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Duggar Mom Gets A Makeover On ’19 Kids & Counting’

Duggar Mom Gets A Makeover On '19 Kids & Counting'

Duggar mom Michelle got a makeover for her 46th birthday, giving the very busy mother a chance to relax and enjoy herself.

The Duggar mom makeover was featured on the family’s reality show 19 Kids & Counting. Her family brought in childhood friend Cindy to help with the makeover, and Cindy noted that it’s been about 40 years since the Duggar mom tried out a new look, The Huffington Post noted.

For the Duggar mom makeover, Michelle chopped off eight inches of her hair, which she said was the most she ever cut off at one time. She also had her trademark curls straightened, leading her kids to tell her that the new look was great on her.

Her husband Jim Bob didn’t agree.

“I do like it longer,” he said, repeating it again for emphasis.

The Duggar mom apparently agreed with Jim Bob, as Michelle decided to return to her normal curly haired look shortly after the makeover.

Michelle Duggar’s mom makeover comes during a busy time for the family, though, with 19 children, there are likely few quiet moments. Michelle has campaigned for controversial Senate candidate Todd Akin, Jezebel noted, and has suggested that there could one day be a 20th addition to the family.

Earlier this year she told Today‘s Savannah Guthrie that she and husband Jim Bob are thinking about trying for more children.

“Not that I know of. We would love to, but we don’t today,” Michelle told Guthrie when asked if they had any big news to share.

What do you think of the Duggar mom’s makeover?

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118 Responses to “Duggar Mom Gets A Makeover On ’19 Kids & Counting’”

  1. Judy Goodwin Truex

    I think the new hairstyle was much more youthful and attractive. I've always wondered why she did't do something better with her hair. She also needs to let those pretty daughters dress in modern style. They look like they belong in a religious cult of some kind. Come on, Mom, you did'nt dress that dowdy at their age.

  2. Liz London

    funny, my cousin was just commenting lastnight when watching the show that she needed to do something different with her hair.

  3. Gwen Kurth

    I am glad she got rid of that dowdy look.her new look makes her look prettier and much younger.she has a very giving and loving family.

  4. Larry Lord

    Her husband Jim Bob didn’t agree.

    “I do like it longer,” he said, repeating it again for emphasis.

    then you wear YOUR hair long, jim bob…she should be able to wear HERS anyway she wants to.

  5. Larry Lord

    you mean,they DON'T belong to a religious cult? i thought that was why the women dressed dorky and they don't use birth control.

  6. Anonymous

    Jim Bob doesn't want the makeover, because a sexy look means she's on the prowl for someone else! He wouldn't like any style she picked because his "style" is the cult style!

  7. Cindy Spencer

    They do belong to "a religious cult of some kind". They follow a very strict fundamentalist christian lifestyle. They probably wouldn't associate with 'outsiders' if they didn't have to. The kids are homeschooled, the parents have a very patriarchal relationship, and they are only supposed to marry within their peers.

  8. Barbara Thayer

    Jim Bob does not believe in women's rights. To him women exist to please him and only him and he likes playing religious "master."

  9. Anonymous

    She looks great any way but I agree she looks better with longer curly hair, it makes her look younger..

  10. Karen Zisser

    She is an attractive women. Too bad her husband wants to keep her looking so dowdy.

  11. Bonnie Allsup

    she is very attractive no matter how she wears her hair after that many kids she still looks young a change once in awhile is good.

  12. Bonnie Allsup

    she is very attractive no matter how she wears her hair after that many kids she still looks young a change once in awhile is good.

  13. Cecelia Albrecht Stone

    Even though she is already an attractive woman, she looked so much better and younger after the make over.

  14. Tara Love

    The 20th is on it's way. There ought to be a law on how many children is too much. Geez. These people are just careless.

  15. Kathlene Michelle Barini

    maybe you should learn to spell….just a thought before you go around insulting people

  16. Cindy Spencer

    I guess that is a direction to the women to keep their "quivers" full of babies. The women are called on to be submissive to their husbands in all things. I do have to say, though, they seem to be a very happy family.

  17. Anonymous

    19 and still counting – you people are sick – what does a husband have to make for a salary to support all these people? I think you need to reassess your priorities – I find it hard to believe you have no govt. assistance. unbelievable – 19 kids – pack it in!

