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Camilla Belle: Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend Has History Dating Chaste Celebrities

Camilla Belle: Tim Tebow's New Girlfriend Has History Dating Chaste Celebrities

Camilla Belle is making headlines since she was identified as Tim Tebow’s new girlfriend, but dating a famously chaste celebrity is nothing new for the actress.

The Push actress once dated Joe Jonas, splitting up with the self-proclaimed virgin in 2009. Now Camilla Belle has moved on to date Tim Tebow, with a source confirming to Us Weekly that she is dating the 25-year-old Jets quarterback.

Camilla Belle was spotted with Tim Tebow at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida, TMZ reported. The couple was seen bowling with friends and showing affection.

“They were grabbing kisses and holding hands,” a source told Us Weekly about Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle. “He put his arm around her a few times.”

Camilla Belle’s dating preferences were noted by Pop Blend writer Mack Rawden:

“If Camilla sounds familiar to you, it’s probably for one of three reasons. 1) She’s an actress with a slew of credits to her name including Push, Jurassic Park 2, When A Stranger Calls and 10,000 BC. 2) She is smoking hot. 3) She apparently has a thing for people who want to stay a virgin until marriage. Belle was in a high profile relationship with Joe Jonas back in 2008-2009, and considering there aren’t that many high profile male virgins in Hollywood, that seems like more than a coincidence.”

Camilla Belle hasn’t spoken publicly about her date with Tim Tebow but did share a hint to Twitter followers. On the day of her date, she posted a picture of an arcade, the setting of her date with the quarterback.

Camilla Belle may not have spoken about her romance with Tim Tebow, but a representative for the actress did confirm to TMZ that they’re a couple.

(Photo: TMZ)

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    Just tell me what you think is wrong with him instead of calling him a tool ?

  2. Ashley Sanford

    Kevin Wayne Gianvito who are YOU to tell someone their God isn't real, and not like them for it? I swear people like you are a trip smh.

  3. Kevin Wayne Gianvito

    Ok Ashely Sanford… Show me where the hell he or she is.. I cant touch , see, hearing, or talking with him. So no You people are a trip.. I use my 5 senses .. You should to !

  4. Ashley Sanford

    Can you touch air? can you see air? can you hear air? can you talk to air? Yet you're still alive. Just because you're "5 senses" cant detect God, doesn't mean he does not exist.

  5. Angela Dare

    Open your heart and eyes he lives in me and surrounds me. When you look into my eyes you'll see God. I'm truly sorry you have not had a spiritual awakening. You are not a happy camper, God can help you with that.

  6. Rebecca Walker Biggs

    Ok this has nothing to do with God, I'm being totally selfish because I'm jealous…no religious reason, man…everyone wants to get so serious. And NO I do not this hes a tool…obviously!

  7. Ashley Sanford

    One thing I'v learned is arguing or debating with ignorance, that person will win only buy experience. Also people looking in from the outside cant tell the difference, Good day I'll pray for you Kevin.

  8. Kevin Wayne Gianvito

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  10. Kevin Wayne Gianvito

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  12. Angela Dare

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  13. Mark Forrette

    I agree that Tim Tebow is Overrated! I feel that his "high-Profile" "Tebowing" is "Ostentatious Prayer" which the BIBLE and Jesus Christ are NOT COOL WITH! But attacking Christians for their belief I ALSO Disagree with! I'm the kind of Hard-Headed Westerner who has always had to take it on "Faith" that God and Heaven Exist. Until I literally DIED on The U.S.M.C. Quantico, Virginia Base during a FAST FIVE MILE RUN! I was IN THE CLOUD! I was ON The Doorstep! I think that Tebow's "Public Praying" by kneeling is a bit MUCH! But, Hell..It's HIS LIFE! There are LOTS of very QUIET Christians like myself who BELIEVE and ACT like a Christian but avoid PUBLIC PRAYER! GOD Exists! So Does HEaven! I darn near GOT THERE! If you have any questions then: TELL IT TO THIS MARINE!

  14. Pete Beltran

    Congratulations Tim for having Camille Belle your new girlfriend. God bless you both.

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