Rihanna and Drake split, and now she's allegedly jealous of his reported romance with Jennifer Lopez.

Rihanna Reportedly ‘Jealous,’ Hoped To Rekindle Drake Romance Before Jennifer Lopez ‘Happy’ Hookup

Although Jennifer Lopez and Drake are earning descriptions such as “really happy” in their new romance, his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who also is supposedly a close friend of J. Lo’s, allegedly is upset by their fling and had hoped to rekindle her own romance with the rapper. Moreover, Rihanna “can’t believe that her ex-boyfriend” has become involved with “someone like Jennifer,” according to sources cited by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Reportedly informing family and close friends that Drake ranks as her “one true love,” Rihanna secretly had hopes that the two could reignite the flames of their romance, claim the insiders. And despite the on-again, off-again nature of their relationship, Rihanna “knows that one day she’ll ultimately end up spending the rest of her life with him,” according to those sources, who also revealed Rihanna’s alleged envy of Drake and Lopez.

Drake kisses Rihanna on stage.
Drake kisses Rihanna on stage. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

“[Rihanna] is completely jealous over their relationship.”

But while that’s how Rihanna allegedly feels, Drake and Lopez are sending out signals like a couple truly in love, with their intimate cuddle session photos surprising their followers on Instagram. Rihanna reportedly unfollowed Jennifer after the canoodling pictures went viral.

At this point, although there is speculation that Rihanna might be plotting a “new revenge song,” she is “absolutely devastated” over the romance between her ex-boyfriend and her supposed pal, according to the insiders.

In addition, an insider told Hollywood Life that the photo of her ex-boyfriend and J. Lo hugging “made Rihanna sick to the point where she wanted to throw her phone down three flights of stairs.”

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However, the source also claimed that Rihanna “is just glad it’s not her falling for this BS,” alleging that the “only thing” the rapper has “ever been good at is talking a good game and never following through.”

As for whether Drake might have any lingering feelings for Rihanna?

The rapper just dissed Rihanna on New Year’s Eve, according to the Daily Beast. During a performance at an event on New Year’s Eve at a Vegas hot spot, his DJ played the Rihanna song “Work.”

But as that collaboration between Rihanna and her ex played, Drake threw shade at Rihanna with his proclamation.

“That was an old vibe.”

The rapper then reportedly ordered the DJ to switch the track at the event, which included sightings of Jennifer partying and reportedly dancing on tables. Lopez allegedly even canceled her own $1 million New Year’s Eve performance in Miami to be there for her boyfriend. When it comes to how Rihanna is feeling at this point about J. Lo, she reportedly viewed her as a “mentor and friend of hers, and considers it strange that she’s chosen to date her recent ex,” noted the media outlet.

Rihanna and Drake delighted fans when they performed together, but now he's dating her supposed pal Jennifer Lopez.
Rihanna and Drake delighted fans when they performed together, but now he’s dating her supposed pal Jennifer Lopez. [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Rihanna and Drake have a long history together ranging from lighthearted (shark tattoos that match) to dark (he reportedly became involved in a “bottle-throwing match” with Rihanna’s boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown, in 2012), according to the media outlet. However, Rihanna and Drake reportedly split in October.

Now, leaving Rihanna behind, Drake has moved on with Jennifer, and a source cited by Yahoo described their feelings for each other.

“Jennifer and Drake seem really happy.”

Although there have been reports that Lopez’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Casper Smart is attempting to woo her back, the source revealed that the one “certain” element in J. Lo’s romantic life is that “there is no way she is going back to” Smart. The actress/songstress “moved on months ago,” added the insider.

“[Casper Smart] keeps trying to convince her he should have another chance but that door closed months ago,” emphasized the source. “That door is not only closed, it’s sealed.”

In contrast, the door is open when it comes to the rapper and Lopez, reported People, citing a source who revealed that he has visited her home and that she has “nothing but nice things to say” about her new boyfriend.

“Jen is looking forward with excitement to the new year. She keeps hanging out with Drake.”

The insider revealed that she “loves the attention,” and appears to be “very happy to be spending time with him,” noting that he is “very charming,” treating Jen “with lots of respect.”

“She seems very smitten,” summed up the source.

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