  18. Mona Daniels Royalty

    She looks waaaay bettter than her stuck in the past style. I only wish I had their MONEY for the "trip of a lifetime" they are going on. I only have 1 child and we cannot even afford to take him to Disney world, let alone 19 kids……PLUS Anna and her kids….half way around the world…LOL.. Also, how is it they..the Duggars do not "believe" in watching or havong TV's in their home, but are okay with PROFITING and making money from TV? Just kinda hypacrytical to me!

  19. Pat Svec Wollin

    Married people should respect each other's opinions, not try to control them. That's what Jim Bob does… controls everythings she does, says, wears, etc. C'mon, Michelle, join the 21st Century! You've needed a new updated stye for many years… now's the time!

  20. Pat Miller

    They're are a loving couple, and from all I've seen seem to be good parents. What they do is their business, and really none of ours! Now you want to bash somebody? Pick on octomom, she is the pits!

  21. Sharon Allsopp

    By the average akansas citizens income, the Duggers are wealthy and can afford them. Mrs. Dugger isn't raising or taking care of her children alone, she relies HEAVLY on the older children. Remember the show where 2 of the older girls were out of town, she was totaly exhausted and her husband said he couldn't wait for them to come back home and help take care of the little ones. If you can't take care them on your own, then don't have them.

  22. Cornelia H. Dunnings

    He has always seemed to me, to be a controlling husband and she a too submissive wife. Just saying. Whatever he wants, he gets.

  23. Audrey Richardson

    No re childen, the world is overful aready, when all the duggar children marry and have even more children it will.
    add many more people to feed. "We have to think of those coming after us.

  24. Kate Grossman

    obviously you don't know what you are talking about!!! they DO NOT belong to any type of religious cult, there is NOTHING WRONG with being a fundamentalist Christian, homeschooling is THE VERY BEST EDUCATION a child could receive, if you ever read a Bible you would learn that marriage is SUPPOSE to be a PATRIARCHAL relationship with the man being HEAD OF HOUSE and FAMILY, and marrying "within your peers" means your are marrying SOMEONE APPROXIMATELY YOUR OWN AGE!!!! It certainly doesn't mean you are marrying a family member !!! IDIOT!!! WHOSE BUSINESS IS IT HOW THEY LIVE??? They aren't living off any government assistance and have been blessed with their family life, children, home, business, and finances.

  25. Kate Grossman

    obviously you don't know what you are talking about!!! they DO NOT belong to any type of religious cult, there is NOTHING WRONG with being a fundamentalist Christian, homeschooling is THE VERY BEST EDUCATION a child could receive, if you ever read a Bible you would learn that marriage is SUPPOSE to be a PATRIARCHAL relationship with the man being HEAD OF HOUSE and FAMILY, and marrying "within your peers" means your are marrying SOMEONE APPROXIMATELY YOUR OWN AGE!!!! It certainly doesn't mean you are marrying a family member !!! IDIOT!!! WHOSE BUSINESS IS IT HOW THEY LIVE??? They aren't living off any government assistance and have been blessed with their family life, children, home, business, and finances.

  26. Sherri Casdorph Greene

    donna, I saw this episode last night and she looked about 1,000 times better….but for whatever reason, she goes back to that 1980 curly perm, I guess because Jim Bob likes it better that way….UGH!!!

  27. Kym Sheree Stephens

    I concur Larry..dang she had 19 kids for the man and counting and he still wants more? Can she have SOME control over her own body? She's DEF into pleasing her hubby but sheesh…Jim Bob..cut her some slack?

  28. Angie Dennison Fosnaugh

    They have to dress that way for their religion however I thought not cutting your hair was another of their "rules"??

  29. Cornelia H. Dunnings

    I've always thought that parents count too much on their older children to assist in raising their children…..I don't think thats fair to the older children. They are being forced to be 'parents', before their time; [even if that is all they know]. Sort of seems like indentured slavery/servitude.

  30. Neni Mehrhoff

    I agree! As for their children, they allow them to dress MODESTLY. What is wrong with not allowing your daughters to wear skimpy clothes. Oh you mean because they cannot wear jeans well, there are a lot of religions that prefer the girls/women to be in modest dresses but they also expect it out of the boys/men as well. Seems to me that a lot of people are hating on them because they are different. Well tough turkey because everyone is different and that is their right to practice their religion, and dress differently even if there are those who do not like it or think it archaic. Of course you would know that if you read the Bible…. just saying…

  31. Megan Rochelle Cowden Moreno

    I mean after so long you have to stop having kids my mom was her age when she had me and she had four alltogether by having less kids you have more time to yourself they just did it for fame I saw on a esposide when they had came to my city servierville tn and got to go to Dollywood for free meet Dolly Parton its crazy.

