workers were lost. This was done without any justification," said Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio).

    Even union representatives have sided with the nonunion employees. Ron Gettelfinger, former president of UAW, has said that the government's actions constituted a "grave injustice."

  53. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Tracy..and Obama hasn't ??? are you kidding me??? would you even comtemplate voting for Romeny? I doubt it …wrong skin color…you would rather vote for a man who has devestated the economy with foolish investments in bailouts to his cronies and businesses that were tanking like Solyndra..what is bad, he invested in other GREEN jobs that also filed bankruptcy as soon as they recieved a check…Obama does not have the experirence or skill to get the country on track period…he is too idealogic…I want my son to have a future..he is my priority now and that is why I am voting for Romeny this time.

  54. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Phil Enegess well as Clinton..and your point being what?????? there were a lot of guys in school , the colleges were filled with them…and that is why you have a problem with Romeny? What did you do about Clinton in Oxford ?

  55. Kathy Butler Thompson obviously do not know what you are talking about….your comment shows you lack of business knowledge, not unlike Obama.

  56. John Jackson

    Well. As a vet of Iraq, I can tell you the mismanagement of Benghazi does not define the Obama Presidency. But the failed neoconservative policies abroad overseas w/GW costed way more lives and Romney has stated support for that sort of thing earlier this year. As far as the economy is concerned, as long as the fiscal cliff crisis is resolved by congress coming together, the economy is going to get much better. Economists forecasted it was going to take a long time for the economy to recover back in 2008 when the recession hit. Im not sure any president could have fixed that. I am much better off than I was 4 years ago, so are many people, and the Economy is doing better. But sometimes structural problems exist that prevent the natural rate of unemployment from going back to where it was. By and Large, the GOP is a party that turns a blind eye to intolerance of American people who not fit a certain mold.

  57. Kathy Butler Thompson

    Joe Wilmot …sad you are such a bigot…atheist are moronic.

  58. Stephanie Gray

    Kathy Butler Thompson ………… your the idiot and a racist! I'm white and very well informed…… what's your excuse for me voting for Obama, which I already have. And your the one that needs to get your facts right!

  59. Kathy Butler Thompson

    All I have to say is BENGHAZI! there are too many questions taht this man and his administration has covered up and may be responsible for 4 mens deaths..this is not speculation people..most pof you listen to MSM news or MSDNC…AND you ahve not gotten the info..but military was told to stand down and not given order to go in even though they were only 1 hour away , while the those men cried out for help in real time…that does it for me…Obama is gone.

  60. Stephanie Gray

    Bill Macomber …….I was just about to write the same thing. Seriously? You bring up Rasmussen, and say Nate
    Silver is biased? So funny. Do any of you on the right ever listen to anything but Fox News for your facts? Or right wing radio…….ever?

  61. Louie Metz

    @ Kathy,I think I what Romney did at Bain could pretty accurately give him the Vulture Capitalist tag; he would buy companies at 5% down borrow very heavily against them, pay himself a huge salary along the way, then let the companies die under a mountain of debt, he specialized in in wealth extraction rather than wealth creation.

  62. Bill Macomber

    With or without a Sandy boost Obama's chances of winning are between 75% to 80% because of demographics and because the country just isn't conservative enough to support a candidate like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.

  63. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Thank you Stephanie. Excellent response to Ms Racist Kathy Butler Thompson. Whenever I get into a debate with a White conservative, it doesn't take long before the name calling or racist comments begin but that's okay because it only shows how rude and vitriolic they are. She can't even spell the name of the man she's voting for.

  64. Kevin Stanfield

    Steve Andersen your a fool and another example of a misinformed Pink Slip Puppet. Romney has the audacity to run false ads in Ohio all over the air waves when the CEO of Chrysler told him flat out he was lying and to stop it and run the ads anyways is the sign of an arrogant desperate man.

  65. Kevin Stanfield

    After the republicans lose this election and go away scratching their ass maybe they should look in the mirror and try to figure out why the average American wants nothing to do with their batshit crazy policys. Jeb Bush himself stated…My Father nor Ronald Reagan would be nominated by todays republican party, and thats sad.

  66. Kevin Stanfield

    Kathy Butler Thompson what did he say that wasn't true? There is nothing in his statement thats not true, absolutly nothing. Romney is what he is, and thats a Predatory financial tycoon, who shuts down American businesses, files bankruptcy, loots everything he can get his hands on and tells the workers, your fired, tough shit.

