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Nicole Kidman Says She ‘Barely Knew’ Keith Urban On Their Wedding Day

Nicole Kidman has admitted that she “barely” knew Keith Urban on their wedding day, according to Music News. The 49-year-old Eyes Wide Shut actress surely has a story or two to tell about her 10-year marriage with the singer.

Nicole Kidman and Urban met more than a decade ago – in 2005 – at a Hollywood event honoring Australians. The two quickly tied the knot within less than a year after they first met. In her interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, Kidman admitted that they had to get to know each other throughout their marriage.

Nicole Kidman also revealed that “everyone thought it was a huge mistake” that the actress was getting married to Urban. Saying that they “barely” knew each other on their wedding day, the Before I Go to Sleep actress adds that it was “up and down” for the first three months of their marriage.

“We’ve been through a lot in the past 10 years, but we’re stronger than ever.”

Nicole Kidman says part of the reason she fell in love with Urban was that he’s an Australian.

“I met and fell in love with an Australian man in America – what are the chances?”

The Eyes Wide Shut actress also noted that they had so much in common – the mutual love of “good coffee,” the same taste in music and their shared love for rock band Cold Chisel, the beach, the sun, and, of course, Triple J radio.

“He still calls me his ‘Aussie girlfriend.’ I love that.”

Nicole Kidman and Urban are currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, and live in a house with their daughters: 8-year-old Sunday Rose and 5-year-old Faith Margaret. However, the lovebirds returned to their native Australia for the holiday season.

Nicole Kidman also revealed that they never buy gifts for one another. However, their daughters apparently want to break that rule as they prepared a list of requests for the holiday season, including American Girl dolls and candy.

Their daughters will also have to decide which charity Nicole Kidman and her husband will donate some of their money to, the actress recently shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Nicole Kidman opened up about how her husband had helped her recover from the loss of her father back in 2014, according to Sounds Like Nashville. The actress told CBS Sunday Morning that Urban showed his immense devotion by dropping everything to support her after the sudden passing of her father.

Nicole Kidman said that it was the moment when she needed her husband by her side the most. Urban supported the actress through her loss and proved that no challenges or tragedies could stand in the way of their love and passion.

“I had a husband that came right back. I called him screaming and crying, and he was about to go on stage and he walked off stage, and he got on a plane.”

Despite the fact that he had just gotten there, Nicole Kidman says her husband dropped everything and flew six hours back to return to her. The actress says her husband “literally picked me up” and “pretty much carried me through the next two weeks.”

Although Nicole Kidman says the tragedy had “shattered her beyond belief,” her husband’s support helped her get back on her feet. The Australian actress also revealed why she considers her home in Nashville to be the perfect place.

Nicole Kidman revealed that Urban had taken her to Nashville as soon as they first met. And when they went to a place called Leiper’s Fork 30 minutes away from his house, the actress admits thinking, “Oh, I so hope he asks me to marry him, and I can live here.” And he did. And she said “Yes.”

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