  32. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Reading the comments on here..I'm now starting to wonder if "Jim Bob" isn't "Jim Jones" reincarnate!

  33. Brianne Sorendo

    This shit's getting ridiculous. They said they wouldn't use birth control because it was "God's will" (after they had a miscarriage) but now they'll take Clomid? That's the SAME thing. Ridiculous.

  34. Kathleen O'Brien

    I agree! They are a good family and do lots of charity work in and out of their community..

  35. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    I was pregnant at age 30 w/my 2nd child. I decided to chop off all my hair. Easier to take care of w/2 children. I know, I'm one of 12 w/3 sets of twins. My Mother had her long hair done at the Beauty Shop every Saturday. Anyway, my Mother-in-law(strict Baptist) had the nerve to approach me, and say, "Did Mark give you permission to cut your hair?" "No, he didn't." "It's my hair." "He doesn't take care of it, I do along w/2 children." Mark is my husband. He had no problem w/it and understood where I was coming from. After the 80's, she and my Father-in-law lightened up quite a bit. She finally cut off all her hair at the age of 82, 1 year later, 2011, she passed away. She never had short hair except her final 1 year. Know what, she came to me, said, " I should have done this long time ago. So much easier to take care of."

  36. Mary Robb

    You would think if it made her happy, it would make Jim Bob happy – but, he truly does believe that he is the boss and the person in charge of everyone's life.

  37. Jennifer Rice

    Cornelia H. Dunnings – "Whatever he wants, he gets." Like 19+ kids? Insane…. These 2 are a subject that I can't even dwell on…..

  38. Cheryl Dennis

    I think Michelle Dugger is a very beautiful woman and Jim Bob is a joke. I think 19 children in most families would be to many but with the Duggers they can afford it. I mean they are self sustaining and do not get any help from the state of Arkansas or any other government agency so that being said if they want more children them let them have them.

  39. Kate Grossman

    No, Angie, they dress "that way" because they live a very modest life. They feel it isn't necessary to show off all the parts of their body to have a relationship with another person, especially a man. And there are several religions that "demand" a certain way to dress…..look at the freak muslims, covered from head to toe in black….talk about something ugly!!!

  40. Cindy Spencer

    Kate Grossman Ooooooooh, simmer down. All that anger! This is a forum to discuss opinions, not the people who express them. Take a deep breath.

  41. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    It is Angie. My Mother-in-Law was married to a very Strict Baptist Minister. She finally cut her hair off after he died, the year before she died at the age of 82. All her life, she had long hair. The women had to wear long dresses/skirts, wear long hair, no dancing, no TV, no to everything. They had their own school that was part of their Church. They live a sheltered lifestyle. I came into their lives meeting their 4 children, 3 in-laws and totally blew them away. I was raised a Methodist, non sheltered lifestyle, experienced life and made my own mistakes. But us 12 kids, had a very strict Mother who was detailed oriented, disciplined and a perfectionist. She taught us about life, common sense and God, along w/our Dad, but we had choices. If we made a mistake, we learned from it.

  42. Anonymous

    Cindy Spencer – Just because they choose to live and raise their children a certain way doesn't mean they're in a cult. If you watch the show a bit, you'd know that they DO mingle with what you call "outsiders" as all the grown children have jobs outside the home, and all are involved in community projects. Some of the boys AND girls are firefighters and emts, and a couple of the other girls are emts or first responders and such. I maybe wouldn't do everything the way they do it, but they are organized, clean, Christian people – and in this FREE country we live in – that's suppose to be ok! I hope to God it still is!

  43. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    They keep their women dowdy so other men aren't attracted to them. I know. Saw it in my Husbands families back in the late '70's and 80's.

  44. Jennifer Rice

    Why is it that some people seem to assume that if you don't want to dress like a "fundamentalist" & adhere to super-strict rules of a cultish nature that you haven't read the Bible? I've read the Bible – 4 times, in 3 languages & have studied as both a historical record & as the Word of God. I am a very Christian spiritual person with a very Biblical-modeled marriage, but I don't go around dressing like I'm on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. My daughters don't go around dressed like hookers, either, though. Of course, for the life of me, I can't find anywhere in the Bible where it says to practice a specific religion, not to dance, not to cut your hair, or for women to not wear pants, either….. I'm pretty certain that this gist of it is to worship God, believe that Christ died for our sins, treat your body as a temple & rejoice with music & dancing. Oh & to love one another & don't judge. Just saying….