  67. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Republican voters are willfully ignorant and proud of it. That they are being denied facts on any issue matters not to them as they would close their eyes, cover their ears, and begin a chant if they were ever exposed to one anyway.

  68. Wolff Bachner

    not one intelligent discussion of the issues. just trading insults and obscenities. yay America. we are all going to go down together.

  69. Daniel Gibson

    I like the way you assume what news channel "people" are watching. This might be out of line, but how long have you been a psychic? Oh you're not, wow I just thought that you were by the way you KNEW what I watched. WOW! LOL I'm sorry but wow you are soooooo stupid.

  70. Anonymous

    Mitt the Twitt, what a joke, if he wins america, will suffer, bought and sold then sent to china.

  71. James Brown

    For the ones who are blaming the President for thing's that aren't fixed you need to look in the mirror… Cause the warning signs were there way before Obama even was a candidate… The economy was gonna plunge regardless!! No matter who we put in office this country will not recover til 2020+…So it's up to you to help keep your family up right through those years… All the money ya'll complained was spent (16 trillion) I believe it is… Do the math when disasters happen they cost money…. Trying to end a war and rebuild that city cost money,recovering from a major oil spill cost money,helping countries post earthquakes (Haiti,Japan near Nuclear Meltdown )cost money,currently Hurricane Super Storm Sandy cost money…Those aren't issues added to the slate when campaigning they just happen… The worst will come starting 2013 inflation will hit US harder then you think and I'm saying this by math…God Bless Those Up North…This man Romney lost to McCain of all people why on earth would he be deemed as a president… Not to mention he is keyword a BUSINESSMAN you can't run the country as a BUSINESS

  72. Anonymous

    Just turned 18 in September and I'm registered to vote. I'm so excited that this is my first time voting && actually getting into politics && the government.. Ive been watching the debates && researching to listen to both the Democrats and Republicans. I can most defiantly say I'm a democrat for sure!
    Obama has my vote at the moment because as I listened to his ideas I thought his was better than Romneys.
    ROMNEY also stated that he want to keep America America LOL (KKK slogan)? Really Romney?
    And alot of people said OBAMA didn't change america like he said he would but it takes more than 4 years to get everything to how it was. Bush f****d everything up && yall blaming Obama? I'm 18 and have more common sense then most of you "LEGAL ADULTS". Romney will set us up for depression && it wont be nice.

  73. Natella Vaidman

    Dorogoi Nikita, you comment just shows that Kiev being 4696 miles or 7555.86 km from American shores makes it hard for you to understand the reality here. But, you can, of course, order a fake hair piece and that will bring your closer to that piece of a human joke you're referring to….

  74. Cølin Thørpe

    Lynda Cook Carruth

    Rofl @ "left stupid people". If you think that the economy is in the worst state it's ever been in then you have less knowledge of US history than the average 5th grader. In the Great Depression unemployment was around 25%. It's 7.8% right now. The historical average for the 20th century is 5.8%.

    Gas prices are higher because global demand for gas has increased. Obama can't wave a magic gasoline price wand and bring gasoline prices down, and you're an idiot for not understanding that. And "the Benghazi Gate"? There were no physical gates involved, dumbass. You're an embarrassment to yourself.

  75. Ann Moynihan

    Oh, hang on Phil. and what was your beloved president doing? Smoking pot and colluding with his cousins from Indonesia? And where did he serve again? OH, that's right. He didn't serve either!! Get a life, Tracy/Phil. Your country is going to the dogs. Someone with fiscal intelligence is what you desperately need right now to stop the downward spiral. YOU ARE GOING BROKE! Actually, U ARE BROKE!!

    Btw, your commander in chief needs to learn how to pronounce 'corps'. It is pronounced 'core' not 'corpse'. Hello. A commander in chief who doesn't even know how to pronounce a military term as in 'army corps' or 'peace corps'. Hmmmmm.

    But that aside, it beggars belief to us who do not live in your country, as we observe your presidential elections, just how plain stupid some of you Americans are. President fails miserably against Romney in debate. American ambassador murdered in Benghazi along with 3 other brave SEALS and the WH did NOT send back-up to protect your people, instead, while ambassador and SEALS lay dead or dying under an attack by terrorists in Lybia, your president heads off to Vegas, laughs and jokes with The View, appears with Beyonce and other celebrities – JUST SO THAT HE CN GET MORE MONEY FOR HIS CAMPAIGN. Does that mean nothing to you people? The WH lied, covered up what was happening/had happened, and blamed the Benghazi attacks on whoever did a youtube video. WHATEVER!!!

