Joan Rivers' Twitter Account Starts Tweeting After Her 2014 Death - Freaks Out Twitter Users

Joan Rivers’ Twitter Account Starts Tweeting After Her 2014 Death – Freaks Out Twitter Users

Joan Rivers died in 2014, according to the Washington Post. However, on Christmas Day in 2016, the name Joan Rivers was trending, with nearly 5,000 tweets coming into the social media platform about Rivers. That’s because the official Twitter account of Joan began tweeting all of a sudden, after her death. With the official Rivers Twitter account of @Joan_Rivers enjoying more than 2.1 million Twitter followers, one can’t blame whoever has control of Joan’s Twitter account with keeping it alive and tweeting from her account.

The most recent tweet on Christmas Day featured immortal words from Joan, quipping that a woman doesn’t want to find her husband in her stockings on Christmas morning. And then there was the following tweet from Rivers’ Twitter account, with a big “Merry Christmas!” wish that has folks asking on Twitter if Joan wasn’t Jewish. The fact that Joan’s Twitter account began tweeting once more, after her death, has people confused and tweeting all sorts of replies and retweets in response to Joan. Some wonder if Joan’s Twitter account has been hacked. Others wonder if Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, is tweeting in her stead, two years after her mother’s death.

Many of the people tweeting about Joan’s Twitter account are joking that Rivers is able to tweet from the grave, but they can’t get a return text from some people. Others are tagging one another, quipping that if Joan can tweet from the dead, they should be able to get photos texted to them — or Twitter replies from other people. A search through the Twitter timeline of Joan’s Twitter account proves that the Rivers Twitter account never really stopped tweeting — perhaps folks just noticed it on Christmas Day, enough for Joan’s name to start trending on Twitter.

The strange thing about Joan’s Twitter account tweeting again is that the tweets don’t specify who is actually tweeting in the place of Rivers. The tweets coming from Joan’s Twitter account show photos of Rivers, along with photos of Melissa and other family members. The tweets aren’t written as if they are being tweeted as one would expect, such as, “My mother Joan would’ve wished everyone a Merry Christmas if she were alive today.” However, it isn’t strange for “legacy” social media accounts to exist. Facebook has a process for keeping social media accounts alive after a person dies — apparently, Twitter users are just finding it creepy that Joan’s Twitter account is sending tweets and photos as if they are directly from Rivers, as if Joan is still alive.

Some of the Twitter tweets being published about Joan’s Twitter account can be seen below. Certain tweets are jokingly comparing Joan’s rise from the dead to that of Jesus Christ, since it is Christmas Day, somewhat related to Resurrection Day.

: “ I thought you were Jewish!? And dead!?”


Shookirah: “Sis since you’re alive all of sudden I need you to drag these b****** fashion choices because GURL they got bold when you died.”

“Joan Rivers is loving that she is trending on Tweeter on Christmas.”

josh: “To end 2016 Joan Rivers comes back from the dead to celebrate Christmas.”

“I feel like someone on Joan Rivers’ team tweeted that picture of her. Either that or her casket has some fire WiFi.”

Joan can be seen in the top photo above at the Javits Center in New York. Rivers died after getting an endoscopy at a New York City clinic — a routine procedure that resulted in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the facility from the family of Joan.

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