  45. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    It is hypocritical. My in-laws, met them for the first time the summer of '77. Their TV screen was painted dark green. Why not throw it out?! Women wore dress/skirts, long hair, etc. I wasn't like that, nor was I ever gonna be.

  46. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    It is hypocritical. My in-laws, met them for the first time the summer of '77. Their TV screen was painted dark green. Why not throw it out?! Women wore dress/skirts, long hair, etc. I wasn't like that, nor was I ever gonna be.

  47. Melody Flame Howe-Goff

    Marriage is a 2 way street. Give and Take. Not one way, nor take, take, take like Jim Bob. There's submissive and then there's Slavery. Respect each others opinions, etc., completely. Unconditional Love. Evidently, Jim Bob doesn't know what that is.

  48. Elizabeth Crohare-Cooper

    I totally agree with you Mona. Just remember that they are not paying for the trip that most of us hard working Americans will probably never ever be able to afford…TLC is paying. I don't understand why they profit from T.V when they are not allowed to watch it themselves either. I think they need to stop having children too! Haven't they got the hint yet? And to Michelle….Loved your new hair style. Too bad you only listen to your husband and no-one else.

  49. Susan Madden Goodell

    Funny Kate how you jump all over someone for commenting on the Duggar's religion and how they dress, but you turn around and speak negatively towards Muslims and call them "freak" muslims and comment that they dress ugly. Shame on you.

  50. Susan Madden Goodell

    I agree with you Mona. In some ways the Duggars are no different than Kate gosslin, using the fact that they have more than the average size family to make money. In both cases, the children are being used for monetary profit.

  51. Susan Parks Cooper

    You, Kate Grossman, are a bigot. Freak Muslims? Seriously? Here you tell people to not judge the clown car vagina Michelle Duggar, and yet you call Muslims freaks. Hypocrite, thy name is Kate Grossman!

  52. Edgar Perez

    The wrong people reproduce all the time…..and reproduce in massive quantities, no wonder we don't progress.

  53. Diane Dailey

    With a name like "Jim bob" what do you expect. And 19 kids in this day and age. Get a life and put a helmet on that soldier!

  54. Margie Longaberger Huston

    It is a cult, Jim Bob is a religious freak, she is way to submissive, he is way too controlling, any woman that would have that many kids is a freak of nature.

  55. Margie Longaberger Huston

    It is our business when they keep having kids, the kids have kids, and so on and the show is cancelled and they are on welfare and who do you think the welfare and food stamps come from????

  56. Margaret A. Ferran

    Margie Longaberger Huston Actually the Duggars are very well off, Jimbob has a very successful tree service company and I think they own lots of real estate plus the money they get from TLC…but to exploit the kids and have more to keep the money coming from TLC is shameful, especially since she almost died from the last pregnancy as well as her child…but then they support Aiken who is a certified nut job who says with authority that women have this automatic thing that avoids pregnancy should they get rape, so there's no trying to convince anyone like that with logic and reasoning.

  57. Tammy Johnson

    I thought she looked much younger…she actually looked one of her older girls. It was like she was scared or nervous not to agree with his statement. At the salon she said she liked it, but you could see she would be worried about what he would think or say. I agree about the Jim Jones, after all he had a new style, why couldn't she?

  58. Helen Edwards

    Jim Bob and his wife are the HAPPIEST, MOST GIVING, AND HAVE THE BEST FUNCTIONING MARRIED AND FAMILY I have ever seen and that is because they live and do everything to please EACH OTHER AND THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM they are not selfish and want to please themselves AND NO THEY DO NOT BELONG TO A CULT, they are Christian people that want thier girls look like normal girls there is many verses in the Bible saying "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. There are millions of people in the USA and around the world that believe this way in fact there are women in many countries that are not Christians that dress in dresses and skirts and nobody accuse them in belonging to a cult, just because people like to have their own prefrence of what to wear and how to raise their children and how to wear their hair should not be a reason for some other individuel to label them and call them names and frankly I consider it hate and disrespect of their choices and freedom of how they want to be seen.