    Someone's involved in a MAJOR COVER-UP and it aint the Romney team!! Yet you are willing to vote BO back as your president? CRAZY or maybe you are just PLAIN DUMB!! I could write more, but I just can't be bothered. If you choose a president without doing any serious research, you deserve what you get. Sadly, it will be your kids and my grandkids who are US citizens, who will be suffering to pay for the debt that they will surely inherit because of your ignorance and bad choice on Tuesday! SAD!

  76. Ann Moynihan

    … and he's so intelligent! He has fiscal know-how! He knows what it takes to be successful. HE WILL GROW YOUR ECONOMY. Wake up people!

  77. Louie Metz

    Not rhetoric, facts, truth, here's republican talking points, so lie, i'm going to Lie when Idet into office then I'll LIE then LIE, LIE LIE LIE LIE that Simon and Garfunkel song, but with terrible consequences.

  78. John Jackson

    That sounds about right. Romney is consistent on lying about everything. Denying his policy past completely and denying everything he said in the Republican Primary. Its Ok. It wont matter Tuesday night cause hell just be former candidate for President and the one who lost.

  79. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Yes, I have been keeping up with the polls; RealClear, CNN, and Ramsen. Most polls lie to keep the beef going. CNN is bias and is a republican show; therefore, no matter what they keep Rom-ney ahead. Rom-ney made the mistake of saying that he does not care about 475 of the country and that hurt him. Then he lies everytime he opens his mouth and as we get closer it is taking a toll on his race for the white house. With Sandy, I believe people realized who would come to their resue and it would surely not be Mr. Rom-ney. He was caught sending his staff out to walmart to purchase can goods to help the victims of Sandy. When appearing that he was asking the people to help. This man will do anything to win, the only word in his vocabulary is "Win". In a few days it will all be over and he can go back to his mansion in the suberbs and live happily ever after. He will never make it to the white house………………………………….

  80. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Steve, for you, you don't care about the 47% of Americans that Rom-ney spoke about. That I clearly understand, however if you don't have a salary that closely matches his; the truth is that he really does not give a damn about you. Open your eyes…….

  81. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Steve Andersen he was in the white house fighting with the GOP to pass laws to help people like you. People who can not for the life of me see; because they have Rom-ney wool pulled over their eyes.

  82. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Steve Andersen If they would have gone though a managed bankruptcy they would have folded. There was no support for them, therefore the president did the right thing. Steve, you are a idot, did you get your government check after you left the war? If so you are apart of that 47% that Rom-ney spoke about. State level FEMA would not be better managed at State level, because approval still has to come from the White house and that would be more time consuming for the victims of tragedies. Rom-ney wants everything handled at state level so he want have to do anything himself. He is a pig and you are falling for his non-sense. In the state of the nation, this country would have been worse off than it is if the president did not do what he has done so far. What happened in Benghazi was not the fault of the president. Bush left us in a state of no return, we are now moving in the right direction to ensure that all people can eat, not just the 53% that your Rom-ney spoke of.

  83. Marc Fuentes

    Ok, Linda, I'll bite. Let's have you answer your own question about gas prices…do you know how gas prices are set? Are you aware that gas prices have been rising steadily for decades, through every presidential term, both Republican and Democrat? I would like for you to explain to me in real, logical terms, how a president controls gas prices. To your point about the "economy in the worst financial state that it's ever been in"…you're just flat out wrong. When the President took office, the economy was the worst that it's been since the great depression. We've had steady job growth for several years now, and while it's far from stellar, your statement that it is "in the worst state it's ever been" is just a lie. It is in a far better state than it was in four years ago, and continuing to improve.

    Regarding Benghazi…are you referring to this Benghazi? This would be the one in which the report states…"There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support". FoxNews lies to you, and by swallowing and then regurgitating every word they say, you make your self look incredibly ill-informed, at best.

