Jyoti And Kiran Matharoo

Jyoti And Kiran Matharoo: Popular Instagram Sisters Admit To Sex With 100 Rich Nigerian Men – Arrested For Billionaire’s Blackmail

To scroll through the Instagram accounts of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo is to view photos of seeming Instagram models who are living the high life. Both Jyoti’s and Kiran’s Instagram pages featured loads of photos with expensive shoes, pricey jewelry, and a variety of fashionable clothing being worn in luxurious locales aboard luxury yachts and the like. However, the last time both of the Matharoo sisters Instagram pages were updated was two weeks ago.

That’s because both Jyoti and Kiran have been arrested, according to the Toronto Star. The Matharoo sisters hail from Toronto — but Jyoti and Kiran found themselves under arrest in Lagos, Nigeria. Both Matharoo sisters are being accused of being escorts and using their beauty and feminine wiles to attract rich Nigerian men. However, one of those Nigerian billionaires wouldn’t play the alleged cyber-bullying and extortion game that the Matharoo sisters allegedly tried to play against him.

The Instagram account named kiran_matharoo currently has 949 posts, along with 16,700 Instagram followers. It’s an Instagram account that is collecting some nasty comments from Instagram followers who know the situation of the Matharoo sisters.

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Jyoti and Kiran allegedly tried to blackmail Femi Otedola, with the Matharoo sisters reportedly attempting to blackmail Femi by claiming they’d publish proof of Otedola cheating on his wife on Jyoti and Kiran’s website, the now removed Naijagistlive.com, which still has some content alive in the Google Cache of the website. The Facebook page titled Naija Gist Live posted updates such as the following on April 25, perhaps representative of some of the social media fights that the sisters allegedly engaged in with others, as reported by Newser. Some of those fights included Instagram fights with the wives of rich Nigerian men, reports the publication. The following advice seemed to be aimed at other women who wanted to make money off of men.

“Yo if sucking d*** is your business at least fix your gargoyle teeth & lisp! These h*** thinking they out here winning getting paid in food & drink. #povertymentality No home, no car, no bed frame, no red bottoms, no brand name items whatsoever, no dental care, no shame. You would have more with a full time job plus dental benefits, just a suggestion.”

In the meantime, Femi is a billionaire worth $1.8 billion, made in the energy sector, according to Forbes list of 2016 billionaires.

As little as three weeks ago, the Instagram account named jyotimaxharoo, which has 3,524 posts and 37,900 Instagram followers as of this writing, posted the following photo, which won lots of praise from her followers.

[ exhale ] ????

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Jyoti and Kiran ran the NaijaGistLive.com website and reportedly cyber-bullied people via the website and Instagram and other social media websites. Both Matharoo sisters loved the nightlife, as reported by BuzzFeed. However, their ride came to an end after threatening to expose Femi — with an investigation into the Otedola situation revealing that Jyoti and Kiran allegedly tried to get money out of Femi if he didn’t pay them in order to avoid exposure.

After appearing in court on December 23, as reported by the Daily Dot, Jyoti and Kiran were arrested and later arraigned, according to Jalupon. Both Matheroos sisters allegedly taped themselves as they had sex and spoke with rich men — and later threatened to upload the evidence onto their website. Not only were both Otedola and his wife Nana bothered, but their daughter DJ Cuppy, was allegedly harassed as well. According to Newser, Jyoti and Kiran are being called high-class escorts, with Nigerian police saying that Jyoti and Kiran admitted to engaging in sex with 100 wealthy Nigerian men.

It is not known when Jyoti and Kiran will return to updating their Instagram accounts — whether it is before their next January 2017 court date, or after their jail stint is done.

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