  59. Tricia SisterbigBones Smith-Lewis

    I just turned 46 and I have noticed my body making changes, Michelle needs to stop having babies, 19 babies and two grand kids are plenty…..But its her life not mines….After loosing their very first child and then this last child and the child before that is sickly, I think she should stop. but again its not my life….

  60. Susan Madden Goodell

    Why not give the new do a few days, live with it a while. I don't get JIMBOB when he says he likes it longer, it is STILL long. If maybe he could have kept his mouth shut, she could have actually kept that very attractive hair style. She looked 10 years younger. She has beautiful skin and is a gorgeous woman and that hairstyle just enhances her natural beauty.

  61. Kay Lewis Arrowood

    another ridiculous show about nothing, lets get rid of all the honey bobo's, kardashians, duggers, housewives shows, kate and her gang, the bad girls etc, and get back to some good tv!

  62. Rebecca Paul

    I have 4 children… the older 2 were 4 and 6 when I had the other 2 just 11 months apart. I did rely on the older two a lot. Not for housecleaning or diaper changes but to entertain the babies. I do feel bad about how little individual attention each child received. Having said that…no one has been in jail, takes drugs or smokes. Oldest is a trade school graduate and very well employed. #2 is a senior at A&M on scholarship. Youngest two are in high school, making good grades and are total marching band nerds. We are a close family. Too bad the five of us had to do it on our own. You missed out, Dad…

  63. Raqui LargeinCharge

    I agree she is losing them and they are not making it for a reason her body is saying thats enough.

  64. Raqui LargeinCharge

    while I understand your point and also agree to some extent. Children were never meant to be raised by two singular people. The best for a child's health and mental well being is to have to both loving parents and a big extensive family who is very close lives with or near them. Humans were created to be close and always work best in a pack element. A large extended family gives a huge amount of security to children and balance. Since man and woman walked on this earth creating a clan or family unit of blood and non blood extended friends and family (community) has been the life we lived and thrived on. A woman was never meant to care for a child alone she had her mother, his mother, sisters, cousins and older children etc. who cared helped to care for this child during many stages while the mother rested after giving birth and healed and on into adolescence. Families shared large homes with courtyards and extensive wings floors or space so the family can live together and raise the children together. They also lived in caves or created tents, and permanent dwellings that always centered around unity of family and community.

  65. Anonymous

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  66. Ashley Huseby-O'dell

    They aren't in a cult…they love their family and the Lord and seek to minister to others constantly. Have you even watched the show? Get a life and stop criticizing

  67. Joy Woodard

    I agree!! He should have encouraged her, & told her she looked "beautiful"? Everyone needs an up-lift once in a while..21st century??

  68. Maybe AB

    @Beth Yaun– I'm sure there are things HE does that SHE has to put up with <<hint hint>>, so my response to him would be _________________. (Fill in the blank).

  69. Lynne Sharp

    I was thinking the same thing. Although I havent watched their show, just the fact that he stated twice he didnt like it, then she went back to the old style, raised hairs on the back of my neck. Could it be that she looked "too" pretty and he wouldnt anyone else looking at her? Because, face it, he looks like he came right out of the early 1900s.

  70. Lynne Sharp

    Joy Woodard You are right! My lord, she's been pregnant nearly half her life! Most women feel 'not attractive' during most of their pregnancies. The least he could've done was to say, "Honey, you look beautiful!", one time. Then let her make up her own mind about whether or not she wants to go back to curls. I bet he doesnt tell her how very pretty she really is very often. If you didnt know you wouldnt believe she has had 20 kids!

  71. Donna Sensabaugh

    We need to bring her here for just a few days and "enlighten" her. I believe if she had a little of the Virginia grape beverage and some conversation she might see a woman's role in this century more clearly.

  72. Wayne Parker

    someone needs to tell her its a uterus….. not a circus clown car.

  73. Sandra Medlock

    I like it. She's a beautiful woman, either way. but the new do makes her look younger and more modern. It should be easier to care for, leaving her more time for the younger kids, instead of expecting the older ones to fill that role.

  74. Alice White

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  75. Lorna Weirup

    She's too brainwashed I'm afraid. I wish I would of known it was on.

  76. Loa Knapp

    First of all she has the most terrible voice and I am sure the makeover was a great improvement. I just think the whole show is a farce. They dress like peasants and the older girls do most of the cooking. She is just a baby machine. Stupid

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