    To your last point…why are 23 million people out of work? I'd love to hear a detailed analysis of why you think that is…I'm assuming it will include an analysis of the number of companies that have moved much of their labor to China, India, and other parts of the world. I'm also assuming you'll discuss the slumping numbers from the Manufacturing Index of the Institute for Supply Management. Why do you think that is? Can you explain it? I'm also assuming that you'll ignore that fact that private sectore employment is growing, with payrolls having increased since Oct 2010. You'll probably also ignore due to your own ignorance that long term interest rates are higher than short term rates, which means that individuals and businesses that borrow to expand are at least mildly optimistic about the economy's long-term growth potential. So, Linda, let's hear what you have to say. I'm sure it will be intellectually riveting.

  84. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Steve Andersen when a senator from the republican party says that the reason for them want the president to be removed has nothing to do with his position as Commander and Chief; but because he is black that says it all.

  85. Marc Fuentes

    I don't think you understand statistics. He never said anything about a landslide. He's discussing probabilities. Get a statistics textbook, do some research, and come back when you're able to understand it. Numbers are hard.

  86. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Lynda Cook Carruth I don't know where you live but gas prices everywhere else in the country has dropped tremendously. As far as Iraq is concered, I guess you need to talk to Rom-ney; because during the last debate it seemed he agreed with everything that the president said; including the timetable. I think you should do some fact checking before you speck. The republicans really love what the president has done the only thing they don't like about his is the fact that his skin is black. Fact check that!

  87. Anonymous

    @ Steve Andersen Ohh, so Obama can get called in question, but RoMONEY served in many different ways… hmm interesting when Obama ran against McCain, you righty whiteys screamed that he NEVER served in the military…but now your clown also NEVER served in the military and WHATSMORE, got 3 deferments to go study in France, nice hypocrisy pal…and didn't you guys make fun of France a few years ago…hmm how did that go again? Oh yeah-FREEDOM fries not French Fries, Freedom kiss not French kiss… retardicans are so infantile….do you you need your binkies or your diaper changed? LOL!

  88. Lynda Jones-Owings

    It is not that they are denied the facts; they just don't want to except the facts. It is sad when americans just close their eyes and say I have money, I don't care about 47% of americans. We are all in this together and the color of a persons skin should not have anything to do with it. I am praying for all republican who refuse to open their eyes and see Rom-ney for who he is.

  89. Anonymous

    Ann Moynihan LOL, REALLY you're going to correct the president….Bush pronounced it PACK-ISS-TAN, and Obama pronounced it correctly… Paak-istan…..There now you too look stupid…

  90. Lynda Jones-Owings

    Kim, the polls are being held with a few voters and I believe that this is going to be a race that will go down in history on November 6th. People are not stupid and can read between the lines; most of these polls are simply to keep the media hype up. It was a misrepresentation to say that Rom-ney got a surge after the first debate; but CNN had no problem reporting it. It has been the talk since the other two debates that he lost hands down, but no surge came for the president. I find that a little bias. Kim, it is truly not my position to be bias in any way. I really want them to report the actually findings; but they want do that. I think that Rom-ney knows that he will not win, can not win this election. He lies to much and people know that he is a liar. America does not want a liar running our country.

  91. James Brown

    Vote Hillary 2016…I'm done stressing over this election…On to the future at this point I don't care who the president is…I don't get to meet this person,I don't get to hangout with this person,(speeches and brief appearances)don't count. At the end of the day it's his job to manage this country…Only people who can make this country better and help it recover is "US" or did we all forget what US stood for…Take a look in the mirror and stop finger pointing… I've fallen victim to the government plenty of times but it's up to me to fix it not them!!! Think realistically if China giving the lowest price to make products why would any CEO pay higher rates for the same product?? Romney couldn't beat out McCain in 07…Then McCain got walloped by Obama…If I recall Hillary was available in 07 but dropped out cause she wasn't getting the proper support…But like I said before the economy was gonna plunge regardless of who's president…As it will get worse and harder in 2013

  92. Stephanie Gray

    I can only guess you are getting your info from Fox "News". Or maybe Rush……..Either way, your an idiot.
    Do some of your own research, you might actually find out how incredibly wrong you are. You should at least be questioning why Fox is the only one blowing this up.

  93. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Stephen Cox – who cares? When Bloomberg and the Right wing conservative magazine The Economist endorse Obama, then we know for sure (if there was ever any doubt) that Romney is just an empty suit.

  94. Stephanie Gray

    Here's the difference Steve, the reason it pisses people off about Romney running away to France, is he was one
    of the one's pushing for the war and the draft. Do you not see the difference? Obama voted AGAINST the war in Iraq. I know there is no talking common sense to you, since you have chosen to defend Romney, but I had to give it a shot.

