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Facts About Skin Cancer [Infographic]

Facts About Skin Cancer From The Sun

Did you know that one out of five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime? Did you know that skin cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer? Learn more about skin cancer with the following infographic:

Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer

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2 Responses to “Facts About Skin Cancer [Infographic]”

  1. Lauren Buck

    What a joke! You really want to write this and have one of your sources as wikipedia? That right there says it all and makes me discredit this entire article. The fact that dermatologists are behind this makes it even more ridiculous. I laugh at the fact if people actually believe UV radiation is the 90% of the cause and only 10% of the cause is fair skin. If anyone finds this article credible, you need to do more research! I'm surprised this isn't sponsored by a sunscreen company too!

    Lastly, for them to say, "slather on that sunscreen," they are actually hurting people by telling them to do that. No wonder more than 90% of our country is vitamin D deficient. I'm pretty sure if we didn't need the sun, God wouldn't have created it but, EVERYTHING needs sun to survive!

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