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Nick Viall Brags He Can Get ‘Any Woman’ He Wants, Thinks He’s God Of ‘The Bachelor’ Says Friend Of Reality TV Star

Blogger Reality Steve is dishing dirt about The Bachelor’s Nick Viall in a tell-all interview with a woman who admits that she has had some “close interactions” with the software salesman turned reality TV star on “more than one occasion.”

Who is Steve’s source, how well does she know Nick, and what does she have to say about the 36-year-old Wisconsin native who will start handing out roses on ABC’s reality TV series on January 2, 2017?

Here is some rather interesting information about the upcoming season that will have many fans wondering if Nick is really in it for love or is more interested in keeping his name in lights.

Nick Viall The Bachelor 2017
‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall [Image by ABC Television Network]

Although many fans absolutely love the idea of having Nick as the franchise’s 21st Bachelor star, TV Lust writer Abby Draper has had the chance to get to know Nick during his time on the Bachelor franchise shows and during their get-togethers says that she considered him a friend.

What Abby has to say may shock fans who think he is looking for a bride-to-be.

On Monday, blogger Reality Steve released his fourth podcast about the upcoming season of The Bachelor, and Abby was one of the guests who came on to dish about Nick. Days prior to the release of the podcast, Steve posted a video (watch the video below) that features a clip of the conversation he had with Abby and the teaser was just enough to get fans talking about Nick’s true intentions. You can listen to the full podcast below.

Abby told Reality Steve that when she met with Nick after his appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, he talked about what a “manly-man” he is and “how he can get any woman and thinks he is the God of the Bachelor.”

“He very, very, very much loves himself… He knows when to cry at the camera and when to laugh. He knows what he’s doing… I don’t think he’s here to find love at all. I think he’s here for another stint on television… he’s trying his best to stay in the spotlight.”

And that’s not all that Abby had to say about Nick. The full podcast revealed some details about Nick that aren’t particularly flattering to the former Chicago-based software salesman who now models for Wilhelmina and lives in L.A.

Bachelor Nick Viall
‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall [Image by ABC Television Network]

Amy tells Steve that she has spent time with Nick to talk about the previous seasons he has appeared on. She revealed that she had a soft spot with Nick but it’s unfortunate to report that “Nick’s ego is not a joke.”

“He believes he will be the best Bachelor and will change Bachelor nation. He was just so eager to talk poorly about other people. Some of the things he said about contestants from Andi and Kaitlyn’s seasons were just mind blowing.”

Amy went on to say that “it’s all about Nick” when he sits down to have a conversation. During a brunch meeting, Amy revealed that Nick thanked her for finding a place where the paparazzi couldn’t find him and told her that he felt some people “use his name to get themselves ahead.”

Once ABC announced that Nick was picked to the newest star of the Bachelor, he contacted Amy and told her, “I think this is it – this is my time to shine. I get to kind of play puppeteer and select the women on my season.”

“I think he’s a decent guy,” Amy tells Reality Steve, “but he made it known that he runs the show.”

Warning: The Bachelor spoilers ahead, but the outcome of the show is not revealed.

Reality Steve has spoiled that contestants Corinne, Raven, Vanessa, and Rachel make the final four on Nick’s season. During the podcast, Amy said she was surprised they made it that far because she has gotten to know Nick over the past few years and they weren’t the type of girls she thought were a match for him.

“I was surprised Rachel went that far,” Amy states. “And surprised that Corinne was cast as the villain because they villains never make it that far.”

She made it clear that she feels that Nick came on the show to find another stint on television and not to find love, something that Reality Steve feels is an accurate assessment of the reason Nick took the Bachelor gig.

Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor premieres on January 2, 2017, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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