  95. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Ms. Moynihan – Fiscal intelligence? Do you know what economists and business leaders are saying about your vulture capitalist daddy? No? Well, go read for a change. Because Mittens numbers just don't add up. Like it or not, the US economy is doing better and has actually grown by 2%. You complain about insignificant stuff like how the President pronounces some word but have you ever heard Mittens pronounce the word "federal"? Oh and lets not forget Bush and his pronunciation. Besides I wouldn't go there if I were you because your writing sucks. Debate? I guess you weren't paying attention to all the lies coming out of Mittens mouth. Cover-up? That would be the Bush Gang. Get a clue!!!

  96. John Jackson

    Tuesday isn't very far from now and we will soon see that I am correct.. If Romney wins, I hope he suceeds as President. I am not like Mitch McConnell and many hating republicans who want somebody to fail just cause they are on the other political side. If Romney wins I hope he has a good presidency. If Romney wins, I guess I was wrong…which Im not..Obama will win.

    PS. I never make excuses. If I am incorrect, than i guess Im just incorrect…we will know soon enough.

  97. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Ann- go back to school or easier still, go read the conservative magazine, The Economist. See what they have to say about your daddy. Or just listen to Bloomberg; he's a businessman, too.

  98. Stu Mills

    I never heard of this rag before, and now I see why. It's written for useful idiots. You know, the fools who parrot the Democrat talking points verbatim. If it weren't for the fact that my country's future, and my children's future are at stake, I would actual get a kick out of seeing the twits on this site get the government they wish for and so rightly deserve.

  99. Ann Moynihan

    albukirkee P-LEASE … have u heard of such a thing as an accent? What u have raised is not a case of incorrect pronunciation … it's simply an accent issue. If Bush pronounced it as you indicate he did, he was simply using his/your American accent. If Obama pronounced it how u say he did, that's fine too. Like I said, it has NOTHING to do with pronunciation. Now who's looking stupid? Besides, I was talking about Obama not Bush and how Obama repeatedly mispronounced 'corps'. Just expect someone in his position to get that one right is all I was saying.

  100. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Lynda Cook – here is the short course: gas prices have nothing to do with who's President. Canada has been energy independent for decades and their gas prices are about $4/gal. That's because gas prices are set by the global market. The other two questions can be answered with one name: Bush. Two wars and tax cuts to the rich have been extremely detrimental to the US economy. You want Presidential? Then don't vote for someone who can't take a trip overseas without putting both feet in his mouth; don't vote for a lying, flip-flopping opportunist who won't release his tax returns and hides millions in the Cayman Islands so he doesn't have to pay his fair share. Benghazi is upsetting to you? Then the INNOCENT 3,000 dead during 911 and another 3,000 dead in Iraq should really have you fuming. Romney's number DO NOT add up; he would have us in a military war with Iran and a war of a different sort with China. He's a pandering, spineless, lying pagan member of a cult who doesn't believe in the Lilly Ledbetter Act or in America, just in himself. He'll say anything you want him to say-a puppet controlled by Donald Trump and others of his ilk. Get off the couch and research for yourself you may learn something.

  101. Ann Moynihan

    Joe Wilmot So now it's down to RELIGION is it? You people are even more stupid than originally thought. For crying out loud – vote for someone who is going to IMPROVE YOUR ECONOMY, GET YOU JOBS, HELP YOUR CHILDREN GET A BETTER START, GET SOME OF YOUR PEOPLE OFF DEPENDENCY, HELP THEM FEEL THE JOY OF SELF SUFFICIENCY!!! and you talk about RELIGION? It's not a president you need … you need a brain surgeon!

  102. Stephanie Gray

    Ann, your right about all the things we should and do want, it's why we are voting for OBAMA! That's exactly what he HAS and IS giving us! You will not get that from Romney, that I am sure of.

  103. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    To each his own but Mormonism is not a religion; it's a cult. Personally, I wouldn't vote for a Mormon. The inverted pentagrams and other pagan symbols in their temples plus the fact that they believe Jesus is Satan's brother, that Mary had sex with God, White Horse prophecy, polytheistic, their special underwear, etc, etc is enough for me, thanks. But aside from all that, Romney is probably the worst Presidential candidate EVER!

  104. Stephanie Gray

    Damaris, I love your comments, and you are obviously well informed also. Gotta ask, after the Mittens comment,
    are you a Stephanie Miller fan? Not the only place I get my info, but it could help alot of people on this page to watch.

  105. Jim Anderson

    Steve, Youv'e been drinking to much if the cool aid. For starters Obama was leading the free word while you were doing your part to assure his efforts weren't in vain. Mit does NOT fit into that catagory, I can relate to this because I served our country long before you had the opportunity. If you don't beleive the unions took a hit when GM restuctured you were not paying attention. If you beleive the unions should have been disolved and all wages lowered to appease the right you are not an american patriot rather under some type of right wing vodoo spell. The american dream was built by visionaries like Rockefeller, Vanderbuilt , Ford, any many others however those men all conspired to control the american economy and supress the american dream for 100's of thousands of hard working americans. To this day republican policies are geared toward keeping the wealthiest americans just that and the middle class american paying the way. The really sad part is very few Republicans benifit from their platform,rather are driven by long held and deeply rooted prejudices.

  106. Anonymous

    Romney flip flops so much it has the american people shaking their head "NO". Say NO to the Republican party of NO and vote YES to Obama and the Democratic party. Mitt is like Charlie Brown, he is wishy washy.

  107. Katie Rae

    Goodbye Mittens, gooodnight tea party, the republicans who cant adapt to a changing society need to go back to the 19th century and take romneys foreign policy with you please.

  108. Katie Rae

    Goodbye Mittens, gooodnight tea party, the republicans who cant adapt to a changing society need to go back to the 19th century and take romneys foreign policy with you please.

  109. Stephanie Gray

    Me too. I'm a political junkie. I wish some on this page would watch something other than Fox "News". U can tell by the comments, it's the only thing they are watching. Scary. I watch and listen to both sides just to know exactly what bullshit they are quoting, lot of it straight out of the mouths of Glenn Beck, Rush……..on and on. Reading could be helpful too…….try it sometime righty's, u might learn something.

  110. Stephanie Gray

    Me too. I'm a political junkie. I wish some on this page would watch something other than Fox "News". U can tell by the comments, it's the only thing they are watching. Scary. I watch and listen to both sides just to know exactly what bullshit they are quoting, lot of it straight out of the mouths of Glenn Beck, Rush……..on and on. Reading could be helpful too…….try it sometime righty's, u might learn something.

  111. James C Iezzi

    wow some of u need help go see a doctor and get the help just because u hate obama u don't need to tell others to put a gun to our head and shoot ourselves lol mitt romney made promises in mass as governor and failed doing what he promise and if he gets president he will fail too hes no better then obama and I know that is a true fact put people down getsa u nowhere in life when tuesday comes it will end and obama will get 4 more years and I be glad because all u pecker heads can kis my bum bum because I will winn and all the others like me that voted for obama will not feel bad for who votes for romney hes a looooser obama 2008-2016.

  112. Steve Andersen

    Joshua Petras , Jim, Stephanie, Lynda et al. It is so fun to debate the irrational and since this is friday, I need some fun to start the weekend. Joshua, we all know there was no draft for Obama and if you could read you would see my statement above stated "People serve there country in many different ways!!!! No where did I talk about O dodging a non existent draft. Stephanie at least understood that point. Lynda – actually for most of my military time O chose to serve as a community organizer and senator. Good for him. In his first 2 years in office with both the senate and congress, my friends died because of the stupid rules of engagement, that Bush had also. Lynda – if you still believe his statement to the fundraisers was not speaking about voters he will not be able to persuade because they want freebies, then you have are the one with wool over your eyes. Stephanie – You criticize Romney because he got deferments from a draft yet you believe others should be given that opportunity or should everyone be forced to enlist? This is a mute point without a draft and the fact we will never need one in the future because many young people want to serve (both my daughter and son). Jim – thank you for your service. You make a weak straw man argument. I never stated unions should be dissolved so I can not answer your invalid argument. According to all news reports non-union workers took a shave while unionized workers benefits stayed in place. Please check Delphi!!!! Your second to last statement is interesting in that the wealth gap under BOTH dem and rep Prez has widened so you are correct if you include democrats. Your last statement can be reworded and proved by recent stats that the Democratic policies have NOT benefitted the poor and have in fact HURT the black community.

  113. Ann Moynihan

    Damaris, give's a break! Did you really say the US economy is doing better? Better than what/who? Portugal? Italy? Greece? Spain? Oh my goodness. Your economy sucks! Step back a little and you may be able to see the forest for the trees, if u know what I mean; but perhaps not, since you've concluded my writing sucks. Didn't know I was writing an essay for analysis. And no, I'm not 5. Let's just say that I'm old enough to feel disappointed that you have used this discussion to launch a personal attack on me. What's up with that then, or is that what some of you democrats do when someone has a different opinion to your own? One final thing @ albukirkee – no-one, like no-one, should be above correction! It's how we all learn and improve. I'm through with this discussion so you can say what u like. I will not be responding. Got better things to do.

  114. Jim Anderson

    Lynda Cook Carruth You must be joking right? Calling people idiots when you think this is the worst economy this country has ever faced?? This statement speaks for itself. When Obama took off ice our econamy was loosing 800,000 jobs a month!! Did you see the jobs report this morning,if not perhaps you should take a look. For your benifit a free lesson in economics,the president of the united states does not control gas prices in a free market society such as ours. You must be thinking of North Korea .Any chance you have funds in the stock market? I seriously dought it but just in case you might want the weigh your portfolio today vs what it was when Obama took office. I can't wait to wath fox news after Tuesday, a lot of teary eyes and claims of voter fraud is my guess. And oh ya – nice try with voter suppression.

  115. Lynda Cook Carruth

    @James Vineyard… Stop protecting your Obama phone!!!! Your WRONG ABOUT OBAMA BEING PRESIDENTIAL. I don't think he's knows everything ( believe me he doesn't know much) but it was ok for him to LIE to the american people about Benghazi?

  116. Fran Moran Lomas Tintelnot

    Why would Obama want a timetable??? He hasn't done anything on time yet!

  117. Fran Moran Lomas Tintelnot

    Excuse me? You don't know what you are talking about. It is Obama who is in love with those people, he hates Americans, no matter what race you are, he has only one goal that he is working towards and if you haven't went back and listened to his speeches before he was elected, then you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  118. Lynda Cook Carruth

    @ Mark Fuentes! You democrates are famous for name calling… you must get it from your president. If the economy was in such bad shape when he took office why were gas prices lower four years ago then they are now? He hasn't done anything to lift regulations or done anything to start drilling.

  119. Linda Davis

    @ Phil first I want to thank you for your service during an extremely difficult time in our country's history. Secondly, I want to thank you for your comment, which was unfortunately lost on the unenlightened. Finally, President Obama was born in 1961 which would have made him Oh, five to eight years old during 1966-1969, as to what he was doing at that time I think he was doing whatever his mother told he to do at that age like everyone else.

  120. Kevin Stanfield

    Lynda, guess what the economy was in the worst condition when your hero W was in office. President Obama takes over, gets handed a plate full of shit, the republicans say its your problem now and instead of trying to help clean up the mess that they created, they basically say were in no way shape or form gonna help you fix the mess that we the REPUBLICANS created. We hope you fail, and if you can't fix this mess were gonna blame all on you. Lynda, this is called reality, or the real World. Republicans never, ever take any responsibility for anything.

  121. James Curry

    I'm glad to hear that, we both believe our man will win, yet we don't have to hate on each others candidate. If President Obama wins, I wish him the best.

  122. Anonymous

    I can't stand obama.the only things he did right was the auto bailouts and kill obl.. bailing out idiots that bought stuff they couldn't afford and banks that lent them money was stupid.why be in afganistan another minute? only mitt is a worse choice.

  123. Anonymous

    AND ANOTHER THING.what happened to the christian right? for decades they were jusus this, jesus that, bible is #1."If u don't believe in every word in the bible your wrong" "obamas a muslim" muslims are bad"" NOW THEY ARE WILLING TO ELECT A MORMON? wtf? jesus is a bigger deal in islam than in mormonism. that's why muslims don't make fun of jesus like we do islam.its not permitted. the christian right is such a joke.scumbag money grubbers.i can't stand obama but man.they couldn't do better than mitt? pat robertson, tbn,, support mitt? could it be because there all millionaires and billionaires?

  124. Damaris E. Vila Velez

    Ann – did you read what you wrote? "No-one, like no-one should be above correction" (your words) but you rant because I say your writing sucks? Have you had your meds today, sweetie? Do you read the news or actually follow politics? Maybe you're getting your information a couple of months late down under. You really aren't making much sense….kinda sad you won't be writing funny stuff anymore-ba, bye.

  125. Frank Bennett

    tracy, if Oblama had his mothers genes and was light skinned with curly blond hairs and blue eyes would you still love him??? you are such a racist hypocrite…we all know that if Romney wins, you and your
    "soul sisters" wont be getting free handouts any more and you will have to turn in your Oblama cell phones.
    At Phil Enegess, where the hell do you think Oblama served??? …keep your head up your ass and help this wannabe dictator get reelected, being a small business owner, you are quickly going to find out exactly what your dictators health care is going to cost you…assuming you are a vet, i cant even believe you would think about voting for a coward who sat and watched 4 americans die??? im glad people like you werent in my squad…..he will answerr for this one day whether he is reelected or not…im ashamed to call people such as you Americans…btw.. your buddy Blill Clinton fled to Canada,,why cant you face the truth about that??

  126. Louie Metz

    Thats just it I voted for Gore in 2000, and I thought lets see what Bush jr. does, I wanted him to succeed because it would be good for the country, so why would I want him to fail that would mean that the U.S. failed. He ran as a compassionate conservative and I thought that sounds alright keep an open mind, Wow what a disaster this guy was, even Republicans hated his failure, but what did you conservatives do when Obama took office?; Instant hate campaign withall of you conservatives lining up behind Limbaugh singing the "hope Obama fails chorus" ,therein lies the difference you Republicans want anyone who is a Democrat to fail just because he has a D next to his name whether he does good for the country is irrelevant.

  127. Linda Davis

    Stephanie Gray Thank you, Obviously there are individuals who have not respect for the fact that it was the Vietnam Veterans who were treated so badly by their own Country. This taught America never to send their people into harms way again without the love and support of their nation, no matter how they personally felt about what they were sent to do. Every veteran who served after Vietnam has benefited from this lesson. They were never made to feel ashamed of serving their country. When you are consumed with that much hate there is not much one is capable of understanding. There is no reasoning with hatred and ignorance.

  128. Dean Hunter

    All those stories Romney cites about his experience as a Governor of Mass offered up as proof of how he knows the magic formula of how to fix everything. Ha when he left Mass. was in a mess, and even now he lags in the polls in his home state by more than 32 points just about as bad as has ever been seen, and that is where the people have some proof and not just a bunch of of his fabricated "bull" to use to make their judgement. Most of the success stories he cites are absolute fabrications, and even his business experience was raiding companies and driving them into the ground so he could bennefit from their failures, and/or transfer operations off shore where a huge part of his fortune lies to this day. The man does not care about the typical American other than as an opportunity to be used for his personal gain. Now his ego wants to acquire "President" for his sake not for ours, but he needs our votes to acauire than, so he will say anything to fool us, but never even offer up one element of his "plan" other than it starts with huge tax cuts for him. Yet another round of Bush who right now is in the Camen Islands giving speaches to other rich fat cats on how to avoid taxes, and rape the U.S. to gain personal forturnes, but not for the people. All of the people advising Romeny right now are ex Bush aides. Wow! we really got screwed by bush, and now we are about to get fooled by Romney for an even bigger raid. How dumb can those who have drank the FOX new punch be?

  129. Louie Metz

    Ann were you as a child, left on the side of the road to fend for yourself and thats how you've acquired this great passion for self sufficiency and you can't wait till we get a government like yours in New Zealand where, oh wait New Zealand has single payer health-care and a great social safety net; so you really have no idea what its like to be out of luck in a country without those things and you should really stop yelling at people in all caps its annoying.

  130. John Jackson

    As I watch Sunday Night Football, I realize that its less than 48 hours till we are confirming the correctness of my words.Whether you are voting for Willard or Barack…get out and vote.

  131. Steve Rennings

    Romney is an Idiot, and a Liar. He is another Bush and he was the one to bankrupt this country. Bush stole the election twice, and was in charge of the voting machines in both elections in the states he needed to win. Romney is also in charge of them this time, and he will just say whatever he thinks what will win the race. People are pissed at Obama because of lack of action in Congress. These people fail to see you have a Democratic President with a Republican controlled Congress! Obama never lied but Romney does! Just a question to women-why in the hell would you support Romney? he wants control over your body and your rights. I am a male and I am straight, but if you are gay and want to get married then you should have the right to. Abortion is nobody's business and there is nothing wrong with being Pro choice. Obama is both.

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